Mona Lisa: Answers to the Mystery Behind the Smile

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This is a short story made for one of my classes. It's comepletely fictional about Mona Lisa and Leonardo Da Vinci.

Submitted: November 16, 2011

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Submitted: November 16, 2011



Mona smiled at the money in her purse. She never thought in a million years she would ever have five whole dollars to call her own. Her dad died when she was just a baby so it'd been her and her mom for several years, meaning dinner wasn't always on the table. Mona remembered the days when she'd go to bed starving or when she'd have to visit her friend Cherie's house for food. She didn't like to look back on those days.

It'd only been a month and she already made a lot of money. By doing what? Posing for an artist named Leonardo Da Vinci. Pretty fancy name. Mona had seen Leonardo's work in a couple of gallary's before so when he came to her, asking her to be his model, she almost passed out dead! Not to mention he said he would pay her! So with permission from her mom, she did.

Usually he'd have her sit and smile. He said she had the most unique smile he'd ever seen. Other times she would be doing something else, like walking a dog or eating, but she'd still smile.

Mona walked up to Cherie's small house and knocked. Cherie was ten years older than Mona and lived on her own.

"Hello, Mona. Come in."

"Thank you." Mona walked inside and soaked in the warmth and coziness of the cottage. Just about all the furniture was wooden and there was a miniture fireplace in the corner. The home also included a small bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.

"I was thinking of taking us to lunch, my treat, if you'd like." Mona said. Cherie frowned.

"Just because you're making so much money doesn't mean you have to pay for everything we do together. I have money too." Mona smiled softly at her friend.

"I'm sorry. I just don't know what to do with all of it." Realizing that Mona wasn't purposely flaunting her money in her face, she also smiled.

"You could go shopping. Buy yourself new, fancy clothes and hats." Mona laughed.

"Why? So I could look like those silly rich princesses? I assume you want me to keep my pinky out when I drink tea, too?" Mona sat down on Cherie's plush couch with a grin on her face.

"Okay, okay, fine then." Cherie spoke, amusement laced in her voice. "You could just save it up then. Maybe to go to some big time art school or something."

"Good idea. But I think I'll save it for my children to go to 'big time' school's instead." Mona murmured thoughtfully.

"Oh how sweet. The lovely Mona Lisa always thinking of others. Does Daniel even want kids?" Mona blushed at the very thought of Daniel, her boyfriend.

"Of course he does. He loves kids."

"Just asking. He doesn't seem like the father type to me."

"You don't know him like I do. He's a completely different person when it's just us. If mom would just try to get to know him, she'd probably like him." Mona frowned deeply as she uttered the last sentence.

Mona's mother didn't like Daniel at all, forcing them to meet up only when she's not around. Mona can't even talk about him in front of her!

"Speaking of Daniel, I thinking I'm going to pay him a visit. Perhaps he won't mind helping me spend my money." Cherie laughed.



"Mona, what a pleasant surprise." Daniel exclaimed, relaxing at the sight of the love of his life.

"I know I stopped by unannounced. I just thought of you and figured I would come see you." Mona blushed. "If you're busy, I can go."

Daniel sighed.

"I am busy, actually. I have a lot of work to do in the garden. But I don't want you to go now." Mona brightened up.

"Well, can I help you?"

"Aren't you the most beautiful person in the world..." Daniel trailed off as he stroked her cheek. "I'd rather you not, though. You'll get all dirty and you're not even dressed for yard work."

"I could wear something of yours!" Daniel laughed at her outburst and kissed her on the forehead.

"No, sweet cake. Thank you for the offer though."

"Oh, all right. I guess I'll go over to Mr. Da Vinci's. Maybe he wants to paint some more pictures."

"Okay. Bye. Come over to for dinner?"

"That may be a possibility Daniel. Bye." Mona waved goodbye before walking out of the house and down the driveway.


"Mr. Da Vinci, are you home?" Mona called from inside the large house. He always told her to just come right in but apparently his door was always unlocked whether he was home or not.

"Mona, is that you?" Leonardo came down the stairs at a rapid pace. "Oh there you are my dear!"

"Mr. Da Vinci, do you have anything for me to pose for? It's only ten o'clock and I have nothing to do!"

"Actually, I have a surprise for you. Follow me." Mona followed the artist down a series of hallways before coming to one door at the end of a hall.

"Inside is the surprise. Tell me what you think." He said softly before opening the door. Inside the large room were several portraits of various sizes, all of them of Mona herself, including a whole wall taken up by her face. Leonardo had never shown her any of the pictures he painted, which almost made her think he hadn't really made any. Of course, this room proved her wrong.

"This is amazing, Mr. Da Vinci!" Mona squealed. "I am honored to have earned a whole room in your home!"

"No, I am honored to be able to paint such a pretty smile." Mona smiled the smile he loved.

"Thank you." Mona spent the whole day admiring all the portraits of herself. Mr. Da Vinci made her look so pretty in his art.

"I hope you don't mind me putting this art in a gallary being built especially for my art." Mona raised her eyebrows.

"Really? They're building an art gallary just for you?"

"Yes and with your permission, I would love to show the world your smile!"

"I would love to!"

"You will be getting paid fifty dollars per portrait." Mona actually passed out.


A week later

"Daniel!" Mona shouted.

"Mona?! What's wrong? What are you doing here?"

"I'm sick of this! I can't do it anymore!"

"Do what? What are you talking about?"

"Mr. Da Vinci is killing me! Because of that stupid gallary thing, he's been working me to death. He needs one hundred different pictures of me by the end of the year. Last night, he had me stay at his house until midnight, then had me come back at six in the morning. It's three in the afternoon and we just now finished. I'm tired of smiling! If I could, I'd frown for the rest of my life." Daniel took a couple of seconds to process her words.

"Then tell him you don't want to do it anymore." He said like it was obvious.

"I can't do that. He'll be so upset!"

"So it's okay that you're upset?" Mona raised her eyebrows.

"Oh...well I guess not."

"Then just tell him no. Or ask him for a break."

"It's not as easy as it seems. I asked him earlier and he yelled at me. He's never yelled at me before..." Mona plopped down in a seat in Daniel's living room.

"He yelled at you?! Okay, this is getting out of hand! I want to speak to this Da Vinci guy myself!"

"No Daniel! I'll talk to my mom. Surely she can get me out of this."


"Mr. Da Vinci is asking a small favor. You can do this one thing for him. And we're getting paid so much! We could buy a new, better house!" Mona's mom said calmly. In her vicious mood, Mona spoke her mind.

"Mom, why are you getting paid?! What exactly is it that you're doing?"

"I'm raising you. Isn't that enough?"

"Whatever." Mona felt like such a teenager at the moment but her mom wasn't being fair, nor was Mr. Da Vinci.


"Mr. Da Vinci, I'm sorry but I can't do this anymore." Mona told Leonardo sadly.

"Do what, Mona?" She swallowed thickly.

"I can't be your model anymore. I'm tired, and need a break, one you're not willing to give."

"Are you mad? Do you not understand how much money you will be getting?"

"Yes, I understand." Leonardo Da Vinci wrinkled his nose.

", I will not let you do this! You promised me! I will not stop until I have one hundred paintings of you!" Mona started to turn around to leave but Mr. Da Vinci grabbed her wrist before she could escape.

"Mr. Da Vinci, unhand me right this instant!!" Mr. Da Vinci did as told.

"Don't do this to me, Mona. After all I've given you." Mona didn't listen, but rushed out his mansion and to Daniel.


Daniel held Mona as she cried. Her usual smile was turned upside down as neverending tears escaped her eyes. Daniel felt her pain.

"I'll get you out of here. I have a plan."


"Yes." Daniel nodded. "Here's what you most do..."


"Sorry about yesterday, Mr. Da Vinci. I was just stressed but I'm okay today." Mona said in her sweetest voice possible.

"It's okay, Mona. It gets hard sometimes. I'm just glad you came back. Sit here." Mona sat down on a stool in front of a portrait of a some type of landscaping.

She waited all the way until he was done with the portrait before putting her plan into action.

"My mom wanted to talk to you about the price of the paintings or something like that. Do you think you can go over my house and talk things out with her?"

"Of course. Business is business." Mona watched as Leonardo Da Vinci slipped on the coat and held the door open for her.

"No, I think I'm going to take a look at that room again."

"Oh, alright." Then he was gone. Mona smirked. Yeah, she was going to look at the room alright.

When she arrived at the room, she pulled the box of matches out of her corset and ran the match quickly across the box. It lit immediately. With an evil grin she threw it down on the carpet, then lit another match and threw it. She did this until all the matches were burning the carpets, drapes, and furniture. She continued to throw all of the portraits into the burning flames. When she was sure there was no way the pictures could survive she fled the house, forgetting the last and most recent painting of her still sitting on the easel.

As promised, Daniel was waiting outside with his horse and carriage that was packed with seeds and gardening tools, not to mention all the money Mona had made. They should be pretty well off for a while.

Mona didn't dare look back at the small town. She was set on having a new life, with her love Daniel. She had left Cherie a letter about her plan and where she could find her at. She also warned her to not let anyone know her whereabouts.

Of course Leonardo was furious when he saw his half burned home. He dropped to his knees when he saw his art work burned to crisp. He held his last portrait of Mona Lisa close. He noticed it was different from the others. If he had been paying attention, he would've realized Mona even looked mischievous. Her smile smaller than usual, almost a smirk. Her eyes held secrets only she knew, they were teasing in a, 'I know something you don't' kind of way.

Mona's mother wasn't all that upset at the fact that her daughter ran away. She was mostly upset at the fact that she ran away with Daniel and took all the money. She even tried to imitate Mona's smile and get Leonardo to paint and pay her. But he didn't. He said there there could never be another Mona Lisa.

And he was right.

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