Friends? Really?

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Just something which crossed my mind one day and luckily i had a pen to hand.

Submitted: May 11, 2011

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Submitted: May 11, 2011



Your life is not defined by your success, wealth or how long you live, instead it is measured by the people around you: those who you call your friends, family, relations etc. Everyone can claim to have many friends, albeit on social networking sites or in real life. These would be people they talk to occasionally or frequent.

But i guess the question is: How many are there for you unconditionally? How many would go to extreme lengths and measures to please you, to put a smile on your face? Once you ask yourself this you begin to think, about a lot of things really, the main one being the answer to the question of course. But aside from that, you find yourself questioning the amount of effort and time put into making other people's happiness a main part of your life and putting yourself out just to see that they are enjoying themselves. You get nothing in return from them, except complete disregard for yourself as a human being.

And you don't expect anything in return as you feel it's the right thing to do but having said this, maybe you do deserve some kind of favour owed to you or even to be treated as others around them are being treated. But how do you counteract this if they do not wish to give you respect? Show them the lack of respect that they have shown you with their so called virtue? But then that just creates unnecessary conflict and brings you down to their poor standards. Continue to please them as before? Or find some ground in the middle on which to stand? But what is the middle ground? The grey where we should set up camp when dealing or interacting with these people. Do we decline politely and firmly even though it is out of character? But yet guilt fills you when you lie. So do we let these people walk all over us so to speak? We cannot surely but isn't that what has being happening for sometime now? A conform to normality. It has become routine almost.

They do not see the hurt they are causing. Or worse still, they are turning a blind ear and a deaf eye to it. These people are in your life for so long, it is hard to let go. And even if you do, there is the longing for them back for the security in numbers. These are the ones you are closest to, but yet their closeness lies with others. It is strange, that, that we as a race cannot let go even though we know it is best to start afresh and move on without these people. After all you can choose your friends.

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