Here, There and Everywhere

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Zoey Marken is a perfectly ordinary girl, or that's what she thinks.

Submitted: May 20, 2013

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Submitted: May 20, 2013



Zoey's P.O.V.

Zoey Marken was quite a ordinary girl, she lived in an ordinary house, with ordinary parents and she went to an perfectly ordinary church every Sunday, just like a lot of ordinary people do.
But one perfectly ordinary day everything changed for Zoey.
It was at the end of F.O.Y on a Friday evening when the Pastor, Kenny, had asked her to go and look for his son's, friends, Tom and Declan.
She looked everywhere but couldn't find them and she was getting increasingly worried when she realised that she hadn't searched upstairs yet.
She ran to the bottom of the stairs, the door was shut but she knew that they could still be up there, "They probably think that it's really funny for me to of wasted all my time looking for them when they'd been up here the whole time." Zoey thought bitterly as she punched in the code for the door. She stomped up the stairs. By the time she'd got to the top she'd worked herself into such a frenzy that she almost missed the two figures that were slumped in a corner of the room.
Zoey let out a small squeal of surprise when she saw them, she walked slowly towards them and she lent down beside them.
She gingerly poked Declan in the arm, but she didn't get a response so Zoey shook his shoulders, all this did was make his head lounge from one side to the other.
By now Zoey was starting to feel rather sick, she'd found two unconscious boys that she had known for the past nine years and she had to do something now.
There was one problem, she couldn't move because now that she payed closer attention to them she noticed that Tom had a deep gash on one cheek that was bleeding heavily and there was blood trickling down the side of Declan's head.
She finally decided that she would go and get Kenny.
She ran to the top of the stairs and froze.
A man with long flaming red hair stood at the bottom of the stairs looking up at her, his burgundy eyes sent chills down her spine and made her skin crawl. There was so much hate and violence in those eyes.
She took a step back and instantly regretted it. There was a blur of movement and the man was standing behind her. 'Zoey, there's no need to be afraid my dear.' He purred sending a new wave of chills running up and down her spine.

"How does he know my name?" She thought to herself and almost jumped out of her skin when the man replied. 'I know your name because I know more than anyone person could possibly know.' He said, sounding as if this was a fact that was as well known as "The sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening."
Zoey felt as if she knew this strange man but she just wasn't sure where she'd seen him before. Her train of thought was interrupted when she felt a hand on her shoulder.
She spun around and attempted to punch him in the gut but he caught her fist easily and held it in front of her. Zoey tried to pull her hand out of his grip but he was much stronger than he looked, so she just glared at him instead.
All of a sudden she sensed rather than saw two hunched figures walk over to Tom and Declan, they knelt down and picked them up.
Zoey spun around and was instantly hit with the aroma of rotting meat, rotten eggs and an arrange of other fowl smelling things.
She had to surpress a scream, the..... Things that stood before her were in ragged black cloaks and they were making this weird clicking noises.
They were holding crudely wrought daggers against Declan and Tom's throat.
'What are you doing?!' Zoey screamed jumping forward, then crying out in pain for the man still hadn't let go of her arm.
'Now now my dear, there is no need for your friends to get hurt.' He hissed into her ear. 'If you come with us then we will just let them go.' He smiled and Zoey noticed that the man's teeth were all filed into points.
Then all of a sudden a name popped into her head, she had the strangest feeling that the name belonged to the man.
'Tenzo.' It wasn't a question she knew that was his name. Tenzo's brow knitted together. 'How do you know my name?' He asked quizzically. Zoey wasn't completely sure herself how she knew she just… did.
'Never mind. Hurry up, my friends here are very impatient.' He grinned wickedly.
Zoey was thinking as hard as she could, she didn't know what to do, should she go with this strange man and his creepy friends or… she couldn't think of an alternative.
She didn't have to because just then a boy opened the door and ran up the stairs, he was on his phone so he didn't notice them at first but when he did his mouth made a perfect "O" shape, he took a step back and almost fell down the stairs. Zoey jumped forward and caught his arm just before he fell, she pulled him closer to her so that could whisper in his ear. 'Don't say or do anything stupid, okay Zack.'
'Who are they?' He replied before nodding.
'I'm not completely sure who the two in black cloaks are, but the one with red hair's name's Tenzo.' She muttered. Pulling him along behind her they edged towards the giant window that occupied the wall opposite the three strangers.
'We grow impatient Tenzo.' Hissed one of the men in cloaks.
'Hurry and make a decision Zoey or your friends will not live to see the light of day.' Said Tenzo, ignoring the man that had just spoken. The men in black started pressing their daggers harder into Tom and Declan's necks so that little drops of blood dripped down them and into their clothes.
Zoey let out a strangled cry at the sight of the blood.
'Alright, alright, I'll go with you just don't hurt them.' She said, surprising herself at how calm she sounded.
A grin tugged at the corners of Tenzo's mouth. 'A wise choice my dear.' He waved his hand casually and the two men dropped Declan and Tom to the floor, unconscious. Zoey and Zack jolted forward and crumpled down beside them.
'What're you gonna do?' Zack asked, looking at her questioningly. Zoey was just about to answer when she noticed a strange tingling feeling at the base of her skull and judging that Zack had started to rub the back of his head he had the same feeling. She looked at the floor in front of her and concentrated, the tingling went away, she smiled inwardly.
"So that's how Tenzo knew my name." She thought to herself grimly.
'Concentrate on the floor.' She told Zack. He nodded but asked. 'Why.'
'Because Tenzo's reading our minds so if you concentrate on something plain like the floor then he won't be able to.' Even as she said this she didn't know how she knew but she did, he gave her another questioning look but then diverted his attention to the ground.
Zoey heard Tenzo's breath catch and then she felt a great stabbing pain in her head, she screamed, it was a high piercing scream. Then just as quickly as it had started it stopped.
Her scream turned into a sob and then she felt a hand on her shoulder.
'You really shouldn't of resisted me.' Said Tenzo, glaring down at her. 'Because that's what you get.' He snapped before bending down, grabbing her wrist and then straightening up he started to drag her away from the boys.
Zoey let out a strangled cry and before she knew what she was doing she had sunk her teeth into Tenzo's arm.
Tenzo shouted out in pain and batted her away. She went flying and landed in a heap next to Tom and Declan. Zoey didn't know what to do, tears started sliding down her cheeks, she crawled in between them, she took both their hands in hers and then Zack put his on hers to so they were all connected. "What shall I do?" She wondered silently to herself. Then a thought hit her out of no-where: maybe she could magic them out some how. She'd never believed in magic before but after all that'd happened she didn't think that anything else could surprise her. So she concentrated on being some where else as hard as she could, after a little while nothing happened, but as she was just about to open her eyes she was hit with the sensation that she was completely weight-less.
Zoey heard a huge crack and then everything went black.

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