The Domino Effect

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A story of a good girl gone bad.

Submitted: November 05, 2013

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Submitted: November 05, 2013




































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When I sit and think about how I got to this point in my life. I just cannot believe it, it all happen so fast. At this moment I don’t even know if I would change how things went down. Knowing what I know now I realize that I had everything I needed and more right in my hands, someone who came from nothing ended up with everything. There was nothing that I could not do and say, respect was something that was just given to me. I reached levels that no other female ever did in the game. I was the truth and like a fool I thought no one could touch me or break me. Little did I know I was going to be my own worst enemy. I guess I got a little to relax and lost myself in all the bullshit.

Allow me to tell you how it all started, sometimes when I think about it I can’t believe it myself but I know it’s all true. I was only thirteen when my mother started dating this guy, Mike but everyone called him Slick. He was not the smartest guy but tried to do the right things by my mom, doing the day that is because when night fell he was a small time dealer and really he was not that good at it but he tried I guess. My mom was the apartment manager and went to law school at night. She always told me to make sure that I took my education to heart because in the end education is what is going to help me get the life that I want. Little did she know she was right because my education helped me out in the end. I was a good student and love math. Never did anything that would cause me to get into trouble or get into any fights. I was the one that everyone thought to be the one that would make it out of the hood and do better than everyone. It all came to pass, I did reach high levels and been and done some things that some people will never see or do in a life time, but it just was not in the way they were thinking.

I guess I had to be about fifth-teen when I really notice the actives and listening to the things that Mike was doing. See Mike or Slick whatever you want to call him, would always wait until my mother go to class at night before he would start having his friend Joe over to talk about there so call business. Mike was not that smart but he would work doing the day as an auto mechanic. Late at night he wants to be a drug dealer but it seem he was not that good with making any money. His friend Joe I think was cheating him out of his half of the money and Mike was not smart enough to really catch it, so Joe got away with it a lot. Joe was a want to be, he wanted to be seen as someone who knew so much but knew nothing but cheating people out of their money and whatever else he could get from them. Mike tried hard to make my mother happy and I would have to say that he did a good job at that. Mike and I got along good, we would watch the games together even though I was not that into it but I guess it was just our time to spend together. Mike treated me like I was his own and would tell everyone that I was his daughter, kind of made me feel good being that my real dad was nowhere to be around. I never knew who he was but I guess I never knew who anyone was went it all came down to it.


One night mom was at class and Joe had just left and Mike was sitting at the table looking lost as always. So I asked him what was wrong. He tells me that I would not understand and to go back in my room. I laughed and grabbed me a juice out the fridge and just looked at him. Not sure why I said what I did but it started something that would change everything. Mike asked me what was so funny, I said you getting cheated and don’t know it. He asked me what I was talking about. I walked back over to him and stated that I know I don’t know everything about this little business you so call have with Joe but know it will never work because he is cheating you out of your money; he is not giving you your entire half of the money. So he tells me you right you don’t know everything because Joe would not do that. Just things not going as plan. I’m like yeah for you and I may not know everything but I do know how to count. So I go back in my room and start on my homework when I get a knock on my room door, so I say come in. Its Mike so I  asked  him what do he want, he ask can he come in and I am like sure, cause if he was to try me I was going gut him like a fish. So he comes in and asks me why I said that about Joe. So I just tell him like it is, Joe is not the friend that he thinks he is. I go on to tell him that I have heard some of the talks that he and Joe have had and that the math just doesn’t add up to what Joe says it is. If I understand things the way that I do, I know that whatever you spend you should double and not just make what you spent back or less. So he asks me how good I am with measuring and counting the profit. I answer the questions, but first asked why? But before he could answer I let him know that I am a straight “A” student in math and that math and that I have to tutor the other kids. He looks at me and then tries me by asking me a few questions, but wants to look all shocked that I know what I know. After about a few hours of showing and breaking things down to Mike, he says thanks and leaves the room. I laugh to myself thinking that he still going to deal with Joe and going to get shitted as always. The next day Joe comes over like clockwork but this time Mike tells him that he was done but Joe is not understanding that and wants Mike to keep things going. After an hour or so of Joe trying to find out what is up with Mike and why Mike wants out he leaves. I was shocked that Mike would drop his number one man like that but I guess everyone gets sick of being used at some point.

Maybe a week or so past and I am on the porch/stoop chilling, when here comes Mike with this crazy look on his face. So I’m like what? He asked me if I wanted to make some extract money. I just look at him for about a good minute and then said how, doing what? And no I am not coming down to the shop to help out on the weekends anymore. He smile and says no, no nothing like that just help me on few things and get paid for just showing me the correct way of doing it and make some money all at the same thing. Just that you can’t tell your mother about what we will be doing because she will not like it. So I just sit there and then I say, if it is what I think it is I know I could not tell my mother but when she see that I have some money she is going to want to know where it comes from. So he likes yeah maybe, but I can show you how to save it so when you go to college you can have some money to help pay for it. I’m like ok cool; just how much money will I be making for helping you. He tells me that we can talk about that when my mother goes to class. Just as he says that, mother come out of the house and ask me if I had homework and how school was going. I wait for a minute and then tell her no and school is going okay. She is always on me about my school work; I think it is because she had to drop out to raise me in her senior year in high school. I am proud of her because she did not let it stop her from going after her goals.

Mike is okay with me he does not hit or talk to my mother any kind of way and he do try to keep her happy. I have heard him tell her that he wish he could take her to nice places and do more for her than he does. Mother is just like I know and you will don’t worry so much about it. I can hear it in here voice that she would love for him to do all the things that he says he want too. I know they have talked about getting married but Mike cannot afford a ring on what he is making at the shop. That night after mom left for class Mike comes to me with a small bag of white looking powder. Which later I found out it was/is cocaine. I am like what is this, he tells me not to worry about that he just needs me to help him with the right measurements and that’s all. I reached to pick up the bag and it was like I was about to kill someone. Mike yelled at me so loud I just froze and looked up at him. He told to never touch it, so I asked him how I can help you if I don’t touch it. He said that he will do all the touching and all I am to do is talk him through it. I say okay and that’s when it all started. I would say a month or so had past and Mike was really starting to make some money. He had stop dealing with Joe and was doing things himself. I know I was happy with the hundred and fifty dollars I was getting every week. So this went on for a year or more and seems like every month my pay was going up. I had more money than I knew what to do with. Mike took me to the bank and open me up and account so that I can really start saving and watch my money grow. This went on for next three years, so by the time I reached my senior year in high school my bank was right. My birthday is right around the corner and I think I am going to by me a car. Just have to be smart about it because I don’t want to make my mother nervous and start asking questions about how much money I have because she know that the little part-time job is not going to pay me enough to by a car. Well the car that I really want so I will down grade my wants and just get something that well not raise any eye borrows.


Mike was still working at the shop and the side money he was making was great, never would have thought making money selling cocaine would be so lovely. It was so good that Mike was able to get mom the ring that she wanted so they could get married; Mike and I became real close he was showing me things that I would have never known if it was not for him, it seem that we was more like business partners and I liked that. I still never touched anything which was good for me. Money became something that I learned to love making and every chance that came my way to make some I took it. Started writing papers for people in school and charging them for it as well as betting on the high school games. I was becoming a true money maker. Mike was getting more and more cocaine and as always I showed him how to measure it so that he could make his money back and some. The good thing about it was that he did not owe anyone, the profit was all his. Mother still never knew what was going on. Being that I had a job after school she never really knew where my money came from.  Mike just told her that things were good at the shop so he was able to do more things for her and get her a car so she wouldn’t have to ride the bus any more. Which it did pick up the way he said, just that not all the customers that came to the shop was there to get their car fixed they wanted something else. By this time Mike owns the shop because the guy that did own it died and left it to him. So Mike was doing pretty well and things were coming alone real good. He bought mom a 1991 tan four door Cadillac and bought himself a 1991 Ford truck. Everyone thought we hit the jackpot or something but little did they know they were so far off.

It’s my last year in high school and then off to college but I was not sure what school I wanted to attend. I did know that I did not want this money that I was making too stop. It also was around the time when I realize that I like girls. There was this on chick that really caught my eye and I was not sure if I should say anything to her. We would hang out and talk all the time on the phone but not sure if she would still be cool with me if I came out and told her that I really like her. Her name was Brandy, Brandy Jackson cute pecan tan sexy little thing. I just felt like I could be myself around her. She had a smile that would just light up the room when she walked in. The thing was all the guys wanted to get at her but she just wanted to hang with me and I did not have a problem with that at all. Brandy was smart too and always talked about going to college so she could get her degree in medicine, said she was going to be a doctor. I would always tell her she was going to be in school along time but she did not care. She was going to open up her own health clinic so she could help those that could not pay to go to the hospital. I knew then that she was some one that I wanted in my life for as long as I could have her in it. I also knew that her mom and dad did not have the money to send her to college and loans were going to be hard for her to get. Anything that Brandy wanted I wanted to be the one to get it for her. She would ask me from time to time where I get all my money from. She knew something was up because Wendy’s was not paying me that much for me to have the money that I did. I would just tell her that I know how to work with what I have. She went along with it but I could tell she wanted to really ask me more questions but she didn’t which was good. There were times that I wanted to tell her what was really going on but I didn’t. All I really wanted to say was, Brandy I like you and want you to be my girl but felt that would end our friendship so I just kept it to myself.

One day after school Brandy and I went to the mall, something we would do often and she saw a dress that she wanted for the prom her face lit up like fireworks on July 4th. Never seen her look at nothing or no one the way she looked at that dress. I told her to try it on just to see how she would look in it. She was so beautiful in that dress; I truly believe my heart stop for a good ten seconds when I saw her in it. When we left the store I could see it on her face that she really wanted that dress. I told her she should go back and get it if she wants it so bad, she told me she could not afford it and that she might not be able to go to the prom. I was like you have to go it’s our senior prom. She said that things were tight at home and she can’t go to the prom. So we stopped at the food court and got something to eat, sitting there looking at her sad face just made me sad for her. I told her everything was going to be okay and something will work out. She could only say “I hope so because I really want to go”. A few minutes went by without any words from the both of us. Then I looked up at her and saw tears in her eyes, I reached over to her and touched her hand and said don’t worry everything is going to be just fine and that she was going to be prom. She smiled at me and asked me how do I know? So I sat back and said because you are going with me. She smiled and said really, so I said yeah and then a "but" came out, didn’t say anything for a minute.  So I waited a second or two and said Brandy you are my friend and I am happy that you are my friend but there is something that I want and need to tell you. She looks at me with those pretty brown eyes of hers and say “and what would that be?” I waited and then it came out, I told her that I liked her and it’s a little more than just a friend. Nothing was said for about a good five minutes I am sure. Then she asks me how long I have been feeling this was and was I gay. I told her I think it I started realizing that I liked her more was at the basketball game we had went to and when that guy was trying to hit on you and I got mad. I also let her know that she was the first girl that I felt this way about and she would be my first. She waited a minute and said okay you like me and now what. I am like I don’t know but I wanted her to go to the prom with me as my date and not just my friend. She was like “wow” and when she said that I just drop my head because I knew what was coming next. Little did I know I was wrong, she said she would not have a problem going to the prom with me as my date but she couldn’t because she is not able to buy a dress or anything else that she may need so she could go. I looked up at her and said if I got the dress that you want and pay for anything else that you may need would you go then. She gave me this look like what, so she asked me how I was going to pay for everything with my little Wendy’s check. I just told her let me worry about that all I need to know will you go. My heart skipped two beats when I heard that one word “yes”. I think I smiled so hard at that moment than I have ever did in my life. So I asked her was she my girl or still just a friend. She said that she was my girl and that she liked me too.


All day I was thinking about Brandy and what had happen that day, could not get my mind off of it for anything. I knew the prom was only a month away and I needed to make just a little more money to be able to buy the dress that Brandy wanted. I was in my room and my mother knocked on the door, told her to come in. I could not believe it she wants to talk to me about my senior prom, I am like wow. She asked me was I going and I told her yes. Then she asks me the question that I did not want her to ask. She asks “so what is his name” with this smile on her face. I waited for a minute or two and said real slowly I am…going to…the prom….with…..Brandy. She comes back with did you say Brandy or Brandon? So I said her name is Brandy Jackson and she is my prom date. Mom did not say anything for a while and then just said oh okay and gets up and walk out the room. I waited for about five minutes and then got up and went in the kitchen where she was and asked her if she understood what I meant by being my date. She tells me she understands just fine. So I asked was she okay and all she would say is “baby you have to live your own life and if that is going to make you happy then she was okay with it”. All I could do is kiss her on her chic and go back in my room. I called Brandy and told her what my mom said and Brandy was like wow. I asked her if she told her mom and dad yet and she said no because she wanted to make sure she was going before she say anything. I laughed and said that’s cool but just be ready to tell them in the next day or so. That was when she asked me again where I am getting all this money from. I just told her to trust me and that everything is going to be okay.

I had been thinking how I was going to come up with the extra money I needed so I could make sure Brandy and I go to the prom. Also want have to touch the money that I have in the bank being that I cannot get any out until I am eighteen which was after the prom. Only thing I knew was I needed to step my game up with Mike if he would let me and I was sure that he would. Every Friday night Mike and I would do our weekly business, but this Friday night we were going to really talk about some things. I told him that I wanted to learn more about what he was doing. For about five minutes he did not say anything and then he looked up at me and said “are you sure you want to know, because there will be no turning back afterwards”. I said, yes I want to know and be good at it. So he sat there and told me all that I needed to know and some. So our partnership went to a new level and we started making money over money. I was able to buy the dress for Brandy and make that night at the prom the best night of our lives. I went all out and got a limo and all. When Brandy and I stepped out the limo hand and hand all eyes was on us. I loved it, and I know Brandy had the time of her life; I want to be sure that she had the best time ever. After the prom was over we went out to eat and then to the hotel for the after party. I had a room just in case it got too late to be going home or just wanted to hang out some more. It had to be around two am in the morning when we went to the room and chilled out. I told Brandy that she could have the bed and I would sleep in the chair. She was not going for that, told me we could lay in the bed together and my heart was beating so fast and I was sure she heard it. Lying in that bed next to her was like a dream come true. Not sure how it all started but I do remember what happen that night. We kissed and something in me just took over. I started kissing her all over and rubbing her body and she loved it. Then I took it to another level, just remember having her breast in my mouth and kissing her all so softly until I reached the one place that made me fall so in love with her. Once I slid my tongue down to her pussy and licked her ever so gently and sucked on her spur-tongue and feeling her body go into the point of no return. Brandy called out my name so loud that I was sure the police was going to kick the door in. I didn’t care because I was right where I wanted to be. Well until I got on top of her and looked into her eyes and slowly grinded on her, just to feel her body next to mine was like we became one just at that moment. Our first time was something that I will never forget. When it was all said and done and to hold her in my arms was like holding joy. The next day at school everyone was talking about us and really trying to find out what was going on with us. Brandy just loved the attention that she was getting from her friends and everyone else. She was like the queen of the night; well she was my queen that night. We were the talk of the school and it seems to me that more females were smiling at me than before but it was no uses because my heart belonged to Brandy.  My birthday was in a few days and I wanted to do something big but not too big just a little something so I bought my first car it was a black four door 1991 BMW 3 series 325i with tented windows. My mother asked me where I got the money to buy this car; I just told her that I save the money I worked for at Wendy’s to buy the car. It did make sense being that I had been working there over two years now. She looked at me funny and then said good for you and that she was proud of me for saving my money and doing the right things with it. She also said “don’t let this car cause you to lose track of what is important”, I knew she was talking about school and going to college. My mother had big plans for me when it came to my education. By this time she only had maybe another year before she finish law school. I was really proud of my mother; she went back to school to better herself and me. It would break my mother’s heart if she knew what I was doing?

I made it out of high school, now off to college I am to go. It was funny how I was on my way to college and mom was on her way out. I was so proud of my mother for finishing law school, she work hard at making sure she was an example to me when it came to school. I changed my mind about going away for school, did not want to walk away from the money I was making or Brandy. It had become too good to just stop the money and leave the love of my life behind so I went to FAMU and majored in Business. This is when my life really gets out of control, sometimes I think I should have left Tallahassee and went to school somewhere else, anywhere. The women and the money became my biggest problem because the more money I made the more women I had. I sold it all from weed to cocaine to crack. I was the biggest drug dealer around; name is all that people knew. The thing that I love the most is that no one knew it was me that was supplying all the drugs. Well me and Mike that is. Everything was going good and school seems like a breeze for some reason. Mike and mom are doing things that they always wanted to do. Mike was like a different man, a man that was so happy to do for his woman. It made me happy to see the two of them acting like teenage kids that found their first love. On their one year anniversary Mike bought a house out in Killearn Lakes. Mom was so happy that she could have pissed on herself but she didn’t. Brandy and I became very much in love and there was nothing that I would not do for her. I made sure that she went to school; yes I paid for her education and her housing. She was my girl and I felt that it was my duty to make sure that she has everything that she needed. After about a semester of college Brandy and I got our own place.

Sometime had passed and as always Mike and I are doing what we do, measure and bag up everything. I am still not touching anything. Out of nowhere he says he was only in this game so he could do some things for my mother. I’m like okay so what are you trying to say. So he goes on to say that he has enough money saved and has given my mother what she has always wanted. He goes on to say that the house is paid for and the shop is doing okay and without the drugs he can live a good life and relax, so he can walk away with no regrets. I give him this look like how in the hell is you going to walk away knowing that I am in this and loving it. So I asked, okay so where does that leave me? He tells me that it is over and this was our last run. I could not believe that, how could he do this. I asked him was there a way for me to keep making money without him. He told me the only way he will help me to stay in the game is if I could find me a runner who would do all the foot work and hands on everything. He still did not want me to put my hands on it. I knew there was no one that could be my runner but I was going to find me one but it was going to have to be someone that I could trust and someone Mike could trust as well. Nothing else was said after that. We just finished up and went on our way. About two weeks later I go over to the house and eat as always. Mother always cooked Sunday dinner and I have to go eat, if I didn’t it would just not be right.  Mike and I stayed cool we did not let the fact that he left me hanging stop the friendship that we had. Hell he was my dad, the only dad that I ever knew. Sundays was game day for Mike so he was in the den, I went the den where he was and watched the game with him. Brandy stayed in the kitchen with mom and they did there thing which was cool. Mike asked me what I was going to do because Brandy birthday was coming up and he knew I wanted to get her a car but without doing what we do it was going to be hard. I told him that I wanted to keep it going but I needed me a runner. He told me that as soon as I find one then things could and will be back on. I knew then I had to get on my grind and find someone and fast.

After about a week had went by I was on the set up on campus and what do I see, this guy making a deal right in front of me. All I could think about was the money that I was missing. So of course I step to him and offered him the chance to make so real money and not the small change that he was making now. The dude just looked at me and asked me what I was talking about and I just let him know that if he gets on my team he could make more money than he would know what to do with. He was hungry and jumped on it. The funny thing is I never realize that he was in one of my classes. Seem to be a smart dude, which made me think how could be so dumb when it came to making money. He comes back with okay I hear you, so how we going to make this money and we don’t know each other. Very good point I thought, so I told him my name was Domino and the he just looked at me like DOMINO really. So I said, yes Domino is there a problem. He said, no and told me his name, Ken. I shook my head and said, now from this day on you will be Smooth. Smooth I like that he says. I laugh and said I will call you tomorrow to let you know what the business is. I start to walk off and he yells you don’t have my number. I turn around and say, I will call you tomorrow like I said. By this time Brandy is walking up because we were to meet up so we could go out to eat. Brandy asks me who was I talking to and I told her some dude that was looking for a building. It was only a few days before Brandy’s birthday so I asked her what she wanted or want to do for her birthday. She was like just chill with me and maybe go out and party a little bit. As always I have something in mind for her and now that I have my runner I knew things was going to be good from now on. I called Mike and let him know that everything was all good and that I would be by later to go over the details of how things were going to go.

Mom was on her way out to the store and asked would I still be at the house when she come back, I told her yes because I knew it was going to take the whole time that she was at the store for me talk to Mike. Mike was in the den watching the game and drinking a beer. I knew it was going to be hard to talk to him doing this game, FSU vs. FLORIDA. The game he looks forward to watching every year, good thing it was half time. I go in the den and sit down and did not say anything for a minute and then I asked who was winning, he just looked at me with this look like don’t ask which lead me to believe that FLORIDA was winning. So what’s up he asked me. I said, nothing much just chilling. Mike looked at me and said don’t play what’s up or what’s wrong. He knew I could care less about that game. So I just came out with it, I want to make sure everything goes as it should so that I could insure that Brandy have a great birthday. I told him that the car for Brandy is ready and that I was planning on taking her on a trip to that weekend but I did not want to spend the money that I have until I know that everything is all good on this end. For about ten minutes Mike did not say a word just sip on his beer. Out of nowhere he said, go get me another beer out the fridge. I go and get the beer with no problem. So before I could repeat myself, Mike said “do you remember what I said about once you get in there is no turning back”, I said, yes I remember. Mike turned his chair around so he could look me in the face and said, you want to go to the next level and I really don’t want you to but I know that you will find another way to do it if this is something that you really want to do. I did not say anything just looked into Mike’s eyes and could see that he did not want to be the one to take me to that next level but he was right if he didn’t help me then I would do what I needed to do to get to the next level on my own. Mike leaned in and told me that he will hook me up with his people and I would have to take it from there but at any time that I wanted out to come to him first. I told him that I would but in my mind I knew that I would never want out. He also told me to set and goal on the amount of money that I wanted to make and once I make it to walk away from the game and never look back. I promised him that I would. Mike made one call and I was on my way. Mom walked in to let us know that she was back from the store and that dinner would be ready in a minute. Doing dinner mom told us about the job that she was offered at this big time law firm. I could see it on her face that this was something that she had be waiting on and was not going to let anything or anyone stop her from reaching her goals when it came to her career. My mom had worked hard at making sure she stays on track when it came to her career. I was so proud of her.

It was Brandy’s birthday and I had it all laid out for her. I told her to get dress and be ready to go in an hour. She asked what was going on but I did not say a word just told her I will be right back and to be ready when I get back. She was ready and asking a lot of questions about where we was going. I just smiled and said just sit back and relax and that I got this so don’t worry. I took her to the beach in Daytona; the house that I had rented was laid out. She was so shocked that I did this for her but that was not all. In the room there were roses all over the bed along with a box. She turned to me and said you did all this for me. I was yeah you my girl and it’s your birthday and I wanted this birthday to be the one you will remember forever. She open the box and it was a black evening dress, she turned to me and look but before she could say anything I said just get dress because we was going out. We went to a very nice restaurant and danced the night away. When we came back to the house I took her hand and pulled her close to me and kissed her so sweetly on the lips. Lead her to the bedroom and slowly undressed her while kissing her on her back. By the time her dress had dropped and hit the floor I had done picked her up from behind and laid back on the bed while she sat on my face. Yes to I love sticking my tongue inside her and tasting all her juices. Just the thought of sucking on those soft and sweet breasts that she have turns me on. Her nipples were hard and which just made them stand up so nicely. If there was not any other night I wanted that night to be the night that Brandy knew with no doubts that my heart belonged to her. The next morning we went shopping, I told her to get whatever she wanted and don’t worry how much it cost just if she see it and want it then get it. That night we stayed in and just lay around just the two of us. I wanted to spend the whole day with her and no one else. When we got back home there was a car in the drive way and she was looking at me like who is at our house. I’m looking lost like I have no idea who car this is. So when we got out the car I walked over to the car playing like I am checking it out but all a long I know who car it is. I look back at her and say the car door is open so she walks over and stands next to the car so I tell her to get in but she like no I don’t know who car this is and I want whoever it is to get it from in front of my door. So all I could say was so are you going to take me for a drive or what while handing her the keys. She looks and smiles and says you bought me a car too. I smiled and then she runs up to me and hugs and kisses me. All at once she stopped and said wait how is it that you can take me away for the weekend and on a shopping spree along with buy me a 1991 Lexus ls 400. I just told her to trust me and know that it is hers and paid for with her name on it. She gives me this look and says I don’t know what is going on but I know that something is not right. She takes that keys and her smile return and she takes me for the drive that I asked for.

As you can guess this is when my life changed in every way possible. I called Smooth to let him know I was back in town and that we needed to meet up. I still never touched anything but was always there when it was time to handle business and to make sure that things go as it should. I made Smooth my right hand man. Smooth, had a few workers on the team but no one really knew what the true business was. A lot of people thought that Smooth was the top dog but little did they knew it was me, a female. I was never seen by anyone, when it was time to let the team know how things was going to be Smooth meet with them but no one could join the team unless I approve. So we set up a way that I could see them without them seeing me. Smooth would let me know if there was someone that he thought would be a good worker and we would take a ride and that’s when he would point them out to me and I would give him the okay or not. Business was doing good and Smooth was able to buy him a house for him and his ole lady. I don’t really do clubs or parties but Smooth and I thought that it would be cool to hang out for a night just to relax a little and chill but keep a low profile at the same time. So that night we pulled up to the club “TOP FLIGHT” a twenty-five and up club so I felt what the hell. We go in and the first thing I want to do is find me a sit. Smooth goes to the bar and I am just checking out the scene. So when he gets back to the table he notices that I don’t have a drink. So he ask me if I was going to get a drink and I am like I yeah in a minute but Smooth wants me to drink with him and calls over the waitress. He tells the waitress my friend here needs a drink and she asked me what kind of drink I wanted. She had this slight smile on her face that caused me to pause for a second. So when I am came back from wherever I was for that moment, I said I told her rum and coke, when she walks off Smooth tells me to slow down before Brandy takes my head off. I’m like what are you talking about he tells me he saw the way me and the waitress was looking at each other. I laugh and am like whatever. The waitress brings me my drink so I say thank you and asked her what her name was, she tells me Tina so I tell her mine (Major).  She looks at Smooth and back at me and say what am I a major in which makes me smile and say in everything I do then I just nodded with a smile. She says okay then with a big smile and walks off, Smooth looked at me and says you like that don’t you. I’m like what are you talking about. So he like don’t act like that with me I can see and I saw how you looked at her and she know you was checking her out as well. I never said anything just went on with the night. I can and will say that night opened up some doors that could have stayed closed. I did get her number afterwards and we talked on the phone and spent some time together but there was no love just someone to play around with. Trust me when I say we played, love the way she would ride me and make me feel like a king/queen. She could really give some good head that would make a person want to leave home and fall in love but never would I leave Brandy for nothing or no one. After Tina there became more women that I would meet and fool around with but with them it was more of just fucking and using them to have an outlet when things got to stressful or I just needed a good fuck.

I was home and chilling thinking it would be a nice relaxing day at home when I get the phone called that changed me forever. So the phone rings and I answer like who is this, the voice on the other end says we have a problem, I’m like problem what kind of problem. The person on the other end says that the money was short and that we must meet and soon. I say okay just say when and I am there, they tells me that they will call me back with the details. So I called Smooth and told him to meet me at the safe house. I never had a problem with the money being short or anyone taking from me. So at this point I am heated and in need to get to the bottom of things and I know it is not going to be good. This means now I have to become someone that I never wanted to be. I get to the safe house before Smooth; at this point I am pissed and have no understanding of anything. I hear Smooth’s car pull up and before he could get into the house good I had done jacked him up on the door with my glock to his head before I knew it. I had my hands around his neck and looked into his eyes and asked him do I look like a joke or something. I went on to let him know that I do not play when it comes to my money and if he feels like he can play me then we can end this right now with no problem. He asked me what I was talking about and no I didn’t look like and joke to him. So I asked him why the money short and do I need to shorten his life to make up for the money that has been taken. He ask me to let him go so we could talk about whatever it is and so I did, I let him go but kept my gun in my hand. I tell him about the phone call that I had just got and that this is not a game but real life and that someone must answer to this problem that we have. He tells me that he did not take any money and that he does not know what happen. So I asked him who he gave orders to make the drop off. He gives me the name and so I asked him did he know where the young man was and he says yes. So off we go to find this young buck to get some answers. We ride up to one of the spots and for sure the young buck is there. Smooth call the young man over to the car and tells him to get in. We drive off and go to a nice little place we like to call debt paid. We all get out of the car and the young buck wants to know what’s going on and before Smooth could say anything I tell the young buck that I hate when people try to get over on me and that no one but no one takes from me. He tries to explain but it is no good, I just let him know that it is too late for all that and take out my out gun and I can see in his eyes that he was scared for his life and he should have been. I asked him why did he do it and he wants to give me some lame ass story but I was not hearing it and just put one in his head. Smooth did not say anything just looked at me and got back in the car. I told Smooth that he needs to make the drop from now on or the next time it will be him. Smooth just drove and did not say a word. We went back to the safe house and I let him know that he needs to put the word out that if anyone feels the need to take from me then he or she needs to think long and hard about it and that he (Smooth) needs to be up on his game and stop playing and get real about this money. Smooth let me know that it would not happen again and that he will enforce things a little harder and that he would put the word out. I told Smooth to insure that he does that and lets not have a next time. I left and was headed home when my phone rings again, it was the big boss and he wanted to meet in 30 minutes so I called Smooth to meet me there. When we get to the hotel where the meeting was I inform them that everything had been taking care of and that it will not happen again. The big boss was cool about it but not happy, it let me know that things was about to get more intents and that he wanted me to move a little more than I was use to because he wanted to lock the city down and take over. I was down with that because all that meant for me is more money. 

So yes it was the first time that I shot and killed someone and it seem to come so easy. I was a little out of it though but I felt that I needed to send a message to everyone else that I was not some push over and that Smooth needs to be up on his shit because this was real and not a game. On the ride home I was not myself so I stopped off at the bar to get me a drink. While in the bar I see this cute young thing smiling and looking so I offered her to join me for a drink. She comes over and we talk for a while I asked her what her name was and she told me Kim. There was no need for last names because it was not as if she was going to be someone that could take Brandy’s place, then we leave and go back to her place for more talking and a little more. It was just a fuck and a good one too.  After a few hours of me being at Kim’s I leave and head home. When I get home Brandy was so happy to see me just that she just started hugging and kissing me and was like she was worried about me because she seen on the news that someone had got shot but they did not say if it was a male or female and that she tried to call me but did not get know answer. I told her that I was okay and that she doesn’t’ need to worry because I am okay and that nothing is going to happen to me. Brandy didn’t know really what I did but she had some ideas that whatever it was it was not good. All she was that I get up early in the morning to go to work and sometimes leave out late night and whenever I get a call and we live a life that is above the money we make from the jobs we have. All she knew is that I was a manager for this company name “Just for You”. I would tell myself that I was going to sit down and tell her what it was that I was into but it was better that the less she knows the better. All I wanted was for her to go to school while working at the clinic and have the career that she wanted and to insure that she was happy then I was good. No one knew that I dropped out of school and was the top drug dealer in the streets. I just was not feeling school at this time in my life, always said that I would go back one day but that day was not this day. Later that night I get a call from Smooth saying that he needed to see me ASAP and so we meet and he tells me that we have a problem that someone hit one of our spots and that they sent a message that there was a new supplier in town and told the crew if they wanted to stay making money it would be in their best interest to link up with them or go get a nine to five because the street belong to King now. I waited a minute and told Smooth to get everyone together in an hour for a meeting. Smooth calls me and lets me know that everyone is in place and what I want him to tell them. I say nothing because I was on my way. Smooth asked me was I sure that I wanted to do that being that no one had never seem me and I should keep it that way. I felt it was time to show face and let it be known what the real deal it. So I get to the spot and everyone is looking like who is this chick but Smooth let it be known that I was the boss and that I was Major who is the boss of the operation. I let everyone know that I have heard of what went down and that we was going to send out own message to this King. I told everyone to keep their heat on them at all times and to not be afraid to use it. I also let them know that if anyone tries what young buck did with my money that they would end up just like him and I want think twice about it. I asked if anyone has a problem or feel that they want be able to handle what was about to go down then let me know now and there would be no hard feelings. We was going to let this King know that we are not afraid and that no one tells us to close shop and the streets belong to The Goon Squad and we are not going anywhere.

I knew there was going to be war on the streets and I was ready for it. No one knew my real name or anything about me. So I was not afraid of anything get traced back to me. As I thought it would be, war on the streets started and there was no stopping it. I would like to say for about a good two weeks there was either one of Kings or my spot that was being hit and just out of nowhere I get word that King wanted to meet with me. I talk to Smooth about it and he was not so happy about it but did say that something had to give because things have got out of hand and is making things hot on the block for the team when it came to the police. So I set up and spot for me and King to meet and try to come to some kind of agreement. We meet and King wanted to act like he was some kind of big shot but when he sees it was a female that was running things and not a dude, he really wanted to get lose and try to punk me but he just didn’t know who I was. I had to quickly let him know that I was not the one that he wanted to cross. King tried to play me like I was some kind of soft bitch or something so to let him know that I was not playing I put my gun to his head and told him that today we can end everything and that would be just fine with me. I have to say he had a true solider on his team and was not afraid of anything. His little solider pull out his 45 and was ready to take me out but Smooth had my back and let it be known that he did not want to do that. I step back and looked at this solider that I might have liked but being that he was on the other side I had to do what I needed to do. I laughed and said never pull a gun out unless you are going to do this….shot King right where he stood. Looked back at that little dude and told him that I like the fact that he is a go getter and is not afraid to go for his and that I could use him on my team. He looked at me like I was crazy and then said on your team. I said yes my team; I want you to become my driver and my eyes and ears on the street. He looked around at Smooth who was still standing there with his gun in hand and then back at me and said that King was not the only one that wants to take me out. I said I am sure but what it was going to be. He said that he needed some time to think about it and I told him know that there was no time but the time is now. He waited a minute or two and said that he will do it. So I let him know if he cross me or I think that he is even thinking about crossing me that I will kill him without a second thought. He understood and I sent him on his way. Smooth asked me was I sure that I wanted to do that, meaning allow him to become a GOON. I said yes because we need someone like him to make sure we stay up to date on what’s going on and he know for his self that I am not the one to fuck with. Smooth said that was his job but I had to let him know that it is but I needed him for something else that was much bigger and that he was not going to have time to run the spots and do the job I had for him. I let Smooth know that things was about to pick up and that I needed him with me at all times. He understood and was cool with it but I told him if he feel like little dude is not on point or on some other shit to deal with it. He shook his head and left.

One day I chose to go in early to spend some time with Brandy and just chill out for the night. We had not spent a lot of time together so I wanted to give her the attention that she needed. I guess it was around 6:30pm when I came home and told Brandy that it’s me and her tonight which made her smile. Brandy and I are watching a movie when out of nowhere my phone ring and the phone is on the other side of Brandy. Yes, you called it she picks up the phone to hand it to me while at the same time looking to see who is calling. I get the phone and see that it is Lisa, which is about to drive me crazy. I answer and am like what’s up, Chyna like oh you must be with your girl for you to answer the phone like that, so I go yes I am. She (Lisa) like so when you going to have time for me, I just tell her I will call you back on that tomorrow and hung the phone up and quickly put the phone on silent. Now by this time Brandy is on fire and is ready to dig into me. I look at her and say what’s wrong with you? She did not wasting anytime and say who is that? No one important is what comes out of my mouth. She looks at me and tells me that I better get my shit together before it is too late. So I asked her what she meant about that and why did I ask that. She told me that she knows all about my little friends on the side and the things that I am doing must come to an end or she will end it for me, meaning that she was going to leave me. All I could say was it is not what you think it’s not like that it was just someone that I have business with. She looks me in the eye and say don’t play with me I am not the one and walks off and goes in the room. I wait a minute or two before I go behind her. I walk in the room and she is on the bed crying, I knew at that moment that I needed to do something to get things back on track to how things use to be. All I could do is walk over to her and put my arms around her and say “you are the only one for me”. She was not trying to hear that and just push me off her and told me to leave her alone, all I could do was say that I am sorry and promised her that it is not what she was thinking when it really was. I did not know how or what I was going to do but I knew that I had to make things right but it was not going to be easy because Lisa was my down and dirty bitch. It really was not totally what Brandy thought it was and I was trying to handle it. I was just thankful it was not Tina that called the one that I started to have feelings for. This is not a good thing to for me to do.

See I know I had open doors that I should not have open but it was too late and the wrong person had walked right in that door and was turning my world upside down. I did not know how I was going to do it but I knew I had to make some changes. I tried to slow down and not deal with too many women but it was hard. There was Red, Slim and Baby Girl see I gave them nicknames because I did not want to forget and say the wrong name. I guess I remember their names Red: Lexus, Slim: Kim and Baby Girl: Nicole. Now all three was a handful and I cannot believe that I was able to deal with all three at the same time. I have to say that I was good and could have been better but there was Brandy the one that I never wanted to hurt. Anyway, Red was the one with the bad attitude always wanting me to buy her things and felt like she should be my number one lady, she did not understand that I had a woman and was not going to leave her for nothing. One thing about Red that I loved was her eyes, damn she had so beautiful eyes and not to talk about that as of hers. See Red was a dancer and when we fuck was like she dancing on me. As the old saying goes “you can’t turn a hoe into a house wife” and that is just what Red was a hoe. She is no one to take for real just a fuck and get some head from. She all about money and really have nothing to talk about but want she want and to hell with anyone else. Now Slim was cool and I had respect for her because she could see me and Brandy out and would act like she don’t know me but would give me a look to know that would let me know she see me but we cool. If I was not so in love with Brandy I think Slim/ Kim would have been my girl if Tina was not around. Slim was brown skin with a nice little shape and worked had her own car, house and money didn’t ask me for nothing but so time when I could. She had a kid that I fucked round and got close to, Raytwan which was only six. Smart little dude and everyone that knows me know that I always wanted a little boy. When it came to Baby Girl/ Nicole she was too needy and did not have a mind of her own, always wanted me to tell her what to do and I just could not get into that but the sex was good. I would go over to Baby Girl’s house when I just wanted to sleep and think about whatever is on my mind because I knew she would not ask any questions and would be happy to just have me there, even if it was just sex and we never talked about anything. Now Kim/Slim was someone that I could talk to about anything and she would just be there for me. I think that why she and Tina became two that got close to and I would do anything for them. Please don’t get me wrong Brandy and I would talk and she would listen but I never want to let Brandy in on some things because I felt the less she knew was better. I was starting to have feeling for Kim but she knew I had a girl and she was cool with it but I also knew she had feelings for me. I knew that I had to let them all go at some point but I just wanted it to be on my terms and not on some other shit. Just Kim and Tina was the two that was going to be the hardest to let go. Tina and I would just go for rides and get away from the city for a day. The things that I would do with Brandy I would do with Tina but Kim was like having a family and I liked that but they both knew that I had a girl at home and was not going to leave her but they still allowed themselves to have feelings for me knowing they may get hurt in the end.

I have not been over to mom’s in a while so I stop by just to make sure that her and Mike is doing okay. My mom was doing well at the law firm, she was happy with her job but Mike hated it because mom was coming home late and he had to cook his own food and he was not a good cook but like always he would try. So Brandy would cook and bring the food over so Mike would have a good meal. Mom was thankful for Brandy for cooking and making sure that Mike had a good meal. Brandy in a lot of way reminds me of my mother, just how caring and hardworking they both are. One thing for sure mom was just happy that I had someone like Brandy in my life but she did not know that I was about to lost the woman that I love over some bullshit. I would have to say that Brandy is the type of woman that you just don’t let go. So anyway, Mike tells me that his people called him and says that they like the work that I am doing and wants too up the states. I’m like up the states, how and what they want to do? I wanted to know what Mike thought about all this and he just tells me that he is not down with it but it was up to me but he will be there for me if I needed him. I just shake my head and say I will get at you later and walked out the door.

I called Smooth the next day so we could meet. I let him know what everything was in place and in the next few days we would have to take a trip but until then we could just chill and lay low until then. Smooth became someone that was down for anything which was good because so did I. We both really did not have any plans for the night so we jumped in the car and headed to ATL to do what we do best drink and play with the girls. Before we got on the road we had to make sure that everything was on the block was good and that our ladies at home was good and did not need anything. So we hit all the spots just to see what the word is on the street and to insure that everyone was on their job. Little dude turn out to be a good enforcer for us, no one got out of line. We may have had one or two to jump badly but they are no longer a problem, yes I had to send them to a better place. We at the waffle house so I order me something to eat and told Smooth he needs to order him something to eat. We sit there for a while and just talk about business and how things are going. He lets me know that we need some more workers but was not sure if he should hire some or not. I told him before he does to let me know so I can check them out. He said cool and we finished up and went on our way. So before we hit the road what do I do, I go over to Kim’s, before I could get in the house good, she at me. Wanting to know why I have not called or came by like I said I would.  I just looked at her and just shook my head and said slow down and don’t be questioning me. I think that only made her madder, she went off. It was cool because I just went there to get some money that I had over there and some good sexy to get on the road. When I say she is a freak, could not make it the bedroom before I was all in that pussy and feeling her up. When I stick my finger in her pussy I could feel her juices coming down like a domino effect. She would always cam hard when I would suck on her spur tongue and grab her ass and squeeze. Had to feel her body on me, grinding and sweating looking deep into her eyes and the she would call my name “MA...JOR…OOOOH…MA...JOR” yes I love that. She was not to happy that I had to leave but she knew I could not stay but that I would be back but before I walk out the door I  got me a beer out the fridge and waited for her to stop talking. Once she did I told her that we would spend some time together soon and that I promise. I gave her and kiss and told her I will see her later.  Before I could walk out the door she told me that she love me and to be sure to come back. I did not say it back but in some small way I did love her and that was not good being that I love Brandy and was not going to leave her. I winked and smile and walked out the door. In the car Smooth tells me that I need to slow down before what I don’t want to happen really do happen as far as all hell breaking lose and everything that I love get taken away from me. I knew he was talking about Brandy leaving me and there was nothing I could say because I knew he was right.

When we got to ATL Smooth ask me what club is we going to hit up first, I looked at him and smile and he knew where I wanted to go. Pin Ups is where we ended up at and had a lot of fun. I’m still not sure how that night ended but I do know that night started the beginning of my down fall. I only wish that I could go back to that night and change some things because it opened up a live nightmare in my life. Unclear of it all but I do know I woke up with Chyna the next morning. So yes that is how Chyna came into play and there were times that I wish I could through her back where ever she came from. All I know is that we partied hard and it was “whatever”. Smooth and I was so drunk that we both still not sure what or what did not happen. What I do know is that night I fucked up and allowed someone in my life that caused me to lose everything that had and love. Anyway the next night me and Smooth was looking for somewhere to hang out and we saw this club and seen a few little mamas that we wanted to check out and so we pulls in and gets out and goes in. Off top when I walk in the door I knew what the night was going to be like and I was ready for it. Another night of drinking and flirting with the ladies and spending money and night to remember is all I can say about that but once again before I could make it to my car Chyna walks up to me and I am like where you come from. There was something about her that was not right but I did not listen to my feeling. Anyway I take her back to the hotel room and it is on again not knowing at the time THE DOMINO AFFECT was about to happen. Sometimes one has to know when to go all in and when to just give a little. Being that I had been drinking and feeling some kind of way I put it down. I went from kissing her to sliding my tongue down her body, kissing on her breast just kissing her all over until I reached her spur tongue and sucking on that while sticking my finger inside her and feeling her insides went on to put my tongue in her pussy and allowing her to come in my mouth which I took that come and spread it all over her body with my tongue. I went as far as turning her over and kissed her from head to toe while stopping at her ass and just make love to it in a way that I would Brandy. Even though it was a good night it was a night that I really wish I could take back. So as far as I knew I just meet a chick that wanted to get down and I was not going to see her again. It’s time to get on the road and she like I can’t leave, I laugh and say nice knowing you and I am out. Smooth and I walk out the door and she runs out and says oh I will see you again Major. I turned around said yeah you just might and walks on out the hotel. Little did I know she was right on point. Doing the ride back home I kept thinking about what this chick said and how she said it. Smooth tells me not to put too much thought into it and that she was just another chick that had one too many drinks or something. I agree but still feel like something was not right and thought to myself that it was time for me to stop kicking it with all these chicks but I knew I was going to keep Kim and Tina around. Matter of fact I was going to stop by Tina’s when I

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A Child's Cry

Poem / Gay and Lesbian

I Promise You

Poem / Romance

Your Eyes To Me

Poem / Poetry

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