What's There Inside

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A poem about me dealing with low self-esteem.

Submitted: May 12, 2014

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Submitted: May 12, 2014



It started when
I was young
no it wasn't fun.

The person I wanted
approval from
made me feel numb.

I was little
you made a comment
I change because of it.

This is the day
where I lost my self-esteem
I could feel everything.

Became less social
starting talking less
which turn into a mess.

The things they would say
my label was shy
made me wanna cry.

"Stop it you're scaring her!"
"Why don't you ever talk?"
into worse thing with mock.

"Are kids being mean to you?"
"Did they made you cry?"
No mom, was the lie.

I got a little older
it was the worst time
I was in junior high.

I got bullied
somedays I won't even speak
at all for I knew it meant defeat.

Then hit the all-time low
I still have the scar
wish it on a star.

My life is better
once in a while
it's hard to smile.

I did learn something
everyone has a dark side
it lurks from the inside.

Call them demons
for they truly are
and how they brought us far.

Or call them by their true names
depression, anxiety, shy, self-hate, pain
we have to keep them tame.

Just a bit of my life
not the whole story
still looking for glory

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