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Blaze and Storm grew up together and they both lost their parents. But, now they must face a threat that could take down the whole kingdom of wolves. Witness the first chapter of Black: a wolf tale.

Submitted: October 09, 2014

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Submitted: October 09, 2014




Blaze was just a little pup when she lost her parents. Blaze's father had promised her he would take her into the forest for her first hunt since it was her birthday. In wolf tradition only the males usually hunt; but, on occasion you would find a widow out in the forest. Usually young she-wolves that had lost their husbands in battle with the Black Wolves.

Blaze's mother was very worried that something would happen to Blaze. She had her father promise to not bring her to deep into the forest.

"That forest can hold wicked things." Her mother said.

Blaze looked at her confused.

"Don't stray from the path, and most importantly don't leave your father." Her mother said in a commanding tone.

"She'll be fine." Blaze's father said.

"I'm sure she will be." Her mother said.

They bid mother goodbye and started towards the forest on the outskirts of the village. Blaze had been down and around the village with her mother. She hadn't been in every shop. She was very curious about one shop in particular. She could just make it out it lay on the outskirts of the village. It looked like a shop for armor. Blaze didn't remember what her father said an armor shop. As they walked by it she saw a young male wolf pup about her age looking out the shop window. His fur was completely white. Blaze immediately wanted to know what the pup's name was, she wanted to know what he was looking at. Blaze pondered all these wishes in her mind and didn't even notice that she was absent-mindedly staring right at the male wolf pup. He didn't see her.

"Blaze come or we'll have nothing to eat." Her father yelled.

Blaze started off towards her father. Just as she started out of the village she thought she saw, the wolf pup's eyes dart to her.

Blaze was amazed at the large amount of trees in the forest. They entered on a clear path. As soon as they were fully in the forest it got much darker. The trees blocked out a lot of light. They were walking down a trail covered in weeds and little plants. They walked for sometime. Until they came to a small clearing. The sun hurt Blaze's eyes. The clearing was a small hill. They went on until they got to the top of the hill. Blaze could see above almost any of the trees. She looked up at her father and he smiled. They both sat down on their haunches to look over the trendline. Blaze could just make out the palace where the Wolf king and the princess lived.

"My mother and father used to take me here. It's as beautiful as it was back then." Blaze’s father said in a state of bliss.

"Father," Blaze asked. "Who owns the armor shop on the outskirts of town?" Blaze inquired.

"Um, let me see that would be Silver. Also it's not a armor shop its a blacksmith's shop. He also has a son named Storm."

"Thank you father" replied Blaze.

"We should probably get on with the hunt." Her father said.

Just then a high howl pierced the air. Blaze didn't know who the bowl was from but, her father did. It was her mother. Blaze saw the concerned look in her father's eyes.

"I'm sorry Blaze the hunting trip is going to have to wait a while." Her father said with even more concern in his voice.

"We need to go now." Blaze's father ordered.

"What's wrong father?" Blaze questioned.

"Your mother is in grave peril." Her father answered gravely.

They ran down the same path they came until they got to the outskirts of the village. Several corpses lay strewn about the ground in pools of blood. Blaze saw other wolves she had seen around the town on walks with her mother. They went first to the mayor's house. It doubled up as a safe house from enemies. Several more corpses were lying next to the door. When they got inside they found the mayor barely alive; he had bite marks all along his belly.

"Stay back Blaze." Her father said.

So while her father was tending to the mayor. Blaze began to wander the house. sHe felt wrong doing it with all the dead wolves but, she felt an urge to explore greater than her grief. She found some steps off to the corner of the room and went up. She was on the landing of a hallway. She walked down the hallway. Blaze was scared that the enemy or whatever killed everyone in the village might leap out at her. About half-way down the hallway she heard sobs from the end of the hallway.

She bounded down the hall and found herself in a small guests room. In the corner of the room was Storm, the wolf pup she saw in the blacksmith's shop sitting on his haunches, over his father's corpse. He kept on sobbing not even noticing that Blaze was sitting right beside him. Blaze sat there just taking it all in. She wanted to cry, to mourn for her village, but somehow could not. She found herself sitting quietly next a sobbing pup.

She was there for a while until her father called. His voice sounded, surprisingly unconcerned. Then as Blaze got up to go.

She saw Storm look up at her. "Why," he asked as if an invisible being were there. "Why would some wolf come and murder someone's own parent, there only parent they've got left" he choked on tears.

"And leave a pup alive to watch all of it!"

He said. "I..I..." Blaze stuttered.

"And after all the murder of a hundred innocents they would leave one pup alive to suffer."

"Blaze where are you?" Her father called.

"Coming father." Blaze said.

"No don't go" Storm said holding back tears. "I..I.. saw you earlier today."

"Blaze come it isn't safe. Whatever raided the village could still be here." By the sound of her father's voice she could tell he was on the landing.

"What do you want me to do?" Blaze asked Storm ignoring her father.

"Take me with you." He answered.

Blaze's father entered the room. "Blaze I called for you.." Her father's voice trailed off when he saw Storm.

"Blaze, the mayor is dead." Her father said solemnly.

Storm had calmed down now and had stopped crying.

"He said the village was raided" her father continued. "By who?"Blaze asked. "The Black wolves" Storm interrupted curtly.

"Yes, that is correct." Blaze's father stated.

Storm looked away from his fallen father and looked over to Blaze.

"Blaze the mayor, and his guards tried to protect everyone. But me, you, and this pup are the only survivors of this village." Blaze's father paused for a moment.

Blaze looked at her father he was on the brink of tears. "Blaze, your mother is dead"


Storm ran down the small village street and into the forest. Other than disturbing a few squirrels he was completely quiet. He heard talking in a clearing up ahead. Whoever it was couldn't hear him because they hadn't stop talking. Storm knew who the victim was. He moving cautiously now, afraid that the victim might hear him. He could see the clearing through the underbrush now. There were several pups and further around the middle of the clearing there were two or three she-wolves who were talking. Storm could see the victim now. Her all black fur was reflecting a glare in the sunlight. A twig snapped under Storm’s paw. The Black wolf’s ears pricked up as if they heard something. Then he pounced.

Blaze was just about to teach the pups about a certain berry and it's healing traits when she heard a twig snap behind her. When all of a sudden an all too familiar white wolf was on top of her. The pups around were rolling around with laughter.

"Storm get off." Blaze said.

Storm had her pinned to the ground. Storm took a long moment to look at the little pups. "Hmm, not until you say, please." Storm replied with another burst of laughter from the pups.

"Oh don't give me that just get off." Blaze replied.

She could tell now that Storm was just playing with her because he wasn't even putting his full weight on her.

"Now, now,now, where did you learn your manners?" Storm said with another burst of laughter from the pups.

"Alright, please get your dirty paws off me" she said laughing.

Storm got off her and took his place beside her sitting on his haunches. It took several minutes and a couple of scoldings to get the pups quieted down.

"Why are some of the she-wolves here?" Storm asked curtly.

"I actually don't know," Blaze replied.

"Maybe they're waiting for their newest boyfriend to come back." Storm chuckled.

"Oh stop it" Blaze giggled.

"Well everyone knows we're in love. We’re the only wolves that never change. Those she-wolves never decide. They fall in love with a new wolf every day." Storm said.

"Yeah, you're right I only keep my mind on one male." She eyed Storm.

"Hey, we're getting bored of this lovey-dovey stuff." Said one of the wolf pups obviously greatly annoyed by Storm's flirting.

"So where were we?" Blaze asked herself quietly. Storm whispered something in Blaze's ear that the pups couldn't here. "Oh yes, the berries, thank you Storm." Blaze said.

"I'm going to go and see what male the she-wolves are infatuated with now." Storm told Blaze.

"Okay" she said and got on with teaching the pups about the berries.

Storm ran up the hill to the circle of she-wolves. There were five. Two were completely black like Blaze. The other three were just like any other wolf. All the she-wolves looked up at Storm as he sat down in the middle of it.

"So who are you all in love with now?" Storm asked in a slightly irked voice.

One of the she-wolves, an all black one, let out a long sigh and replied "Duke"

Another one of the she-wolves Storm knew her as Breeze spoke up. "Do you even know who we're talking about?"

"Yeah, Duke, nice guy, I hunted with him last week. Really keen sense of smell, sort of annoying..." he trailed off because the she-wolves had stopped listening and turned to commotion in the forest.

Near the clearing  Duke emerged carrying two rabbits in his jowls. He slowly trotted up to the pack of she-wolves.

"For you."he simply said to the all the she-wolves and lay down the rabbits in front of them then ran back tail swishing, to the village.

"Isn't he just wonderful." Breeze sighed.

This caused all the she-wolves go berserk about Duke and it caused Storm to merely yawn and keep listening.

"Well, I for one am not infatuated with Duke" one of the she-wolves Storm knew as Opal. All of the she-wolves gasped.

"You're not?"Asked Breeze.

"No, have you seen his brother?" Opal said

"Who, Ash?" One of the she-wolves asked. Storm knew her as Destiny.

"No not, Ash, Fennix." Opal replied."

One of the she-wolves that had remained silent the whole time spoke up.

"Opal that doesn't work out he's a fox and you're a wolf that doesn't, exactly, connect.”

Breeze giggled.

"I'm leaving." Storm said.

"Good riddance" one of the black she-wolves said.

"Of all my times sitting with you this has got to be the weirdest. Opal good luck with the world." Storm said and then he got up and left.


Storm lay awake that night thinking about how young the village was. It had just started a year ago when an ambassador from the palace came to check on the village. He found just Blaze and Storm living in the mayor's big house. The ambassador said that they had to repopulate or be relocated. It took some time but, Storm and Blaze said they weren't ready to have pups. Storm and Blaze also added they would not leave. So, the ambassador put some young families who needed housing from the palace are in the village. They repopulate the village pretty quick. Pretty soon every house was full and it was heavily populated. Storm was still a little ticked off at the ambassador for filling the village. Sure, he had friends but, they didn't really connect with him. As soon as the first couple arrived with their three pups they knew they were a couple. Storm just wished it could just be him and Blaze again. He didn't like people nosing in and asking him questions about where everything was located. The questions literally wouldn't stop. Blaze didn't seem to have this problem. Storm looked over to Blaze's room. She was not there. He got up and walked down the hallway and saw she was on the balcony that was installed on the mayor's house as soon as the first couple got to the village.

“What are you doing here at this time of night Blaze?” Storm inquired as he sat down next to her.

“remember when it was just us and we could go wherever we want and do whatever we want.” Blaze replied.

“yeah, its hard to forget those times.” Storm said in a saddened tone.

“I felt, as soon as the first couple came that those times were destroyed.”

“Yes, I was thinking the same thing too.” Storm said.


“Well, at least we’re still both here together.” Storm said forcing a smile.

They leaned in closer together.

“What I said before about only loving one male,” Blaze said.

“Yes,” Storm said pleasantly.

“I really mean it” She replied.

They kissed. A long good kiss. They were both enjoying it when a wolf they didn’t know came up behind them.

“I’m here for Storm,” He said.

The wolf was obviously disturbed by what storm and Blaze were doing.

“I’ll be with you in a minute” Storm said and went back to kissing Blaze.

“Sir, its urgent, from the palace,” the wolf said.

Storm stopped and Blaze got up and giving Storm one last kiss ran back to her bedroom.

“What is it, I was obviously occupied, what could be so important.” Storm ranted.

“Sir,” The wolf said.

“The wolf king has elected you to be captain of his guard along with another wolf from your village.” The wolf continued.

“Who’s the other wolf?” Storm inquired.


Storm rolled his eyes.

“Also, Duke’s two brothers Ash and Fennix will be serving elsewhere in the palace.” The wolf stated.

“When do I leave?” Storm asked.


“Well, I better go tell Blaze goodbye,” Storm said.

The wolf left and Storm went to tell Blaze the news.

“Tomorrow?” she asked.

“The wolf literally said that!”

“Yes, I know, But, I must obey the King, I’ll try to visit you often.”

“Or…” Blaze said.

“What?” Storm asked.

“We could both move to the palace village.”

“There’s no room there, they had to send wolves here because it was so populated” Storm stated.

“I’m sure the king would make room for the captain of the guard and his wife,” Blaze smiled.

“We’re not,” Storm started.

“Oh, I see,”


Storm and Blaze started off for the palace. It was about two days trip away. They got out of the village with some supplies. They walked across a meadow known as the glade. They would camp at the next village. They walked through miniature forests. They didn’t see anyone on their trek. Storm was expecting to see Duke, Ash, and Fennix. But, he never saw them. Maybe they were leaving later.

They arrived at a  village about two hour’s walk away from the palace with no problem.

They stayed in an inn.

Storm thought he saw a fox go into the room opposite his and Blaze’s room. Storm left Blaze in the room and went to see who was staying across from him. He peered into the next room. Duke was looking out the window sitting beside a younger wolf who Storm guessed was Ash and a fox was laying down on the floor staring up at him.

“Duke,” the fox said turning his gaze to the bigger wolf.

“We have a visitor.” he continued.

Duke turned around along with Ash and they both looked surprised to meet Storm.


So you the other three" Storm stated.

"Yep," Duke replied.

"How come we didn't see you on the way here." The fox asked.

"Well I was about to ask the same thing." Storm said.

"Oh" Ash said "We just wanted to leave you alone. Working for the palace is big stuff"

"So what's your job at the palace?" The fox asked.

"Captain of the guard." Storm stated. "And you?" Storm addressed the fox.

"I am the palace healer."

"By the way, what's your name" Storm asked the fox.

"Fennix," he stated.

Duke spoke up "I'm one of the guard so I guess you’re my commander."

"I'm one of the servant that tends to the king" the younger wolf Ash stated.

Storm sat down.

"So Fennix what's your story?" Asked Storm.

"I was orphaned as a pup so Duke and Ash's father pretty much took me in." Fennix explained.

"Did the Black Wolves have anything to do with it?" Storm asked Fennix.

"I think so," Fennix replied.

"Anyway," Duke started. "Why are you here?"

"I just wanted to make sure it was you three." Storm said.

"So how is Blaze doing?" Asked Ash.

"She's fine and just across in the other room if you want to speak with her." Storm said.

"Ash has always kind of liked Blaze." Fennix whispered obviously irking Ash who gave a low growl.

"You two aren't, you know in love, are you? "Duke asked Storm.

Storm took a second to think of an answer but, all he could think about was the previous night when he had fallen for Blaze like a love-sick pup.

"Well, you believe what everyone in our old village says right." Storm said with a laugh in his voice.

"Come on,"Ash groaned. "Those are just rumors."

"Well, me and Blaze have always been friends but," Storm trailed off.

"Told you Ash, should have listened to Fennix. They're one live-sick..." Duke got cut off.


"Sorry, I didn't mean to..." Duke apologized.

"Its fine." Storm said. Blaze called

"Storm is everything okay in here?” Blaze said startling Storm. She had just walked in.

"Yeah." He replied.

"Well I'm just going to go for a hunt do you want to come?"Blaze asked.

"No, that's okay I'll hunt later." Storm returned.

Fennix stifled a laugh.

"What?" Storm exclaimed.

"Nothing." Fennix said not wanting to irk Storm again.

Storm went over to his own room to see if Blaze was still there. She wasn’t.

“Come on,” Storm said to himself.

Storm was looking out the window for Blaze when he heard someone walk into his room.

© Copyright 2017 Kiah Z. All rights reserved.

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