Residents of Several Nations Gather to Form New Country to Honor Jesus Christ

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Residents of several countries meet to form a new country to honor the Lord Jesus Christ.

Submitted: July 12, 2017

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Submitted: July 12, 2017



By Greg Miller © 2017



Citizens from about 40 countries gathered in a tropical paradise to discuss forming a new nation.


“We all believe our home country is the greatest country in the world,” said Francis, who was representing the United States at the meeting. “For example, I think America is the world’s greatest military power.”


Fabienne, who was representing Switzerland, said, “I appreciate your thoughts, Francis, but military power isn’t the only kind of strength. In our country, we have majestic natural beauty, as I’m sure you do in America.”


“We have some gorgeous spots, too!” declared Frida, who was representing Mexico. “But we’re so happy to share our fantastic cuisine with the world, as well.”


Fumie, who was from Japan, was extremely proud of her country, too. “People in Japan are so friendly,” she said. “Friendliness is our number one tourist attraction.”


Although each delegate was proud of his or her country of birth, each wanted to be part of creating a new nation. “This new nation will be built on faith in the Lord Jesus Christ!” proclaimed the new Constitution. “And we will always strive to honor the Bible, the Word of God! And a 100-foot cross will be erected in the center of our nation’s capital as a special honor Jesus Christ, who died to save everyone from sin.”


A search committee was formed to look for territory in which to begin the new country. One day, Fumie and Fabienne were searching the Internet for new land masses arising from the sea. They discovered one suitable site which had recently appeared off the coast of Alaska. A second site was observed as it rose from the sea near Jamaica. Those forming the new country claimed both territories as their own. “We can start with two states,” said Fumie.


“Wonderful idea!” stated Francis. “We can populate these two territories and, when we become too crowded we can add new states.”


The new world’s founders hailed from various Christian backgrounds, but all were dedicated to loving and serving Jesus Christ. “We will raise our children to serve the Lord,” said Frida. “We will always do our best to praise and honor Him with every aspect of our lives.”


“That’s right,” affirmed Fen-Fang, who was representing China at the gathering. She quoted Psalm 100, verse 3, “Know ye that the Lord he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.”


“It’s a great thing that we were made by the Lord and we didn’t make ourselves,” Francis observed. “If we could have created ourselves, we would have made a real mess of things!”


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