Piranha, Catfish and Salmon Team up to Solve Problem

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A catfish, a salmon and a piranha join forces to solve a problem.

 By Greg Miller © 2015

Crafty the Catfish and Potential the Piranha headed their respective clans in Piranha-Catfish Freshwater River.


Most of the catfish stayed on their end of the river, while the Piranha remained on their end. Crafty and Potential, however, met regularly to discuss a wide range of issues. The number one issue was whether to allow humans to continue to fish in the pristine river.


“I know we are two different species of fish, but I believe it’s important for us to team up to protect our territory from these humans,” Crafty opined.


“You got that right, Crafty,” responded Potential. “Almost everywhere people go, they have a habit of destroying the natural habitat of wildlife.”


“Then,” Crafty said, “they pretend it was theirs all along. “They never ask permission to fish in our waters. I just don’t understand them.”


“What are we going to do about the situation?”


“I suggest our respective local governments hold a special joint session to discuss it. I know we don’t usually do such things, but difficult circumstances call for desperate measures.


Two days later, the Catfish Council and Piranha Commission met in emergency session. Potential and Crafty addressed the pressing issue of the fishermen.


“Although they have never asked for permission to fish in our waters, we have allowed the fishermen to vigorously pursue their hobby,” said Potential.


Potential and Crafty told Mayor Salmon, the river’s chief executive officer, they had come up with a way to solve the problem. “We need a volunteer to make the idea work,” offered Crafty.


Mayor Salmon was the river’s most prolific volunteer. She, along with the rest of the salmon population, lived in the middle of the river, patrolling for dangerous predators.


“Volunteering and serving my fellow salmon is very important to me,” she said. “I’m thankful God has given me such a big desire to serve Him in this way.”


Potential suggested he, Crafty and Mayor Salmon meet every week to discuss the answer to their problem. They were determined to work together to make the entire fish community a superior habitat where all fish could thrive.


After three weeks of deliberations, the trio announced their conclusions. “I suggest we go to the humans and tell them to find another body of water in which to fish,” said Mayor Salmon. “Our populations are slowly dwindling, and we will eventually become extinct.”


Crafty proposed placing a new fishing tax on the humans. “We’re losing large numbers of our citizens every week,” moaned Crafty.


Potential disagreed with the proposals of the other two fish. “I’ll announce my own ideas next week,” he said. “I can’t quite put my gills on it yet, but both of your proposals seem a bit fishy to me!”



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Submitted: August 28, 2015

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