Leopards Contemplate Jungle Coup

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A jungle's leopards want to overthrow the neighborhood's lion monarch.

Submitted: September 15, 2015

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Submitted: September 15, 2015



 By Greg Miller © 2015


Lois the Lion and Lisa the Leopard lived in the center of the jungle, and they were friends.


Lisa and Lois regularly discussed a variety of topics. “I’ve heard a lot about these human creatures,” said Lisa. “It’s amazing to me that so many of them live in large cities with no trees in their neighborhoods.”


“We shouldn’t complain about their lack of wisdom. We should just be thankful God allows us to live here.”


“Oh, I am very thankful. I can’t even imagine living in the environment so many humans find attractive.”


“Neither can I. I’ve heard many stories through jungle vine talk that God created Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, a paradise like ours, only it was much better then, before they disobeyed God and ate the fruit He told them not to eat. It’s hard to contemplate the fact that people canlive with so much concrete and tall buildings.”


“And cars and trucks are always crashing into each other on the highways. I’m glad we don’t have roads like that here in our jungle home.”


“Here we go again, talking about those humans. I think we need to change the subject. Let’s talk more about the God who created the universe and about his wondrous blessings we get to enjoy every day.”


“Alright, let’s discuss our mates.”


“Tell me about your mate, Lisa.”


 “Louis is the perfect leopard husband,” said Lisa. “He’s so kind and thoughtful to me, and he’s the greatest father in the leopard world. What’s your mate like, Lois?”


“Lane is the best lion husband I could have ever dreamed of,” answered Lois. “His favorite activity is spending time with our cubs and me. He’s the greatest.”


“We’re great friends, we get along well and we have wonderful mates. I just wish other lions and leopards in our jungle related to each other as a group as well as we do.”


“What do you mean?”


“Well, for one thing the young cubs in your community are always bullying the babies in the lion community. I’ve heard some of the other leopard ladies discussing the issue, and they are tired of it. Some of them want to sponsor a jungle-wide revolt and replace Lane as the king of the jungle with Louis.”


Lois was insulted by her friend’s remark. “That will never happen,” said Lois. “God placed Lane here as the ruler, and I don’t think the Sovereign Lord has changed His mind.”


“Maybe not, but a revolt could result in a coup, and install Louis as the new king.”


“My understanding is God won’t allow that to happen. Besides, before long, Jesus Christ will return to earth as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and no revolt will ever overthrow Him!”


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