A short life

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A short tale of life in confinement.

Submitted: July 22, 2013

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Submitted: July 22, 2013



I am here. Still here. Who knows how long I have been here. Days? Weeks? No longer I am sure, but the time has escaped me. I counted the days well to begin with. I heard whispers from the other prisons. My family. “Morning again....it approaches”.  They no longer speak or I can no longer hear. Thousands of my kin are with me still but our numbers have depleted since we were dropped into this strange dark cell. We are so crowded that we tumble on top of each other with every movement and yet to leave this cell no longer gives us hope but fear.


I was thrust into existence by heat. Before that I remember nothing but strange sensations of swirling and separation. My kind travelled together on moving platforms while deformed and weaker members of our kin where removed. Some of us where separated and thrown together with other races. Some were altered beyond recognition. Those of us that were left were placed into this dark confined place.

Every member of our kin who have been removed has not returned.


When it first began, when the cell was opened for the first time after our confinement, we saw blinding light. The cell moved and some of our kind where thrown out. Then the doors closed again. It was almost 24 hours before the door reopened. Another 24 hours passed and the cell was filled with light. Again, the whole world shook and more of our kind where thrust from our prison. I waited. I thought it may be another 24 hours before our captors moved us but we did not have long to wait. Barley 30 minutes passed when light filled our darkness again.  


And so this is how it has been for who knows how long. There is less than half our number left and I know my time is coming. What shall happen to me? Where shall I go from here? What fate awaits me beyond these walls?

Ah, do I hear our captures approach? I do... . The room has started to shake again. The world is moving. I can feel the prison tipping. My kin are being thrown towards the doors and this time, this time I am among the group to leave. We are falling toward a blue room. Most of my kind is ahead of me. I land near the top of the group. I can see the one who freed us from the dark. Huge, bleary eyed monstor. They hold a metal instrument full of white rocks smaller than me. They have tipped them on to us. Most of my kin have been hit. They pick up a container and tip it towards us. Cold white liquid covers us. More of my kind has been drowned. What next, what horror will befall me?


The creature has grasped the silver instrument but this time it is empty. It is aiming is right at us. It digs into my kin and lifts us up. I am on the platform. Slowly it is bring us closer to it. I can feel heat coming from its mouth. No, it can’t be. Not this. We are to be eaten. The creature has us now trapped in its mouth, its teeth thrashing up and down, its tongue moving us round, tasting us, gorging on us. I can hear my kind meeting their end and I know, it’s my turn next. Crushing, mashing sounds as my lower half is devoured by the monster and with one final crunch I am gone. Swallowed.

In my dying moments I pray that the rest of my kin trapped in the prison do not meet the same fate and if they do I pray that the end is swift. I hope that one survives. It takes but one to escape, one member of our race to tell the story of our fate, of our existence. One to bear witness to the lives of us, The Kellogg’s Cornflakes. 

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