Everything I Breathe

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To what could have been,and to the boy i let pass right through me

Submitted: December 17, 2011

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Submitted: December 17, 2011



"Who is she?"
"Shes my girl and she stole my heart"
How could this be
I thought me and him had something beautiful to unravel 
Apparently not,
I was going to tell him everything next weekend,
How i felt about him 
How I have been waiting months to tell him,
I guess im too late
All of that for nothing

I lost the person who made me feel alive,
I dont know how I let him slip through my fingers
My heart burns,
I dont feel like doing anything
I dont feel like talking to anyone,
I lay on my bed with the curtains shut,
I never want to see daylight again 

The feeling of my heart sinking into my stomach 
I cant breathe,I think im going to be sick
He dosent have a clue how i feel about him
I was a week too late..this cant be real
He crosses my mind nonstop 
but he dosent have a clue and doubt he ever will
Almost putting an end to all communication is where I put my blame

So far away from me but yet so close
I didnt know what was going on 
why didnt anyone tell me?
All of our friends knew 

"Havent you heard?"
Is what made my world turn upside down 
I already knew what he was going to say next,
Right then and there I lost every feeling in my body,
The voices around me faded away,
I pretended not to care,
Masking the truth,
I congratulate him and wish him the best

I hurt deeply in my heart, 
My eyes get so glossy when i think about him 
How did she manage to steal his heart?
I dont understand 

What does she offer him that i dont?
Ready to love him unconditionally
In return I am left forgotten 

If I cant have him 
I dont want anyone else
Might as well just leave
Maybe i never had him to begin with 
Trying not to be selfish I must let him be
I surrender with my heart and everything I have
Now the time has come
To let life unfold infront of me


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