Fuzzy Gurl Wants to Use Fame to Glorify the Lord

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A young bear named Fuzzy Gurl Bear wants to use her fame to glorify the Lord.

Submitted: April 30, 2013

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Submitted: April 30, 2013




Greg Miller © 2013

Fuzzy Gurl Bear and her parents, Mom and Daddy Bear, lived happily in their upscale forest home.

The Bear Family enjoyed celebrating the same holidays as their human neighbors.

Mom Bear’s favorite holiday was Christmas. “I enjoy seeing the bright lights and decorations,” she said. “And Mother’s Day always brings a tear to my eyes and a  smile to my face.”

Daddy Bear’s favorite holiday was Father’s Day. “I enjoy celebrating God as my heavenly father on that day and every day,” he said.

Fuzzy Gurl Bear’s favorite holiday was her birthday. “My birthday should be declared an international holiday!,” she exclaimed.

“What would the day be called?,” asked Daddy Bear.

“Fuzzy Gurl Bear Day, of course,” laughed his daughter.

Mom Bear reminded her mate that their daughter had wanted to be famous ever since she was a young cub. Fuzzy Gurl Bear had become quite a celebrity throughout the forest, composing songs for many special occasions for many of the animals.

“You’re already famous here in our neck of the woods,” beamed a proud Daddy Bear.

“And your smooth Fuzzy Gurl Bear sounds delight the ears of animals of every age group,” observed Mom Bear. “I’m proud to be your mother.”

“Thanks, Mom and Dad, for all your support,” said Fuzzy Gurl Bear. “The heavenly father was really showering His favor upon me when He chose you for my parents.”

“What’s your ultimate goal for wanting to be famous?,” asked Daddy Bear.

“The more popular my songs become, the more I can help The Fuzzy Gurl Bear Nursing Home for Retired Senior Citizen Animals,” said Fuzzy Gurl Bear. “It helps me to bring glory to God the Father and to His son, the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Fuzzy Gurl Bear thanked her parents for raising her to serve the Lord. “God is my reason for living,” she said.

“He certainly has abundantly blessed us with more than we could ever adequately thank Him for,” said Mom Bear.

“You’re right,” said Fuzzy Gurl Bear. “But I certainly am going to try to thank Him.”

“Say, I have an idea,” said Daddy Bear. “Your mom and I are pretty well known, too, since we’re your parents. We can promote ourselves and become famous, too. Then we can also use our fame to work for God. Don’t you agree?”

“I don’t know, Daddy,” said Fuzzy Gurl Bear. “It seems to me that one celebrity bear in this family is more than enough.”

“She’s right, Dear,” said Mom Bear. “Our daughter wants to use her fame to glorify the Lord, not herself. But I’ve known you long enough that I can say I don’t think God wants you to be too famous. I think it would be more of a burden than the world could bear!”

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