Dead Money, Red Assassin

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A School Project.

Submitted: October 20, 2011

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Submitted: October 20, 2011



Narrator :The man your about to meet is an assassin his name is Red. And your about to join him on his job, HIS FINAL JOB.

Red: Okay boss, the money better be as expected.

Mafia Boss: Okay Red. Good Luck, the 50 000 is all ready. I hope I can trust you for this.

Red: of course boss, goodbye.

The scene fades away.

Narrator: Red waits on top of the Caffarelli Mafia building, for the mob boss, Giarre Caffarelli to exit the balcony door. Red screws on the silencer on to his gun then hears the door open.

Red: Both thorn and thistle it should bring forth for us. For out of the ground we were taken for the dust we are and to the dust we shall return. Goodbye Mr Cafferelli.

Gunshots then the sound of bodies hitting the floor.

Red: Rest In Pieces.

Narrator: Red attaches a cable to the side of the balcony and without hesitation he jumps.

Hours later Red joins up with the Mafia Boss who had worked for, for so long and trusted.

Mafia Boss: here is the money Red, and I hope you enjoy whatever you buy.

Red: thank you sir, I hope the money is enough for whatever I want to buy.

Narrator: The Mafia Boss hands the briefcase to Red; he opens the briefcase, only to see a piece of paper which said, I Am Very Sorry Red. Red then looks above only to see a hail of machine gun bullets flying towards him, Red was dead.

Scene The Graveyard

Narrator: months had past since the death of Red, but they say a soul with unfinished buisness, is a soul that cannot rest; the ground infront of Red's grave crumble as Red's corpse emerges from the soil.

Zombie Red: time for payback.

Scene Manor Party

Mafia Boss (on microphone): I would like to thank all my guests for coming to the party tonight. My 50th birthday is something that no one should miss, I hope you all enjoy the free champagne.

Loud Knocks are heard coming from the main door, so loud that the music stops.

Narrator: One of the butlers goes to the door to let whoever is there in. Within seconds of opening the door, the butler falls to the ground with a bullet throught his head; Red's corpse enters the building, wearing his bloodstained suit, and a balaclava to cover his horrific face.

Zombie Red: WHERE ARE YOU!

Mafia Boss: Red is that you?

Narrator: Red's face turns to the direction of the sound, but his eyes are so badly damaged he can't see, he uses only his other enhanced senses.


Mafia Boss: Boys, get him QUICK!

Narrator: All of the Mafia Bosses thugs charge to Red; they all shoot him without hesitation, the bullets stick inside him; he removes one of the bullets puts it in his gun and shoots the bar. He blown up the whole hall, killing everyone, except the Mafia Boss. He runs upstairs and sees the Mafia Boss in the corner, curdling like a child. He puts his hand to his balaclava.

Zombie Red: you once said to me, "to conquer fear, you must become fear" and thats what I did, I became the most feared assassin ever. Now I'm going to kill you in three ways, I'm going to shoot you, I'm going to use the words of death, and finally I'll show you my face.

Mafia Boss: someone help me.

Zombie Red: no one can hear you anymore, your screaming in the silence. Now remember these words when your in hell. Both thorn and thistle it should bring forth for us. For out of the ground we were taken for the dust we are, and to the dust we shall return.

Narrator: Red takes off the balaclava which hid his horrid undead face. The screams of the Mafia Boss were so loud, he died of frieght, but to make sure he was dead, Red shot him once inbetween the eyes [gunshots] Red then faded away into the darkness, his buisness was finished.

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