What Mask Do You Wear ?

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We tend to cover up our feelings that we aren't sure about confessing.

Submitted: March 02, 2014

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Submitted: March 02, 2014



What Mask Do You Wear ?


To mask is to hide or conceal.

What is it that we need to reveal?

The mask I wear is a simple

smile. To cover the pain that

can go for thousands of miles.

The pain of this world we have 

no control over.

The pain in my hear that

makes me want to roll over.

Tossing and turning at

night. Its light trying to 

sleep in the light.

I cover the pain with a 

beautiful smile. Making those 

around me believe there is

nothing at all. Nothing 

so bad that I can't move forward,

but nobody knows what the inside is showing.

So I ask, what mask do you wear? The

one that can overcome the 

pain that is running through your

veins? Maybe its your wealth

or prosperity but just take a look at yourself.

Does it really make you 


- Kiara Gooden



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