The Pest

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

The beginning of a new reign of terror over the vile streets of Onyx. In the shade and darkness of each crevice and gap lurks a festering evil, who's only wish is to create an army. An army of

The only source of light filling the otherwise pitch black Onyx District was the light radiating from the full moon above the retched streets and the feint, pathetic glow of the must covered street lamps. The streets themselves, layered with dark, blood stained cobble with random rotten teeth, rat carcasses and faeces. The smell orbiting the District was that of rot, disease and filthy pests. It haunted the streets, buildings and air like a vengeful spirit. Each wall had a different pattern of blood and mould to tell it's story, the words of fights, murders and rapes howling silently at you with a quick glance. The smell, atmosphere and aesthetic of Onyx was all created by the plague that inhabited the area. Criminals of small and large came here to cower as no guard dared to venture into the pestilence ridden streets, being afraid of the sickness and disease that infected those who stayed too long. The infectious means of the place, however, were not so mysterious as one might think. In the Onyx District, lived the most vile, repugnant creature known to man, elf, demon and god. He was known as many things; “Lord of Everything Dead”, “Daemon Prince of Pestilence, Decay and Death” and some even called him “Daemon God of Rot.” Though his titles were mismatched between each individual sentient being, all knew him by one name. Chit'Tock. It was said that even just the mentioning of his name brought sickness to those who spoke it, or those who heard it out loud. While his overall outside look to people was horrid and disgusting, he was actually the giver of life. When something, or someone dies, they begin to rot. To help the decaying processes, vermin feast off their already maggot riddled corpse as one of their main meals. They do this to continue their life until their time comes. So, Chit'Tock's law of “All thing's must Decay” essentially gives life to other things who take advantage of this. The Daemon Prince had worshippers too, some even present in Onyx itself. They were easily identifiable; Ripped clothes, boils the size of tennis balls pulsating with infections and even sometimes leaking bodily fluids riddled with the most horrific amounts of bacteria known to man. Their skin was dead, green and rotten as wounds from their past life remained and stilled puss and blood like lava rivers. Some even still had internal organs falling out of places, maggots using their intestines like meal tubes and other vermin feasting on their uncut toe nails. While this may not sound grand and despite it sounding rather horrid, these worshippers of Chit'Tock were now immune to all disease, as they already had them all. Not only that, but pain was now dulled. Some worshippers of the Daemon Prince claim to feel power surging through them when they're in immense pain. With this being said, not many saw the Prince. He hid in the shadows, waiting, decaying and observing his powers come to life every time a murderous crime was committed and the body left there, to rot.

Chit'Tock's form was confused throughout stories told by those who had claimed to see him, artists who claim to have envisioned him and criminals who claim to worship him. Though, the most common was that his skin was green, leathery and necrotic. its surface abundant with running sores, swelling boils and fruitful infestation. The Decay Lord's gurgling and pulsating organs are rank with the excrement of decay, spilling and spurting through his ruptured skin to hang like obscene fruit around his thin girth.His carcass is bloated with corruption and exudes an overpowering stench that gnaws the mind. Rips and tears riddled his corpse of a body like paint on a canvas and through the almost boiling, infectious blood some could see the cracked bones from inside the prince, with dead, decaying flesh festering off of them like rotten apples on a dead tree. His medium length, brown hair matted and riddled with blood and maggots feasting on his scalp, growing bigger the longer they ate and eventually dropped off like small bobbles of pure death and plague. His mouth was malformed into a sickening smile of sharp, blood stained fangs that protruded from his jaw like a giant anglerfish. Needles of flesh tearing sickles sticking out in every direction ready to feast on the long dead corpse of someone holy. The embodiment of plague didn't wear anything, all of his material clothes seen rips, blood stains, stains of unnatural occurrences and destruction like no other, so he was supposedly seen, more often than not, completely naked. His thighs mirrored the other parts of his body, wounded, leaking with boils that cried the tears of yellow puss every few seconds. His reproductive organs surprisingly still worked, though looking like something no woman would want to be within 5 feet of. It's shaft was bruised, throbbing with infection, plagued veins climbing the entire length of it like vines on a tree. It's head, wrinkled with the dryness of not seeing it's counterpart in centuries and even the last woman to sit there was forced. The testicles were the worst of it. Matted pubic hair clung to the pimple ridden sack, some strands falling out with the simplest of movements. The shrivelled sack of meat that hung from his groin housed the most vile semen known to Daemon and Man alike, ejaculating cream coloured, puss filled spurts of cum whenever the Prince decided it was time for pleasure. This, was all speculation however, because most of those who actually do see the Prince, never life a healthy life long enough to tell their friends or family. The Onyx District was silent, excluding the average cry of pain, harm and torture but something else was making a sound, something... Innocent. Where there was Innocence in Onyx, Chit'Tock was bound to be near, watching, waiting for them to be granted the gift of death so he could riddle them with his clawed hands, infecting them with his fluids and disease. From the shadows he watched, this poor little girl, dusted with bruises and blood. Yummy.

Chit'Tock watched from a nearby alleyway, close enough for the girl to smell his presence. His white iris' the only thing visible from the shade, the rings of them laced with bloodshot and soreness. His pupils were small and thin, giving him a manic expression at all times with his twisted broke jaw of a smile. He spoke up, knowing she would smell him before she heard him. His voice matched the visual descriptions of him. It was raspy, echoed like one thousand damned souls, gurgling words as blood and puss spilled from the boils infesting his throat and mouth.


Girl.. seems... upset...-”


He paused for a moment and looked up a little, now making his eyes meet her blood stained face.


-Not in my city.”


He lied, chuckling a wheezy laugh as his swollen tongue fell from his crooked mouth. The girl paused her ever flowing tears and peered around, frantically searching for the voice that had crept up on her. Her voice box vibrated with a fearful “Hello” as her sobs became whimpers. The vile Lord's eyes stayed glued upon the girl's luscious, rather healthy face. His deep socketed eyes unable to blink due to the lack of eyelids, rotten away with years of filth. Seeing and hearing the evident fear in her person filled him him pleasure. His jaw widening, jaw cracking as it did so. It widened at the lack of being able to smile more than his malnourished head was already, due to his jaw and skull being fused together at the marrow. His pupils jumped down slightly to her body. Such a perfect figure, hips wipe enough to grab, stomach flat but with a bit of meat to fester. Her breasts small but perky. Such a vulnerable, healthy subject would make the perfect mate to satisfy his vile corrupted pleasures. But first, the decaying husk of a creature needed to win her over, in any way he could. He exhaled an audible breath of recognition. Speaking again in the same haunting voice that sounded like it was spoken from the reapers mouth himself.


Ah... Someone hurt.. such a, beautiful, healthy, young woman...-”


He tutted three long, saliva and blood filled tuts before continuing, audibly slurping his tongue back into his mouth, with made his voice even more ghastly.


-Seems like.. A woman... needs some.. Help.”


His last word, 'Help' was more growled than anything, to try and emphasize his point. He limped forward not even an inch, not intentionally but because his strong but yet completely dead legs gave way a little. The soles of his bare feet were sore, blighted with hard skin, calluses and bacteria riddled blisters that popped on the luckily shaded ground below them, covering the cobble with a sickening green gunge that sizzled against the rock like decaying stomach bile. His face was, however, more in view now, but not by much. The more visible features included the top of his under structured mouth, the gums and top teeth now barely visible through the shade. The spot where his nose would've been, now just a hole filled with tiny insects feasting on Grandfather Chit'Tock's dead flesh.

The girl before him noticed the movement from the alley and snapped her tear riddled face towards it with no second thought. Her eyes widened causing the linger tears caught on her bottom eyelid to skin rapidly down her rosy cheeks. She backed herself up against the nearby door in which she stood in front of and shook her head, speaking in the familiar frightened voice.


N-No, my Master will be here any m-minute now.”


Chit'Tock snarled at her word choice. 'Master', disgusting. He retreated back into the shadows slightly and gargled another long groan as he weighed up the situation. His long deceased eyes slowly ebbed their way to the shackle she wore and he chuckled another laugh, lungs audibly filled half way with the most unholy liquids a body has even had within it. The Daemon inhaled, air mixing with the bile shwashing around in his organs and bloodstream, exhaling not soon after the cold breath still condensing on the even colder night air to form a yellow vapour. Humming, acting like he was in thought he nodded to her statement and spoke.


Yes... Then I can kill him... You can.. Grab keys and... Escape.”


He nodded slightly faster now, the strands of his matted hair now visible as they came into contact with the flat landscape that should've been the bridge of his nose. He continued, trying to add as much sympathy a Daemon could add to their voice as possible.


You don't... Need to hurt... I can... Help you feel.. No pain.”


Chit'Tock wasn't lying this time, though he did sugar coat it quite a lot. If this girl was to accept his offer, she would indeed feel less physical pain than she did now. However, she would become one of Lord Chit'Tock worshippers, for all of her damned eternity. Infected with every known and unknown disease, infection and sickness – but would also become immune to all pestilence.


You will.. Become... Stronger. No longer shackled... by chains...”


He added, almost completely out of breath and he wheezed another breath of musty air into his body. This offer that the Lord offered was more than not, taken, as he targetting the vulnerable and even if they said no, he would force his reign upon them some way or another because after all, every living things meet him, eventually.

The girl's knees shook and eventually buckled, sending her onto them in a whimpered huff. The tears continued to flood her face, her nose becoming red with the cold and wet as the bags under her eyes swelled.


N-No, please. Please just... Go away..”


The filthy Prince of Decay watched with his lifeless but yet wide eyes as the visibly weak girl feel from her stance to her knees and he exhaled another musty cloud of air from his body in enjoyment of seeing her so weak. He heard her speak, voice audibly in the same shape as her physical well being. He tilted his head to the side, which obscured her vision for a moment, the cracking of spinal joints echoing throughout the near street in front of him as he choked out another few words, created by the damaged but functioning vocal chords.


You deserve... Appreciation. You deserve... strength.-”


He stopped and stepped forward enough for his full facial structure to become lightened by the dim street lamp above and to the left of him, giving her a full view of his disgusting features as he continued. As he spoke, his jaw hardly moved, in fact it appeared to not move at all from the distance there was between them.


- You. Deserve.. Revenge.”


With the speaking of the last word, his eyes widened to reveal more blood filled lines rupturing through the whites of his eyes. Chit'Tock had no means of sugar coating his appearance, he knew the girl was weak, vulnerable. It was either she wanted freedom with a price or wanted to stay as she was, beaten, hungry and pained by the one she calls her 'Master'. He returned his vile head back to it's crooked but fairly straight position it was before. His fangs pointing their spear sharp ends towards the woman with vile and disgusting intent. The woman, now beginning to question her motives, becoming more and more intruiged at the Lord's offer, stuck her hand out in front of her face. The crimson stream of blood flowing from a deep wound on her palm dripped onto the stone below.


Who are you?..”


She muttered. The white luminescent irises of Chit'Tock's eyes glared at her hand as she stuck it out, not amused by her lack of enthusiasm for exacting revenge on the man had just beaten her and chained her up outside in such a crime ridden city. He let his abnormally long tongue fall out of his jaw, as it did so, flicking all sorts of bodily fluid onto the ground below it. The liquid splintering off into small droplets of bile, sizzling at the stone like it did just moments ago behind the cover of darkness. He spoke, chewing on his tongue with his furthest back teeth, blood and puss squelching out of the flesh like a volcano.


He has. Hurt you.. Hurt him... Back.”


He encouraged her, hoping to spark some of the emotions her healthy mind still had left in it, particularly, rage. He heard her question and honestly didn't want to answer but thought this was the perfect opportunity to make himself seem strong, so maybe she'd join him and his terrible but intriguing cause.


I am. A god.. Capable... of. Giving life.. and strength... where needed...”


This was a lie, while he was technically a self proclaimed god of plague, being the physical and mental embodiment of rot, he was no god. He reached up a hand, palm facing upward as his elongated fingers and blood stained claws unwound to reveal a palm so dry and cracked. He continued, his voice strong in empowerment but raspy as ever, still.


Join me. We will.. Take and... Give life. Together..”


He coughed after speaking, blood trickling down where his bottom lip would've been and reaching the end of his chin. Somewhat looking like her, with the blood from her nose. His face reared back up from the cough, the look of sincerity on his morphed face as he wheezed out another word, finally.




The girl's bloodied and bruised face returned his gaze, eyes now slightly dead as the hand she had once, just a moment ago, looked upon reached for his festering limb before her.

The Daemon's eyes squinted into a gleeful gleam of acceptance as she finally accepted his request, his Gift of Gangrene after some time of declining. Small droplets of puss mixed blood ran from his tear ducts, as they were infected like the rest of his body and that tightening of what was left of his eye muscles made them seep their fluids accidentally. He wasted no time, marching forward on his boil covered feet, his unmanaged toe nails, riddled with dirt and faeces under them clapped against the cobblestone as he stepped a few times toward who would soon be his new Queen. As he moved, a small pebble struck just under wear his lower jaw connected to his skull, tissue hanging from the joint like leaves on an autumn season tree. As his skin was leather-like and spewing with so much infection, he didn't even notice it hitting him nor did he care about it clacking against the fellow stone below. His eyes were set on his new feminine prize.

As he reached her, he placed a hand just under her ripe jaw, his dirty pimple ridden hand connecting with her vibrant flesh. His eyes met hers as he reared her head forcefully, so her throat and mouth were directly vertical as his head loomed over her body. He spoke two words before continuing, his words rattled around in his throat before leaking out of his gaped mouth.


Accept... Me..”


Then, in one swift, smooth motion for such a beast, he snapped his wide mouth over her entire lower face, bile from his stomach boiling and finally bursting up through his throat and out of his mouth, filtering it's way into his mouth. The texture of the fluid was less than pleasant. Like stomach bile mixed with every diseases bacteria, chunks of his hanging flesh swirling around in her mouth forcing itself into her body like a vile smoothie. He would spew this vicious cocktail for around 10 long seconds straight before removing his mouth from her head, letting the mixture fester in her mouth as it slowly flooding her stomach and intestines. Even if her body rejected it, her throat and mouth was still held firmly upright by the Daemon, making it so she's have no choice but to re swallow the vomit until her body finally accepted. His face was of pure pleasure and delight, seeing his creation come together like a disgusting variety of paintings all in one gallery. His breath was heavy as he enjoyed seeing his Queen form with him, merge with his stomach's creation and there was nothing anyone could do to stop the process now. The girl squirmed and vomited as he began to claim her, but whatever she ejaculated from her stomach was just re consumed by force, as it had no where to go to escape her now limp body.


A few moments had passed and now that the beast had claimed the woman as his own, the process of decay would begin to take effect. Fresh devotees to Chit'Tock would first experience short nausea, not lasting any more than 5-10 minutes depending on how weak they were when the infection was ingested. Then they would feel stronger than they ever felt before, the feeling of euphoria taking over the feeling of sickness as their body rapidly adjusted to the feeling of it's diseased self, taking enjoyment out of it. Fresh devotees would not appear any different to as they were before ingesting the bile, just slightly more pale. As time would go on however, their eyes were the first to change. The colour of their iris' fading to a dead, blind white but still having full vision. Lines of blood filling their whites and a ring of red surrounding their iris. Then, their skin began to turn from pale to green as Gangrene set in, turning their fleshy soft skin to the texture of hard leather. Parts of their body would experience immense dryness, such as; Heels, Balls of feet, Elbows, Palms, Neck and Chin. The next stage of the decaying process, was the hair. All hair on the body would begin to mangle itself, some tuffs falling out leaving few shortages of bald spots. This did not just apply to head hair either; facial hair and pubic hair would also suffer the same fate. As it matted, their spots of hair would begin housing pests such as lice, crabs, ticks and other parasitic beings, feasting off their festering blood like it was their last meal. The second to last step were the pimples, boils and warts. They would pop up at random points and wherever they appeared, they stayed. No amount of popping of the small to giant bubbles of blood and puss would get rid of them. As time went on, the boils and pimples would begin to fester, the fluid inside them becoming acidic and boiling soft and even hard materials on contact like it was stomach bile. The last detail of the process were small things, such as; Losing teeth, nails becoming unkept, sharp and ingrown, parts of their flesh rotting away to leave openings for the maggots to come and use their body like a feeding ground, eventually becoming flies infected with every disease they have inside them, bloated and ready to pop sending their vile guts over anything around it. This whole process didn't just happen in a week however, it took years and decades to reach the final stages of decay. Usually, fresh devotees stay as fresh as their previous elf for months on end before they start to see any signs of decay. The devotees of Chit'Tock still had full control of themselves, like they did before he converted them. However, because they were children of his seed, they couldn't help but feel passion for the Lord of Pestilence. Having undivided faith to help him spread his gift of plague.


Submitted: December 18, 2017

© Copyright 2022 Kieran P Farley. All rights reserved.

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