Not So Normal Day

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Don't judge a book by it's cover, or in this case don't judge a girl. Adriane is a junior in high school, she is quiet and usually has her nose in a book. However there is a being called an ancient that lies dormant within her, one of only three beings in the world. Follow Adriane host of The Phantom as she enters a world that no human would believe.

Submitted: September 03, 2012

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Submitted: September 03, 2012




Dear Readers,

Before I begin I feel the need to give you a little back ground on our main characters. First of all is Adraine Reed the chosen host of The Phantom, although at first glance she looks normal enough she is part of the race known as Nephilim descendants of humans and angels. Nephilim can be either of light or dark attributes and are naturally stronger than most humans. Adriane's weapon of choice is a sword made out of hardened sapphire named Azure vastator or the blue destructionThe other two ancients are Jada or The Rage and Hawk or The Akuron that’s Latin, but in can be translated loosely as the gold one, but they will introduce themselves better than I can.  

Sincerly, Kierfnen


It would have been a normal day, the weather was perfect for late fall, but not a presumptuous perfect. The target would have been easy to a fault if she wasn’t a master of counter surveillance. She was a normal looking high school student, quiet with a book in her hands, so the tracking her should have been easy, but as things were the team of 6 was quite glad that they had been given permission to make a scene. They decided to make their move at lunch, because she sat outside and there were fewer people around. She was sitting at a shady table with three other guys, one had the next class with her, the next knew her from last year, and the other was a friend of one of them. She had finished her book already and was laughing at the story the boys were telling when the team made their move. They appeared seemingly out of nowhere, surrounding the table and dressed in all black four were men the other two were women, but all of them were obviously not high school students. The boys at the table noticed them and subconsciously noted their cold intent. Feeling threatened they stood and asked what the strangers wanted.


“Me, I’m their target.” The girl spoke calmly “They have been following me all day.”

“What?” the boys asked confused.

“Never mind, just go inside.”’ She responded shaking her head as she turned to face them.

“But wa-“

“Leave.” She snapped, and they did not question her.

“I’m surprised” Said the leader of the team, a man in his twenties with dark brown hair blue eyes, as he watched the boys go inside reluctantly “The legends always speak of The Phantom as an emotionless force without attachment or feeling, the lives of a few humans should mean nothing to you.”

“I am the host of The Phantom, and I see nothing to be gained by sacrificing the innocent.” Responded the girl  

“Is that so? Strange why would The Phantom choose a host like you?”

“Our souls and the way we process things are different The Phantom found it all refreshing.”

“I see, well on to business then. We have come to take you.”

“To use The Phantom as a weapon,” She said drily “Shame I’m not useless in everything but counter surveillance it would make your job possible, but as things are, well lady luck just isn’t on your side.”

“Careful what you say little girl, you are human whatever power The Phantom may have you can’t access it, or you will die.”

“You insult me, I am not human and I do not need The Phantom’s power to destroy ‘elites’ such as yourself.”

“Not human? Then what exactly are you?”

“I am the unholy union of the daughters of man and the servants of God, known to the world as the children of darkness.” She stood and faced the man and it was impossible not to feel the power in her voice and the darkness in her eyes.

“Nephilim!” the man said as he took a step back.

“Yes little mortal man Nephilim.” She said smiling “Now are you still so sure that you can take me and use The Phantom?”

“I will not fail my mission, no matter who the opponent.”  His brown eyes full of determination as he summoned his weapon a gauntlet of fire

“So be it.” She said as she reached into thin air and drew a sword of sapphire.

The other five who had not said a word summoned their weapons as well, two bows, throwing knives, a dagger, and a staff.

By now the rest of the people had gathered around in a lose circle, teachers and students alike mumbled to themselves as they attempted to understand the strange situation.

The girl jumped inhumanly high to avoid the first attack of knives and arrows her light redish brown hair flowing out behind her. She landed outside of the circle and stood at the ready her sword gleaming in the light. She charged the nearest adversary a woman with a bow and easily knocked aside the first arrow and struck her down. The crowd gasped as she fell to the ground lying in a pool of blood. Shouts for help could be heard as the crowd grew. A boy from the crowd called out the girls name and rushed to reach her, but not before the man with the dagger fell by her blade.

“Caleb.” She said the boys name shocked “you have to get out of here now.”

“No!” the boy with dark hair and kind brown eyes said. “I won’t leave you.”

“Human leave or be killed!” she slapped him and pushed him away just in time to doge an arrow that was flying towards him. She didn’t wait a second to strike down the other archer leaving only three of the original six.

“I wonder.” The leader said “is he a cover or a lover?”

“He is an innocent.” She replied as she blocked a blast of fire from the gauntlet that was aimed at the boy.

“So predictable” a new voice came from above the voice of a young man “well at least to my eyes, in any case that doesn’t mean things won’t get interesting.”

“Hawk!” the girl exclaimed looking up to see a blonde boy with stunning looks and a sword of ruby. She smirked “have you come to give me a hand or just watch?”

Hawk jumped down and landed back to back with the girl “You know me Adriane I’ll never pass up a good fight.”

“Glad to hear it” she said as she charged the last of the team making quick work of all but the leader.

“Is he?” the leader asked taking a step back from the two with jeweled swords

“Am I another ancient? Bingo. There are only three of us in this world do you seriously think we wouldn’t contact each other?” the boy shook his head “and if you think we are terrifying then I can’t wait till you meet Rage, she’ll kill you once she learns what you tried to do to Phantom.”

“The Rage is the third ancient?” the shock was as clear as day on his face

“In every myth, in every legend is a core of truth.” Adriane spoke “The Phantom’s Fire; The Phantom’s Rage; The Darkness of the Phantom. In every one of those titles that belongs to the being inside of me, there is mention of another, which is because The Phantom never exists without The Rage. She is also known as the fire and the darkness, so whatever you prefer.”

In that moment clouds gathered in the sky and it was as if the world had turned a shade darker. A girl with wings and hair darker than night came down from the gathered clouds and hovered in the sky above Raven and Adriane

“You called sister?” the winged girl asked Adriane

“Rage,” Adriane smiled “yes, I need help killing that man.” She pointed to the leader

The Rage landed in front of the leader and held up her hand “Disappear.” 

A blast of fire came from the gauntlet but it dissipated as soon as it touched her skin.

“Vermin.” She said somehow looking down on the man that appeared to be twice her age.

The ground beneath him turned black and he began to sink thrashing wildly as he sank into darkness. The picnic tables of the school cafeteria had turned into a war zone, police had gathered and were attempting to evacuate the students helicopters flew over head and sirens screamed from all around.

The Rage turned toward Raven and Adriane “We must leave this place or destroy everyone.”

“We cannot harm innocents!” Adriane insisted

“Then we will leave.” Rage held out her hand and the air began to ripple and tear forming a hole in space and time.

“Ladies first” Hawk waved Adriane through and followed Rage the portal closing behind him. 





Well that's it for the first chapter, I'm not quite sure how this system works, but if I get a half decent response I will post more. Also I have pictures of the main characters and some of the weapons that I can post if anyone is interested. 

PS. In case there was any question this story mine; I came up with it and created all of the characters in my head. No one is allowed to use any of the characters or ideas from this story without my permission.


© Copyright 2018 Kierfnen. All rights reserved.

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