The World Prepares for Annual Thanksgiving Celebration

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The world prepares for its annual global Thanksgiving celebration.

Submitted: November 17, 2015

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Submitted: November 17, 2015




By Greg Miller © 2015


The annual global Thanksgiving holiday was rapidly approaching, and everyone was making plans for a big celebration.


Several people decided to create super hero-type characters, complete with unique costumes with which to celebrate the monumental day. Dean’s costume left no room for doubt as to its focus. “DTD,” which stood for Dean the Thanksgiving Dude, covered the top part of his costume. “That’s the personality I wanted to share with the world,” he told his local radio station.


Dexter’s solid pumpkin-colored costume was perfect for a popular nighttime festival, where he was scheduled to entertain. At the end of Dexter’s performance, he gave each child a miniature pumpkin pie.


Denise made a solid white costume with one large red dot for the holiday. “White stands for God’s purity, and red is a symbol of the shed blood of Jesus Christ,” Denise told Donald, her husband.


Drake’s costume consisted of a dark blue shirt and light blue pants. “Blue is a symbol of God’s peace,” he reminded Pastor Duke, his minister.


Dan’s solid purple costume was highlighted by a gigantic neon belt. “Purple is a royal color signifying that Jesus is the King of Kings,” he told Danielle, his sister. “And the brightness of neon reminds me that Jesus is the light of the world. It also reminds me that I must always be busy letting my light shine for Him.”


Dan and his wife Daisy did not prepare costumes for the Thanksgiving holiday. Instead, they spent time reading God’s Word and praying and in truly being thankful for their God-sent blessings.


The Sovereign Lord was pleased at the level of heartfelt thanksgiving His people were exhibiting. He decided to speak to them about their giving of thanks.


Dean was the first believer to be addressed by the Lord. “I like the fact that you are thankful, but I’m disappointed that you’re taking some of the attention that should come to me,” God told him. “You must stop drawing so much attention to yourself, because I will not share my glory with another.”


The Lord applauded Dexter for giving miniature pumpkin pies to the children. “You have a truly giving spirit,” said the Lord.


God praised Dan and Daisy. “The two of you are exhibiting true thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is not just a day off from work or a big turkey dinner. Thanksgiving is really exhibiting an attitude of gratitude for my blessings every day of the year!”



God also spoke affectionately to Denise. “You hit the nail on the head,” He told her. “When you’re thankful for my purity and the saving blood of my son, I know you’re thankful l for everything else!”




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