Moonlit Snowflake

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A long time ago, before the humans’ dominant era, the forest was as wild as the creatures within it. Animals of all kinds roamed free, but there is always the governing species, the top of the food chain. In this particular forest, it was a small pack of wolves. Join in this story and view one of the many trials the pack of wolves must go through to stick together.

Submitted: November 17, 2011

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Submitted: November 17, 2011



Moonlit Snowflake

By Kiara Mazerolle

A long time ago, before the humans’ dominant era, the forest was as wild as the creatures within it. Animals of all kinds roamed free, but there is always the governing species, the top of the food chain. In this particular forest, it was a small pack of wolves.

The wind blew fiercely and the trees swayed. The moon was high up in the sky, and was about a quarter full. It was the beginning of fall and food was becoming scarce for the wolves. There were only five of them, but it was enough to cause trouble do to the small amount of food. Feign, the alpha, slept in the dark cave next to his mate, Lara. His black fur was indistinguishable in the nights’ darkness, but his mates light grey coat, almost white, was extremely bright due to the dark background. She was like a star in the sky. The beta, Bangor, slept a few feet away in the corner, his dark grey fur barely visible, and next to him laid Lier, a female who had recently joined the pack. Curled whimpering at the front of the cave was Axon, a young white wolf that was the son of Liera.

Axon whined staring out at the starry sky. He couldn’t sleep. He had joined the pack a season ago, and they had welcomed them with open arms despite their unknown history and many wounds. They were slightly uneasy, but that didn’t halt them from accepting them as their family. Despite their hospitality, Axon has been distant. Mind constantly on that horrific night…

Liera, Axon and Jannon –his father- were trapped in an awful place full of odd furless creatures called humans. The creatures had tortured them. They forced them to fight other animals such as dogs, and coyotes. They starved them for days, but worst of all, they made them fight each other. They were trapped there for five months, until one night, there was a fire.

The fire raged across the town, burning many homes, and killing some. The guard that kept them within the confines of a fence –it was once used to keep sheep, they could tell by the stale scent of them- ran to help the others. This was the first chance that the wolves had to escape, and they took it.

They broke out and ran for the forest. As they ran, they heard the humans barking at them in their queer language and heard their uncoordinated footsteps as they tumbled after them in chase. The wolves ran as fast as they could and eventually, the humans’ yowls lessened.

They slowed to a trot and began to relax as they went through the dense forest that was full of shadows as the sky grew dark. Just as they began to relax, the humans were suddenly right behind them. Their voices were tremendously loud and Axon, Liera and Jannon panicked, and they bolted, right into a damn trap. Well…Jannon did anyways.

He stumbled into a pit that was overlaid with leaves, making it indistinguishable. Fortunately, Axon and Liera had passed right by it, and did not notice as Jannon tumbled in. It was not until he howled did they notice. They skidded to a halt, only to realize the humans were already upon him, giving shouts of triumph.

Jannon lay beneath them, breath heavy. They were jabbing at him with their pointy sticks, and every time he howled. His cries were getting weaker as his life ebbed away, and Axon began to run back, but Liera had made her decision and grabbed him by the scruff, and pulling him away. He fought, but she edged him on. Eventually, he succumbed and ran with her.

Axon woke from his memory daze as there was a nudge on his side. Looking over, he expected to see Liera, but it was Feign who had nudged him. Although they couldn’t speak, he saw the question in Feigns eyes. “Are you alright?” Axon just flicked his ears dismissively, but he appreciated the comfort.

Feign looked at Axon uncertainly, and nudged him once more, urging him to go to bed. Axon glanced at him with disdain but did as he wished. He went to the far back of the cave, and fell in into a sleep filled the humans’ crude faces and his fathers’ dying howls. The last thing he felt was Feigns rough fur against his back as he curled next to him and went to sleep as well.

~ * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ~

Axon was awoken as some prodded at his side. Groggily opening his eyes, he saw it was Liera who had woke him up. He glared at her as he tried to stand up, but his legs felt as though they were made of lead. Liera nudged him to the exit of the cave, where the sun burned brightly. Axon stared at the sky in dismay, surprised he had slept so long. Liera leapt in front of him, landing on her imaginary prey that was a leaf.

Axon understood that she meant it was time to hunt, and he jumped up excitedly. He adored hunting, it was his favourite thing. Liera gave him a smug look and trotted to the forest. The forest was something to behold. It’s golden and red leaves shimmered in the sunlight, and it looked as though they were dancing. The glorious image could spark joy in even the darkest of hearts.

Axon quivered with bliss at the magnificent sight, and even Liera couldn’t keep herself from sprinting to the magnificent woods. Axon was not far behind as they entered, and he yipped with euphoria as a leaf crinkled under his paw.

The smell of oak trees filled Axons nostrils, and sounds of life filled the woods. He followed his mother until they found what they were looking for. A herd of elk were grazing in a small clearing and were completely unaware of the pending wolves.

Axon mimicked his mother. The muscles in his leg bunched up ready for the leap, and the thrill of the hunt was coursing through him. One.... The smell of their delicious meat rose to his nostrils. Two... He shall bring the meal to his new pack and earn their appraisal. Thr- His nipped his ear. In his enthusiasm, he hadn’t noticed his tail wagging vigorously, making a lot of noise on the leaves as they crinkled. Then he realized that all he could smell was a distant memory of the elk, as they had long ago fled.

His ears down, he hung his head low in embarrassment as he heard the elk’s distant hectic footsteps as they bolted for safety. I failed. Axon thought miserably. He was so close...Simply a couple tail lengths away... and he blew it. He felt his mother’s soft fur upon his own as she lent him some solace. He shook her off and padded back to the cave, tail dragging on the leaves.

Axon entered the cave to find it vacant. He let out a little bark, but only echoes replied. Beginning to worry, he turned to go alert his mother, only to realize she too had disappeared. Lifting his snout to the darkening sky, he let out a howl that echoed across the forest. His voice, strong and clear rode the wind and carried for miles on end. His howl went on for a while, until the sun was ever so faint in the sky, but a glimmer left over from the bright day.

His howl, now filled with despair, ended in a pitiful whimper. He rested his chin on his two snow white paws, and fell into a dreamless sleep at the mouth of the cave, guarding his pack that no longer resided there.

~ * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ~

Axon woke at the crack of dawn, and in his sleepy condition he nearly forgot that his family had gone missing. Nearly. Walking over to the small stream next to the cave, his tongue lolled out and he drank the ice cold water, instantaneously waking his foggy mind. Afterwards he trotted in to the empty cave and stuck his nose to the ground, and began to search for a scent. The moment he breathed in, their smell became very apparent. It reeked of humans, and behind their appalling odour, was the faint aroma of his pack.

Reeling, Axon took off to the woods, following the humans’ pungent stench. He ran for hours on end, his body seeming to never get tired. Maybe it was the adrenaline coursing through his veins; maybe it was sheer force of will. Either way, his seemingly tireless body brought him to a creek, of which he realized he was famished and his throat was as dry as a desert. He drank quickly then headed out to hunt, catching a whiff of doe.

He had not far to go before he reached his destination, and he peered around the clearing of which a dozen doe resided. Once again, he bunched up his leg muscles, his ears perked forward, and his tail still upon the colourful leaves. One... His stomach growled inaudibly. Two... Anxiousness coursed through him. Three... He took flight. Time slowed as he hung in the air. He curved to the closest doe, an elderly female that had a limp. The first deer looked up, and panic rose to its eyes, but it was too late. His claws were upon the back of the elderly doe, and his jaws clamped around its throat. It let out a quiet plea for help, but already his life was pouring out of the gaping hole in his throat, decanting upon the forest floor. The others chaotic footsteps rang in Axons he let out howl of triumph. He had gotten his first kill.

He finished his meal and rested upon the soft clearing as the evening chill crept up his spine. He lay there for a while, staring at the sky as it darkened. The sun was barely a whisper and stars twinkled in the light pink sky. Not long after, night fell and all was eerily quiet. The stars twinkled, and up above there was something of pure beauty. Northern lights he recalled them being named. They streaked across the sky like a ribbon.

As Axon stared at this beauty, his maw opened into beautiful song. His howl was pure, and filled with his sorrows and joys. Ears across the forest perked at his song, and different displays of emotions ringed through the forest as well as the animals that dwell in it.

Axons song ended in a hush, and he wandered into the woods to find somewhere to sleep, when he came upon a puddle. In that puddle, he saw not his reflection, but an odd wolf that stared back at him. He seemed to have aged a lot in the past few days. His fur was scruffier and dirtier, but what truly shocked him were his eyes. In those keen yellow eyes was a certain weariness that had not been there before.

He stared at the stranger in the water, and pulled his lip back in a snarl. This was not him. Yet, the wolf snarled back at him, yellowed teeth glowing in the moonlight. In an odd burst of anger, Axon swiped the water with his paw and the reflection dispersed. He then growled and went back to find somewhere to sleep, for the moon was now high up in the sky.

He found a small badgers den, but the badger had long ago left. The scent of badger was stale, hardly there. He went to the far back corner, and lay on the cold ground, searching for a little sleep. Despite his worries and misery, he then fell into a heavy slumber. His dreams were filled with fire and the humans’ queer faces. A small whimper escaped his maw, although he had not awoken.

~ * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ~

Axon woke freezing. The sun was shining brightly, but its soft rays gave no warmth on this frigid morning. He gave a great yawn, and his frosty breath swirled around his face. Snow covered the forest floor like a great white sheet, and clung to the still branches that hung overhead, now bare.

Axon walked out into the forest, badger slightly clinging to his fur, and squinted against the bright sun. It was a beautiful morning despite the cold. He bent his head down and gingerly licked a snowflake that immediately evaporated on his warm tongue. Although winters for the pack are difficult, he can’t help but feel idyllic, for he loved winter.

He sauntered around the striking woods, indulging in its beauty. He then caught a whiff of rabbit, and his stomach grumbled eagerly. He crept to the scent, body lowered to the ground, and came to a river of which the hare was drinking. He ambled to the hare, upwind as he was taught. He continued until he was about four tail lengths away, and then prepared to make his kill.

He leaped into the air, and suddenly, he was upon the rabbit, with a mouthful of its soft mottled brown fur. He ate quickly, yearning to be on his way. The hare tasted sweet, but he still hurried. After he was done, he lapped at the river and ran back to where he’d last had the scent. The scent was going stale and he feared increasingly for his pack. He began a slow trot that soon turned into a full out sprint, due to anxiety.

Soon, Axon came upon a town that was crawling with humans, and the noise was deafening. It seemed everyone was shouting at the same time, and it took all Axons` will not to bolt away from the horrific scene in front of him.

He reached the other side of the town, invisible, and saw what he’d been searching for. Surrounded by humans, was his family. They were in a small circular clearing, and snarling. One of the humans moved, and the next thing Axon saw shocked him beyond belief. There -beneath a large dogs death grip- was his father. His fathers’ coarse grey fur was caked in blood and dirt, and on his face was an expression of defeat.

Rage nearly consumed Axon, but he fought it off so he could continue to think rationally. Around the wolves the humans were yelling and poking and prodding them with their sharp sticks. The humans’ pups shouted as well and threw rocks at the wolves. More anger sparked inside Axon at the sight.

He lay at the edge of the woods, silent as night, and watched them. The humans were chaotic and merciless, constantly thrusting their pointy sticks at the wolves. That is when the idea sparked. He glanced around, and when he saw what he was looking for, he ran for it.

There, on the outskirts of the town, was one of the humans pups, playing in the snow. He crept up to the pup in hunting position. He was practically invisible, what with his white fur and white background. He was nearly upon the pup when it realized Axon was there, and it screeched the moment he saw the wolf. The pups’ throat opened in a blood curling cry, and even Axon cringed a little, but he kept his menacing pose. All went silent across the small town, but there was a sudden burst of motion. The brutes came hurtling out in a panic, and Axon raced back to the woods, gone before they showed up.

He ran along the edge of the woods until he came upon the place where they had held the wolves captive. His family was held back by a one of the humans who was pointing a sharp stick at them. Axon leapt forward without thinking, landing upon the humans back. Axons nails dug into his back, and he gave a cry of pain before he collapsed to the muddy snow covered ground.

Now that the human was unconscious, this gave the wolves a chance to escape. Axon started towards the clearing of which his pack stared, flabbergasted. Liera bounded forward, covering him with licks. Pure joy flooded through her entire core, although she was still shocked.

Axon nudged her anxiously, reminding her they were not yet out of harms’ way. She understood and they ran back to the others. Feign was leaning against Lara, and Axon saw blood caked to his left leg. Behind them, lay Bangor. He was lying in the snow, and blood surrounded him. His chest was still, and his eyelids shut. He had gashes along his side and one ear was bitten clean off.

Axon let out a small whimper until someone else caught his eye. A few tail lengths away from Bangor rested Jannon. For a few dreadful moments, Axon thought he too had died, until his chest lifted with a shallow breath. The breath Axon didn’t realize he was holding slipped out in a relieved sigh at that tiny sight and he bounded to him. He nuzzled his fathers’ mud encrusted grey fur and his fathers’ eyes opened slightly, but the moment he saw Axon they opened wide.

Axon licked his snout, and felt another howl crawl up his throat, but it was Liera’s turn to warn him that they were not yet out dangers path. Heeding her advice he bumped Jannon in the shoulder, trying to get him to stand up. His father started to, but as began to put weight on his right paw, he tumbled to the ground with a yelp of pain. He started with the other paw, but again he just fell.

Axons tail began to droop as realized what it meant if Jannon was unable to walk. He whimpered and tried to help him up, but his father snapped at him, getting a little bit of Axons fur between his teeth. With a yelp, he looked at Jannon confused. Jannon flicked his snout towards the forest. It was a small gesture, but Axon understood. He wanted him to leave him. He growled at Jannon, he would not leave him. Not again. This time, he grabbed the scruff on the back of Jannon’s neck and began to drag him towards the forest. His father snarled and growled but to no avail. Axon was determined. Axon could hear the distant shouts of the humans as they neared.

He felt the soft fur of his mother as she too bit onto the scruff on Jannon and pulled. They soon entered the forest, and Axon relaxed a tad, but kept alert for he remembered all too well last time he thought he was safe.

They were getting further and the humans voices got more distant until it was hardly a whisper. Axon felt he was able to relax now. They were far away from the humans and deep in the woods. He lifted his nose to the air; sure he would only smell the fresh cold air of winter. He took a deep breath through his nostrils, and gave a breath of release.

Suddenly, in a burst of commotion, there was the dog that had pinned his father to the ground earlier hurtling towards him at an extreme speed. Axon had smelled for humans, for he hadn’t the slightest thought that the dog would have followed him, yet here it was, about to kill him like the prey Axon has hunted so many times before.

Just as Axon accepted the thought that he would die, that this was the end of him, there was a flurry of commotion as something black slammed into the vicious dog that was twice the size of Axon. He was completely stunned, for a moment ago, he was staring death in the face, and now all he saw was snow swirling up in the air as the dog that was once there disappeared.

Abruptly, Axon went out of his daze and noticed the sound of growling and snarling. He turned around to see Feign pinned beneath the great dogs’ claws, as the dog tried to bite his throat out. As Axon set in motion, he heard them. The humans were near, probably following the sound of the wolf and dogs’ brawl. Axon began after the two, trying to help Feign, when Jannon caught his eye. There he lay, helpless, his shallow breath bellowing about him.

In the moment that it took Axon to make his decision, the humans came into view. Axon grabbed Jannon by the scruff and pulled him as fast as he could, all the while eyes on Feign. Feign fought furiously, but to no gain. The dog was stronger and the humans were all but on top of them.

Axon whimpered through his mouthful of fur as he dragged his now unconscious father to safety. It began to snow as they searched for a place to stay the night, and Lara’s head never lifted and her tail dragged along the snowy forest floor. A great silence was over the forest as if it too was distraught by the great loss.

They soon reached a cave near the mountains that was suitable for the night. The others went inside and went to sleep, but Axon remained outside. He could swear that he could hear Feigns distant howls, but it was simply a trick of the mind. His heart was heavy with depression, and he stared up at the half full moon.

Somehow, the sight clicked something inside of him, and his maw opened into a slow and steady howl. His voice rose to the heavens, beautiful and full of sorrow it was. He soon heard the howls of others as they joined in, seemingly roused by his song. Their melody rang across the forest, magnificent and saddening. They sang a song that spoke of a brave wolf, the color of night that had died in battle. A brave wolf named Feign.

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