C&A- Cindy vs. Alex collge life

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thgis story is about two college student who like each other but too confidential to share

Submitted: November 08, 2018

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Submitted: November 08, 2018



She has the power to be what she want to be.  C & A- Cindy and Alex College life

The sixteen of December, Cindy celebrates her 18th birthday. She has been waiting for this day her whole life. As she sat down on her bed thinking of how her day will start and end with a blast her stepmom called her. She turn, swirl and twist. Today is the day that she do not want to be bothered especially when she will be seeing her boyfriend Joshua whom she have not seen in months. However, she walked bouncily downstairs with her hair ragged looking like a mop. The cool morning breeze swept inside the house, blowing her hair. She had a lot planned for the day as she wanted to look her best later at her party and in front of her spouse. Before reaching downstairs she stopped a while reflecting on her last birthday with her mother. Both women celebrate this special day together. Not realizing tears wiped her face as she threw herself on the steps weeping like a baby on this special day. Her stepmom heard the wept and journeyed to the staircase. She saw her beloved stepdaughter hollering without comfort. She knew exactly the reason for her tears so without talking she walked slowly to her and hugged her very tight.

Cindy wept,” it’s as if it happen yesterday…” (Sobbing) “Why did she has to go? Why God! Why?” she cried.

Tears drift from her stepmom Tiffany face. She hate seeing her baby this downcast. Few hours after been console she decided to cheer up and celebrate this day. Her aunt and uncles came over to help in preparation for the party. The enthusiasm of everyone sprinkled the room. Birthday was now thrilled. Cindy and her stepmom- Tiffany went to do shopping at the clothes store. Cindy best friend Davie came along.  The all had fun in doing their shopping together. Afterwards they went for coffee. Tiffany left both girls together and went home to help with the party settings.

“I can’t believe that my little Cindy is turning 18 today. Wow girl. A, so jelly.” Davie said smiling at her best friend. Her face was beautiful like the bright morning star. The smile on her face enhance her character and her cute personality.

Cindy looked at her and grinned. “But your 19 goodie. How comes your jelly of such a small age. Plus.” She laughed. “Am now big Cindy. Not little Cindy” she had a proud look on her face. Giving thanks of her age.

Such a pity her mother was not here to celebrate their birthday together. Denise had given birth to Cindy on her birthday. She passes away last year December the day after she give birth to Jordan; Cindy’s little brother, who now resides with his dad in New Jersey. Cindy have not gotten over that terrible incident and hated his stepdad for what he did. She blame him for her mother’s death. Stepfather would normally beat and ill-treated her mother. In addition, she was determine that one day she would get her revenge. She had never seen her little brother before and she did not wanted to see him as she heard stories that he resembles his dad. Nevertheless, she tried hard not to think about it because it always bring her down to depression and she did not want that as she did not want this to affect her performance in college. She wanted to remained as the A level student as she enjoys seeing her dad and stepmom happy and proud of her.

The two girls then left that café shop and went home. The party should begin at eight pm. Minutes after 7, her friends, family and college mates began to gather. Everyone look so splendid in his or her outfit. Cindy invite almost half the school population. She wanted a brand party and excited one. One that her colleagues will remember.


Allison and Alex joined Cindy as she walked in the schoolyard. Alex liked Cindy a lot but was nervous of telling her how he really feels confidential. As a substitute, he got into a relationship with Allison just to cover his emotional state for her but this only brings him nearer and nearer to her. Nevertheless as both pair amalgamated her, Allison said in woe, “I can’t believe that Joshua did not show up at the party Cindy. You must be so disappointed.” Her eyes looked consoled and melancholy but Cindy didn’t feel shocked by her sorrow.

She simply beamed at her friend, “its ok am over it now. He did not come but the party was great, I really enjoy myself. Thanks for showing up. Really means a lot to me.”

Allison put her hands around her and said, “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

There were quiet for some time as they sauntered. Allison began telling Cindy about her weekend experience with her brother. She was really enthuse and good-humored. They went under the big apple tree in the school ground and sat down.

“So Alex,” Cindy questioned, “how comes you never attend my party? I was eyeing out for you but unfortunately you did not show up.”

 Her eyes were as cheerful, bright, and optimistic as the sun in addition to as Alex observed at her, he could see deeply in her soul. This girl was so assertive, good-looking, charming and adorable. Alex could not communicate. Her beauties and exquisiteness took away his communication. She was splendor and was like paradise, not to mentioned, he had never been to the Garden of Eden but she resembles the beauties and appeal of Eden. He smirked to cover up his passion but then he began to shake. He trembled so badly that Allison had to gaze.

“What’s wrong with you Alex? She questioned, “Are you okay?”

Alex glare at Cindy and Allison then got up. He was so embarrassed that he could not stay there.

As he walked away. Cindy turned to Allison and asked, “What’s up with him? Did I say something wrong? Maybe he was insulted for what I said.”

She signed sadly. Allison could not stand seeing Cindy this depressed so she said in humor, “it’s nothing to worry about. You did not say anything bad. Maybe Alex is going through some phases he can’t answer you.”

“but did you see the way he looked at me” Cindy said,” he smiled glamorously then he burst into the shivering business. Something must be going on with him or (she stop to think)…. I offended him.”

Cindy felt remorseful. She got up, “I better be heading off to class now. When you see him please apologize on my behalf or if I see him I will do sincerely apologize. I should have never said that to him.”

“Nothing is wrong with what you said Cindy.” Allison console her, “Alex was just been a jerk and I will surely have him up for that.” Her eyes were red as fire.

“No don’t do that. He will come around.” Cindy say grabbing her bags and books and heading off “see you around Allison.”


After third period, Cindy met into Davie. She was surprise to see her because she was not supposed to be in school today. She raced to hug her, “Girl what the hell you doing here. I thought you were on suspension?”

Davie smirked “yes I was but girl... You know my routine already”

Cindy stared deeply at her, “oh no! Don’t tell me you bang the principal…Again!”

Davie laughed, “Daaah. A girl has to do what a girl do best. That is the only way to come back to school and have it not on my file and, how I could never miss MR. Siblings P.E class… Heel No!”

Cindy stared at her naughty best friend. Cindy love her because she was up fronted, frank, honest and maybe naughty. She appreciate been around her as she was very intellectual and A student. The reason for her detention was that she was engage in a fight with the popularities of the school- The A Squad. Davie did not back down from no one and she do not give a frig. She was brilliant yes but very bad. They began chattering as they walked down the aisle.

Cindy said,” its full time now you stop assaulting the principal. It is not right and am not fond you doing it. I do not like it. You are my best friend, I do not feel comfortable with my bestie doing things like that, and I know you are more intelligent than that. You did something bad so you got week suspension you should never slept with him to come back to school because everyone will be pondering…”

“Shut up Cindy!” Davie said in anger as she butted in before she finished speaking, “as if you are perfect. I did this to get back into school and if you do not want to be my friend because of how I am then fine! I like been me. You knew what happen, it wasn’t my fault.”

“Am not saying I don’t want to be your friend and I know it’s not your fault but Davie I love you and I want the best for you”

“If you love me and want the best for me then be happy am back in school and stop been a pissed-off jerk. I know it was wrong but I had to do it to get back here. I promise I will not do it again but am not going to be miss perfect like you thou. A girl got to have fun sometimes.”

“Okay, if you say so” Cindy said. They were quiet for some time. They went into the cafeteria. Alex was there. He was the captain of the football team so he remained enclosed with his troop. As Cindy looked at him, she began to lust and to see, how adorable and good-looking he really was in his football gears. He was so muscular, well developed, seductive, handsome and breath- taking. No wonder Allison was all over him. His smile was erotic, sensual, and sexy. His red lips moved in a slow gesture as he chuckled. His hair was wavy and sweet and his face looking like a bottle of sweetheart. He was really a prince charming. He looked stunning.

Davie noticed how Cindy was admiring Alex and shook her, “hello, Girl. You lost, why you staring at Alex like that. Mind Allison catch you.”

Cindy walked to table four and sat down after collecting her lunch. Davie continued the convo, “So tell me why you were staring at the people’s property like that. Aren’t you afraid of getting your ass whopped?”

Cindy rolled her eyes, “Am so not into Alex. Just that I feel guilty.” She explained to Davie what happened.

Davie hissed her teeth, “Cho… Is that why you feel guilty. (She hissed her teeth once more), don’t you see Alex is an asshole. He do not have much sense so ignore his idiotic behavior. All he has use for is football”

Cindy felt bad about what Davie said, “he is a good player and is an A student as well so he is intelligent enough. In addition, I do not know why he walked away this morning but I will definitely find out. He looks so good-looking in his uniform though.” Cindy was daydreaming on Alex. Huh.

“Don’t tell me that my girlfriend Cindy is day-dreaming on Allison Alex.” Davie tease. “Girl wake up!” she push Cindy twice. “Let him stay don’t go apologize for been right. Let him come to you. Learn this ‘don’t go after any guys let them come after you.’ After all you got the good up good up!”

Cindy burst into Laughed. She giggled so heavily that even her eyes drained water. Davie was really something else. Nothing beats a comedian. Cindy placed her hands around her best friend. She hugged her so tight that she could hardly breathe.

She forced to talked “heee-hhh. Minnnd yoooouuu Ki-I-I-I-l-l-l meeeee. T-o-o-oooo tiiiiiiggghhht.”

After she let go both girls start laughing. The students stare at them even Alex, all wondering what is so funny.


In college, they board. Cindy and Davie shared the same room. ROOM #7. Davie stopped at cheerleading practice so Cindy went up to do her studies as she had Historical test the other day. As she was reading and analyising her phone rung. It was Joshua. She was so tempted to answer it but she waited a while to see if he would call back. Of course he did. Something moved inside Cindy as she answered the phone. She felt as if something unscrupulous was going to happen. She could hear her heart hammering in her chest as she answered,


“Hello. Cindy,” Joshua said, “how are you?”

“Am fine, thanks for asking” Cindy managed to say trying to clear the terror from her voice. “How are you?

“Not bad, same old, same old… How was the party?”

“It was fine, even though you did not show up”

“Yeah I know. Am sorry. I was so busy I could not make it. But I will definitely make up for it”

“When will that be Joshua? I have not seen you in 5 months. How do you expect me to be in a relationship and I cannot see my partner nor hearing from him often. You call me when you feel like, you do not reply to my messages or calls, you do not like my photos on Facebook nor Instagram but you are online every day and like others. This is not working out.”

“What you saying? You’re breaking up with me,” Joshua said

“If that’s how it sound to you then so be it. This is getting to me. I missed you a lot but you don’t even seems to miss me”

“Am busy I am tired of telling you. What do you want me to do, stop what am doing to miss you too”

“Excuse me! Of course. What sense been in a relationship if you can’t find time for your partner. Neither 2 minutes? Fuck you Joshua. It’s over!

“You can’t do this to me,” Joshua said.

“Ok watch me” Allison responded as she hung up her phone and put it on flight mode.


Tears wiped her face as she laid down. She love and miss Joshua a lot but she could not help it. She took her phone off flight mode and same time a message came in from Joshua “I got transfer to your college so I hope you don’t want me back when I came there. NOTED”

This message wiped her face as she rethink her decision. After Davie came in, she distribute the message to her. Davie support her decision and comfort her best friend.

Two week later, Joshua reach as a foreign exchange student. He was really charming and handsome. Girls started stalking him and pushing up on him. Cindy kept her boundaries and pretend she did not know him. Everyone was excited about the new foreign exchange student. Joshua got so boast, hype and proud. The first day he created a name for his crew. J-Squad. He was brilliant but acted just like Davie. Alex and Cindy still did not exchange words.

Everything went smoothly until one day he and the girls from A-Squad approached Cindy. “Hey Cindy” Joshua smiled

Cindy was tempted to say why the f you calling to me. You have been here for weeks now and never talked to me so why now, but instead she said, “hi Joshua” silently.

“This is my girlfriend, Pretty.”

Cindy thought, why the fuck is he introducing me to his girlfriend as if I give a damn.” Nice meeting you” Cindy said.

Pretty stared at me,” baby how did you know this psychopath?”

Cindy laughed as she stand up “what did you say?”

Joshua butted in, “umm. Not here girls and she was one of my friend.”

“You have all rights to say one of because am no longer your friend”

Cindy rushed off and met into Alex. Her face was red as pepper.

Alex was standing at his locker when Cindy rushed into him.

“Hey” he said, “watch out” as his books fell on the ground.

Cindy stopped “sorry” she said as he helped him put them together. “Am so sorry”

“It’s ok,” Alex said as they stood up. He saw the sadness in her eyes “why do you look so down?”

“Nothing” Cindy lied,” am not down am ok”

“You are so not ok Cindy, What’s wrong,”

Cindy could not help but tell him what happen. Alex hugged her. She felt so warm and loved. Alex felt good hugging her. Both thought that each other body was soft and tender. Alex never wanted to let go but he had to.

He said, “Don’t let Joshua get to you, you are a very good looking and attractive young lady. And even if you are a psychopath you are a great, intelligent and beautiful psychopath.”

“Wow you really believe that. Thanks” Cindy said feeling like 10$. “That’s the nicest thing anyone have ever said to me”

Alex chuckled. He really is interested in Cindy. “Am going to practice now, so I will see you later”

“Okay” Cindy said smiling.

As Alex walked off, he jump up. He was so happy. He finally talked to Cindy without been nervous. “I guess she will have to be down at all times for me to comfort her. Guess that is the only way I can communicate freely with her. SHE IS SO AMAZING!”

His friend Richard joined him, “talking to yourself Alex…. Wow what a bright smile dude. Ahhh you just mash a meat huh?”

“No dwog,” he laughed, “I spoke to the girl of my dreams and my soul rejoicing man!”

Laughing “huh Allison like really dude. You speak to her every day unless it not… oh dwog. You didn’t”

“Oh yesses I did. She is amazing men.”

“You have got yourself a side chick dude.” Licking fists.

It was a Friday so Cindy was going home to her dad and mom. Davie did not attend school as she went on a school trip. Anyway, Cindy’s dad- Jaughni came to pick her up. Cindy was so happy to see her dad. She hug and kisses him excitedly.

“So how was school kiddo?” Her dad asked

“Kiddo dad! Like really. You are still calling me that. Am 18 dad not 8,” Cindy replied, “don’t call me that odious name”

“You use to like it,” he responded, “I guess my baby girl has finally and really grow up.”

“Yes dad. So do not call me kiddo. In addition, school was okay. Got couple of examinations over the few days but I do not get the results back yet. Anyway how’s Tiff. She okay?”

“Hm um she is fine a bit fussy as we have a new baby on the way.”

Excited “like really dad, you aren’t kidding… you mean I will finally get a little brother or sister, you’re kidding”

“Unfortunately no am not kidding. She is pregnant. So we will soon welcome the newest member of the family”

“Oh god! Am so excited, I cannot wait. Oh what fun little peanut and I will have”

“Peanut?’ dad asked.

“Yes” Cindy respond happily,” I will call my lil sister or brother peanut. What’s wrong it?”

“Nothing just amaze at the name already. It’s worse than kiddo.”

“Oh c’mon dad. It is ok. A perfect name for a healthy bouncy baby. Anyway let’s go see tiff am longing to see and hug her.”


When they arrive home, Tiffany was in the kitchen making dinner. She was just as excited and cheery to see Cindy. Both women sat down and began chattering mostly about the new baby. Soon after that, Cindy left for a stroll. She had overlooked her home and neighborhood so much that she forget that night-time was near. When she return home she showered and went to sleep as she was exhausted. She began dreaming about Alex. Her dream was so much of a reality that she got up calling Alex’s name.

She went on Facebook to see what was up-to-the-minute. As she login from her PC she saw a memo from Alex. As she was about to response, but in her notification she notice that Joshua had tagged her in his photos. Been inquisitive she open his log and saw that she as acknowledged in pictures of Joshua and Pretty. She was knocked for six. It hurt Cindy so much that she shut her laptop very hard.

She muttered, “Ugh. This pervert is getting to me now. We’ve be dating for so long now and he never puts me up nor anything and he just met this BITCH and she up like 24/7s. This asshole even tags me. What a pervert he is. And why did I even try to be intrusive in his dirty deeds. He is nothing but a jerk.” To her step mom the other day.

Tiffany while scrambling the eggs said to her, “Don’t mind him sweetheart, you are a stunning and intelligent young lady. Don’t let this Joshua guy get to you.”

“I won’t allow that but… (She jeered her teeth), let’s forget it” Cindy said. “So what’s the plan for today?”

“Well, I don’t know about you but am going to the grocery store, then straight bed.”

“Awe boy! I forgot you need plenty of rest for that lil baby so you won’t be up and down all day.” She respond, “Well guess I will just go link Davie and Jasmine today. They always have plan on Saturday.”

“Yea you can do that. Just be careful”



 Alex got up and looked at his watch. “Oh Shit” he said as he jumped off the bed and race downstairs. He was supposed to make his little twin sisters’ breakfast but he overslept.

As he reach the bottom, Alexia met him, “oh you just getting up, lazy Alex and mom told you from; last night that you were supposed to make us breakfast. I bet you were talking to those hoes at school,”

“Shut up and get outta my face” Alex said, “you chat too much, what are you a lobber mouth?”

Alexia face got screwed. She dare not to argue with her big brother as he would hit her and plus mom would whip her real hard. They were twelve year olds (12) just started at his school September but they were at elementary and he was at the college. Same place but different buildings. Anyway, Alex went into the kitchen and made macaroni and cheese. He looked around and didn’t see Alexus.

“But wait, Alexia! Alexia!” he called. “Where the hell is Alexus?”

Alexia was quiet as a quail as Alex rolled his voice like thunder, “miss am speaking to you. Where is Alexus?”

“She went to the pastry shop and she haven’t return since”

Same as she said that Alexus came barging inside. “Am so hungry bro? What’s for breakfast? Please don’t tell me its cheese again!”

Alex looked at her sister from head to toe, “where you coming from?” he asked.

Alexus gazed at her sister then Alex. She stammered, “I was at… I waaa…sss.”

Alex moved closer. She bellow quickly, “I left to purchase cake but it isn’t ready”

“Where did you get money from and who gave you permission to go out?”

Alexus sat down, “You were asleep and I was starving so I did not bother to wake you and it’s my saving.”

Alex did not worry to nuisance say anything. He just distribute their breakfast and went to immerse. He precious his sisters but they were pain in the ass. His best friend Richard and Bullocks came to see him. Alexia and Alexus got dress since they were going for a drive with Alex.  While on their way Bullocks said. “Boy oh boy Alex. You babysitting today dog.”

Alexus overheard him and turn, “look here Bull or whatever your name be, we are big girls, Alex aint sitting us. And plus, he is my big bro so I don’t consider as babysitting.”

“Okay Alexus,” Alex said, “Bullocks do. Please don’t start her up, she is second me”

Bullocks giggled, “Ahh shah. Full of attitude so. You and your aggressive sisters going to drive planet earth crazy.”

Richard laughed “LOL yes except for one girl he won’t drive crazy. Such a pity he can’t drive Cindy Crazy.”

Alexus and Alexia put their earphones in their ears just to avoid their convo. Alex hollered, “I memo her last night but no reply, Still you done know I love her so I won’t drive her nuts.”

“I know that Dude.” Bullocks understood, “She is a cool girl, very sexy and a hot chick. So you don’t like Allison?”

Alex shook his head despite the fact that driving around the corner, “Allison is too girlish… you zemi. She just too. I don’t know. Upfronted. Cindy is my type just calm, beautiful and agreeable. She can reason with and outgoing. Such a pity I get goose bumps when am around her.”

“That’s love dude, that’s affection,” Richard said, “right now me want a new girlfriend. This one hole a get slack and am having the feeling she still banging the gardener (the two guys busted unto profound amusement) cause yow dog every time me go there am about to sink. Am like WHAT THE FUCK GOING ON IN HERE!!!”

Alex dying with laughter “dwog a you too small. Lol”

Bullocks Said, “Yea dog. You want variety out.”

Richard laughed, “No shah. She feel different man. It’s not comfy again.” Richard sounded confident and precise. He wasn’t smiling.

Few minutes later, they reach the plaza. They were going bowling since the day was dead and tedious and look 2 catty bb.


Cindy joined with Davie and Jasmine who were in their latest hot, cutting edge, ripstop red blouse and their summer style yellow shorts. Looking gorgeous with their white Champion brand shoes. Both girls looks comfy and comfortable. Hair was well skillfully comb in pony tail and makeup complete by the one and only AKAYA. They looked really bashfully and pleasurable. Cindy was just in her ripped pink jeans and a white utter back blouse and her pink and white ALLSTARS. Her hair was plait in two and her makeup wasn’t done. Both girls stared at her.

Davie said in amusement, “Geez Cindy where you think us going that you came dress like a church mouse.”

“What’s wrong with my outfit,” Cindy replied looking at herself through the mirror, “you never tell me to dress up nor where we were going?”

“Goodie we never have to tell you that. You know once we 3 are going out its nothing normal so I thought you knew” Jasmine says. She was Davie big sister.

“Well I never know” she explained, “where are we going?” she then asked.

“The one and only Shoot all BOWLING PLAZA” Davie smirked. “The best and most famous plaza round town. Everyone is crazy about it.”

“WOW!” Cindy said surprise, “that place if off the hook girls, it’s very expensive, but this is great. Why you girls never tell me before so I could dress up. Hot guys always hung out there you know.”

“Oh come on Cindy.” Davie muttered, “We have to tell you everything”

“Well she is here and she come like this so let’s be on our way.”

“With me dress like this?” Cindy asked

“You dress like that. No one told you to. Your fault that not ours.” Jasmine laughed. “If you don’t want to come like that then strip naked and come. Am sure you will look more pleasurable and those hot guys there will definitely notice you!”

Davie busted into laughing along with Jasmine. Cindy got into the car and they were on their way.

Davie began talking about her boyfriend. “Cindy can you believe that the little ass almost got me impregnated.”

“Look here missy,” Jasmine said to both of us, “don’t let no guy get you girls pregnant, protect yourselves… when Davie tell me last night Cindy I was out to fuck him up but because it never happen I leave it. Make them pay to enter your heaven and make them gloves up before entering so they don’t leave any trail or marks, worst no foot prints.”

“But him bright and out of order.” Cindy exclaimed, “Why on earth would Nathaniel want to get you pregnant at such a young age? What did you do and say girl?”

Davie faked a smile, “well I told him no and my reaction was detrimental of course.”

We soon reach the PLAZA. Cindy glimpsed Alex’s red car in the parking Lot.

“Isn’t that Alex’s car Davie? She asked looking surprise.

“Yea the license plate is right KJO9”

Jasmine turned to her, “like seriously sis, you study the guy plate number!”

“like yeahhh, duh!” she replied in an antagonistic tone, “he took me home one evening from cheerleading practice so I had to know it suppose he had kidnapped me or anything.”

Cindy rolled her eyes, “why would Alex want to kidnap you Davie?”

“Why wouldn’t he want to kidnap me Cindy? Am I not worthy of been abducted?”

“Actually you are the best candidate to be snatched… but that’s not the point here.” Cindy said, “what is he doing here is my concern.”

“Get a grip of yourself girl. If he is here or not it’s none of your bees wax. We are here to enjoy ourselves not to be intrusive. And it’s neither of us concern whether he is here or not!”

Jasmine looked sternly at her discourteous sister, “D so why are you behaving like that- arrogance up, body language up and your vocals say where you put me… look here this is not the time and place for you girls childish fighting so you two both get a firm grip of yourselves,” she said earnestly.

They got out of the car and walked towards the plaza. They were quiet for a good while until Jasmine met into his ex.

“Hello dear.” The young man said, “Surprise to see me here”

“No, not at all” Jasmine laughed, “anywhere the garbage is am expecting to see a country rat.”

Cindy and Davie glared at Jasmine. Wow she was more than ill-bred. Both girls stare at each other; then listen keenly for her ex’s reply.

He cackled, “Welcome aboard to my great mansion town mouse. What a fine good looking hoe mouse doing at a dungeon like this. Am not expecting to see such find precious quantity in my quality… you come to lookout me give my awards to the best bowler or you came to be the best bowler.”

“Oh please. Here to watch this lunatic, I would rather take rope and hung myself cause I would be irrational to waste my valuable time surveillance a fuck dog doing an honor. Which idiot could ever appoint you to do such thing?”

“Excuse me” he said furiously. “That idiot you talking about is my father and this is his plaza. So watch your light tongue Ms.”

“Okay well. I won’t waste my time to watch a senseless brat like you do scrupulousness and since you are here I won’t even stay here. I don’t mix and meddle with dogs. And I care zero… queens don’t play with trash we burn them. So take you and your moldy breath smelling like shit, out of my face before I faded away…..--- come on girls, let’s get the hell out of this dungeon, this dragon is nothing but an asshole and a pervert. No use dragon, can’t even fuck!”


Wow. Cindy and Davie went. All surprise. They stood looking at Jasmine. The guy walked away cross and furious. He didn’t even to bother answer Jasmine. Jasmine fold her arms and stood looking screwing her face. Cindy and Davie crawled over to her

“Sis,” Davie said, “what was that all about? Why did you have to behave like that and he approach you so nice and decently.”

“Davie, it’s best if you talk to me when am sober or keep you fucking mouth shut. Am upset and angry at this moment so if you not ready then you and Cindy go and enjoy yourself and don’t let me lost it.”

“okay.” She answered, “We will go and enjoy… c’mon Cindy”

They walked off leaving her.

“Wow,” Cindy said, “it’s the first am seeing and hearing Jas like that. Guess he really did something atrocious to her.”

“Yea.” Davie said, “We shouldn’t have left her as she is a crazy ass like myself but I know her well and its best to go to her when she is sober, anyway let’s go entertain ourselves, we do not belong in their fight. Pass lovers they be so they have to sort out their differences together,”

“No true” Cindy agreed while walking into the bowling hall.

They paid their entry fee and went to sign up. They got row 5 with two other girls. The series of bowling begun. It was row 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 against each other. Any row once would get award, also the best bowler and who had the most points.

Team 1 went first. Each player had 10 chances to play so they all take turns to bowl. As it came to Cindy turn, hit score 9/10 balls to the floor. “HURRAY!!!!” Davie screamed “GO CINDY!”

She felt good and proud of herself as the next team step forward. There she saw Alex, Richard and Bullocks. She nod Davie, “look see I was right. Alex is here”

“Oh wow and so is Bullocks, Come on lets go greet them.”

“But we are playing and it’s soon our turn”

“Geez lighten up girl. Five more teams to go before us, so come on”

Davie dragged Cindy to Alex position, “hi Alex!” Davie shout as the music was boisterous, “and Richey, Bullocks... HOWDIDO!”

“Hey!’ Alex replied astonished, “how are you girls doing? What bring you by this plaza?”

“So can’t we come here or it is only for hot chicks” Davie said with attitude.

Alex giggled, “No not that; wasn’t expecting you”

Richard looked at Cindy, “the one and only Cinderella. Quiet mouse huh”

“Am not quiet” Cindy retorted, “just have my eyes on the bowling game. I so do not want to miss this round, Alex, Bullocks. Sup”

“Am here” Bullocks said entertained. “You okay”

“Yea am fine”

“looking lovely Cindy” Alex said raising his eyebrows.” I like the pants. And you too Davie. You girls are so damn hot!”

“I wouldn’t call this hot” Cindy said laughing, “I never dress, I never know I was coming this way so I did not do my hair, makeup, clothes nothing, so if you call this hot then what would you call me when I’m dress”

“Lol. Guess he would say you’re HAAATTT” Richard laughed. “They must be scotch bonnet pepper nothing no hot so. Lol would love to taste you to see how hot you really are especially Davie-beauty beyond limits.” Davie pushed him and laughed feeling prodigious.

Alex smiled, “well you really looking nice to me and Davie also. So would love to see you when you are dress as you say.”

She chuckled, “lol. One day you will lol”

“She want show up those lovely features.” Richard joked

Davie and Cindy looked at each other then chuckled. “So you guys not playing” Davie asked.

‘Naah...” Bullocks answered. “We do not like bowling. Just came to look 2 hot chicks”

“Speak for yourself dude!” Alex said, “I came to relax not looking anyone,”

Same time Alex sisters came. They told the girls goodbye and walked away with Alexia and Alexus.



To be continued

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