Couple Resolves to Strengthen Marriage

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A couple decides to spiritually strengthen their marriage.

Submitted: February 02, 2016

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Submitted: February 02, 2016





By Greg Miller © 2016


Adrienne and her husband Adrian resolved to make 2016 the most successful year, spiritually speaking, of their marriage.


Since their first day of marriage, the couple had read the Bible together. Now, they resolved to also pray together every day. Adrian and Adrienne took turns praying, since they both realized the importance of seeking God’s will for their marriage.


Adrienne prayed that she and Adrian would grow closer every day. “Father, I pray your Holy Spirit will lead us into a closer relationship with each other and with you.”


The prayer exploded in intensity inside Adrienne every day. She began sensing a desire to serve her husband to a greater degree. Adrian, too, acknowledged a need for a closer relationship with Adrienne, as well as to the Sovereign Lord.


Adrian and Adrienne not only felt a need to grow closer to each other, they also began taking direct action to improve their relationship. Adrienne was very protective of her brand new car and allowed no one else to drive the vehicle. She told Adrian, “I know you have your own car, but I want you to start driving my car to work on Fridays. I am setting Fridays aside to praise and worship God all day.”


“Thanks, Adrienne. I really appreciate that. By the way, I’d like to do something for you, too. You work very hard to provide a great atmosphere of love in our home. I want to start helping you more with household chores. I’m going to start taking the garbage outside twice a week instead of just once. I would also like to help you wash the dishes every day. We have a great relationship, and I believe helping you with these activities will enable us to grow even closer.”


As the couple’s relationship blossomed, so did their adventure with the Sovereign Lord, who began opening doors of ministry for them. Adrienne’s supervisor, Allison, asked her to share a short devotion twice a week with the employees during the company’s designated lunch hour.


Adrian’s boss, Alex, asked him to come to his home every Thursday evening to conduct a Bible study. “I believe the Bible study will help all of us to better glorify the Lord Jesus every day of our lives,” said Alex.


Adrian and Adrienne both realized they were experiencing a greater degree of joy since they determined to have a better relationship with each other and with the Lord.


Each morning, the couple declared to each other, “The joy of the Lord is my strength.


The couple soon learned their daughter, Amy, was going to have a daughter. Adrienne suggested to her daughter, “Please name her Joy, Amy!”


“Adrian agreed, “Yes, Amy. With a name like Joy, she will be a very strong warrior for the Lord!”


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