If I were to die tomorrow I just want you to know

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Okay, so, three of my friends cried reading this so I figure it must be kind of good, so I thought I would post it as well. It was an english assignment;
Imagine that you are assigned to be a student on board the space shuttle mission. You are unsure whether you’ll make it back, so write a letter from 250 to 350 words to someone who has had a great impact on your life.

I wrote mine to my baby brother, Xavier.

Submitted: November 17, 2011

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Submitted: November 17, 2011




Hey little man! If you received this letter, then that probably means something bad happened to me. By the time you read and understand this letter, you’ll have no idea who I am. Don’t be down though, I never liked when you were sad. Oh, don’t worry; although you don’t know me you’ve helped me in many ways. I’ve only known you for two years, but in that small amount of time my entire life turned around. Even when you were a fetus, you did an abundance of good. I remember when I was forced to live with my father, and only seven months after, mom came to me with great news. She was pregnant. At the time, she was homeless, so it wasn’t that great of news. That was only because we didn’t know what resided in her ever growing stomach.

For the nine months mom was pregnant, I brought her meals and took care of her. Eventually, she got back on her feet, and she did all for you, baby! She got on her feet so you could have a good life, and hopefully you are still having one.

She was pretty close to giving birth to you when the social services decided she was ready to have me back, and I came just in time to see your birth. That memory was forever indebted in my mind. It may not have been pretty, what with the blood and all, but it was memorable. I would never forget the birth of my savior, for you were even wonderful BEFORE you were born!

I bet you’re big and strong now, sweetheart. Oh, you were flamboyant when you were little. Whenever I felt down or depressed, you were always happy, and when you’re happy, I’m happy. For the twenty four months I’ve known you, I’ve loved you more than anyone. (Shh, don’t tell sissy!) Every time I even thought of doing something I’d regret, and succumbing to peer pressure, I thought of what an influence I am to you. I can’t fathom ME manipulating YOU to do bad things. I couldn’t live with it, and oddly, because of that, you influenced me more than anyone else in the world without uttering a single word.

 X-man, you were always there for me, although not with body but with love. I don’t always need a shoulder to lean on; I just need a reason to go on. I needed a motive so that I didn’t surrender to the darkness of society, and you gave me motivation. You gave me life, and a reason to live it. I guess it was just my time to leave, so you do me one favor; you’ve got one life, live it to the fullest, just as I did when I went up in that shuttle. I may have died in the process, but it was the best experience of my life. With lots of love, the sister you’ll never meet.

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