The Rubberband

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

A sad Story. (rhyming)

There is this girl
who moved to my town
not wanting to be found

We met at the park
when we were little
just me and her in the dark

Whenever one of us
felt sad,hurt, scared
the park is something we share

I gave her a rubber band
with our initials
slipped onto her right hand.

We would always
go to the park, momentarily
it is are sanctuary

Sometimes we would talk
other times not at all
just forgetting about the clock

I push her on the swings
sometimes she winces
She wanted wings

As we got older
she started giving me
wet shoulders

She cries and I
hold her close on the
metal slide.

I told her I love her
and how I would keep
her secure

She always wear
long-selves and
dark black jeans

The kids laugh
at her in school
man this world is cruel

So one day
I went to the park.
To get away

Instead I found a note
taped to a swing, in her
hand she wrote

" I had enough
I can't go on
Life is too rough."

I rush to her house
beer cans on the floor
Upstairs to a lock door

Break the lock
hurry right in
to find myself in shock

Tub full of water
stained deep dark red
Its no use.. she is dead

Her wrists are tare open
she had set pain to her

I shake her violently
but she just rests
in my arms silently

On her hand
I find a small

The initials are gone
and says something new
only 3 simple words
"I love you"

Submitted: March 26, 2014

© Copyright 2022 kickingchaos. All rights reserved.

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