Stranger Gets a New Name

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A man meets a stranger, who receives a new name.

Submitted: October 20, 2015

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Submitted: October 20, 2015




By Greg Miller © 2015


Mom, Dad, Son and Daughter were very joyful.


Every community member saw that joy. “Mom is always so considerate of those in her family,” observed Waitress.


“And Dad works very hard to provide for his family,” said Supervisor, Dad’s boss. “He arrives early every day, and he does more than he’s required to do.”


“Son takes after his father,” said Algebra Teacher. “He does all his homework in a timely fashion.”


“Don’t forget Daughter,” said English Teacher. “She’s like her mother, always looking for ways to serve others.”


Pet Dog, too, was trained to serve. “She’s always running around, looking for scraps of food to take to Pet Cat,” observed Pet Store Owner.



During one church service, Pastor spoke to the congregation about the family’s devotion to God. “They always glorify the Lord Jesus Christ!” Pastor declared. “We should always share Jesus’ love as much as they do!”


About a week later, Dad was walking home from work because his car was being repaired. Stranger approached from the other direction. “Hey, buddy, how about five bucks to get something to eat?” Stranger asked.


“I won’t give you any money,” Dad replied, “but I’ll take you to the restaurant across the street and buy your dinner.”


“That’s great,” Stranger said thankfully. “I haven’t eaten anything for three days.”


Dad and Stranger crossed the street, entered the restaurant and ordered their food. “Do you like steak?” Waitress asked.


Both men nodded in the affirmative. “We have a special today,” Waitress said. “Buy one, get one free. Plus each of you gets a free piece of homemade cherry pie or chocolate cake.”


“I can almost taste that cherry pie already,” said Stranger.


“Chocolate cake has always been my weakness,” Dad admitted.


While they ate, the men shared stories about their lives. “I was once a successful business owner, but when the economy headed south my life took a turn for the worse,” said Stranger. “Meeting you today has been the best thing that’s happened to me in years.”


“My life, until about two years ago, mirrored yours,” said Dad. “Then one day a friend invited me to church. I gave my heart to the Lord Jesus Christ and, the following week I was baptized in water. Life’s still not a bed of roses, but Jesus makes coping with life’s thorns much easier.”


Dad asked Stranger to attend church with him that evening. Stranger agreed and, during the service, the Holy Spirit tugged on Stranger’s heart. Stranger gave his heart to Jesus and thanked Dad for inviting him to church.


“You’re welcome,” said Dad. “But we still have one small matter to clear up. “Since you have given your heart to Jesus, we can no longer call you ‘Stranger.’ From now on, your new name is ‘Brother!’”


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