Wondering Is Key

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Ever wondered what wondering really does to your mind? Read my first-hand experience with the Wondrous World of Wondering...

Submitted: January 25, 2013

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Submitted: January 25, 2013



As I sit here under the pink netted canopy that I have hung over my bed, I wonder. I wonder why the sky is blue. Why unicorns don't exist. Why polar bears are going extinct. I wonder why I wonder...

Wow...That's wierd. Wondering about wondering.....That's definitely a first. I think to myself.

Wondering is a powerful thing I realize. It's a great learning tool, too. I think about some key times I spent wondering, and how they affect my life now. I used to wonder about horses... OH! I loved horses...I still do, just not at such an extreme level. In the early days, I probably spent up to 99.99% of my life thinking about horses. Either I was scheming a master plan to create enough money to buy a horse, or I was off in La-La-Land. I'm sure we're all pretty familiar with La-La-Land, with it's meadows of soft grass, the rainbows in the sky, and of course, the most important aspect of La-La-Land is that anthing is possible. 

I spent my time in those luscious green meadows of soft grass. I rode on a gorgeous light grey mare, dappled with white dots. Her long, thick, black hair always seemed one with the wind. I called her Beaut. I always wondered why she couldn't be real. I spent hours at a time, trying to understand why dreams didn't always come true. Lucky for me, wondering payed off and along with it came an important life lesson. One of my elementary school teachers asked my class to write down how our dreams will come true. When  it was my turn, I went straight  up to the front of the room and said, " I will have to work hard to acheive my goals in life, because dreams don't come cheap." To my teacher I must have been some sort of literature protegy. She was so astonished that later that year I was recommended for advanced placement in Language Arts. Too bad I don't wonder as often anymore, I might still baffle my teachers today.

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