Goat and Giraffe form Great Friendship

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A goat's parents die in a zoo, and a goat becomes her adopted dad.



By Greg Miller © 2015


Gus the Giraffe and Ginger the Goat lived in a large zoo.


When Ginger’s parents died unexpectedly due to a strange illness, Gus adopted the young giraffe.


“I’ll take care of you and be a good dad,” Gus promised his new daughter.


“I’m going to enjoy being your mom,” said Gabby, Gus’s mate. “I’ve always wanted a little girl, but so far I’ve only had sons. And, as you know, boys and girls are very different.”


“Yeah, I know,” grinned Ginger. “My brothers don’t smile and tell jokes nearly as much as I do. They are much too serious. They just need to lighten up!”


“Boys will be boys,” Gabby said. “You and I will do our best, though, to live a life filled with fun and laughter.”


“I’ll help you as much as I can,” said Ginger, “because very soon my social life will be taking off.”


“I understand,” said Gabby. “I was young myself just a few short years ago. “


As Ginger continually thought about her up her nearing increased social activity, she began spending more time eating leaves from the zoo’s trees. “I’m a growing girl, so I must eat enough to give me the proper amount of energy without overdoing it,” she told Gabby.


“I know what you mean,” Gabby said. “I dealt with the same issues when I was your age.”


“Were you bashful when you were young, or more confident and outgoing?”


“Occasionally, I was introverted. Most of the time, however, I was confident.”


“Why were you confident most of the time, Gabby?”


“That’s easy. Mom and dad, as well as my grandparents, encouraged me all the time, so I had loads of confidence. They were always telling me, ‘You can do anything you want to do, honey. Anything!' So what do you want to do, Ginger?”


“I might become queen of the jungle.”


“The lion is already the king of the jungle. Don’t you think you might be intruding into his territory?”


“No, Gabby, the jungle and the zoo are two different kingdoms.”


“What if he just isn’t ready to give up any of his publicity to you? After all, you are the new kid on the block. Besides, he hasn’t yet been transferred to his jungle.”


“I’m not looking for any of his publicity. I just want the freedom to roam around the zoo making executive decisions…you know…taking care of all the animals.”


“But, Ginger, that’s what the zookeepers are for, right?”


“They do think that’s their job all right, but God has given me certain talents and, as an animal, I just might be able to do a better job!”


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Submitted: October 27, 2015

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