London Streets

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

London Streets is a series. It is a script. It is based on Tv soaps. It is a teens soap. I would love it if one day it was on Tv.

Series One: LoNdOn StReEtS


Scene One


"Who's the lucky guy?"

ROSE lies on her bed, in her room. She holds her Valentine's card in her hand.

ROSE: (mumbles) My dear Rose, I have never loved someone so much as you. You mean the world to me. I will never love another like you. I wish I could hear you say the three words, "I love you." Oh well they say life isn't fair. I guess they were right. Love ??? xxx

(ROSE'S Mum enters the room.)

TANYA: Ooohhh who's the lucky guy then?

ROSE: Hmmm...I wonder who sent me this card. I hope I know whoever it is. Maybe I will find out who it is tomorrow.

TANYA: (sighs) I hope so sweetie. You deserve a great guy. You really do. Goodnight darling.

ROSE: (smiles) Yeah night Mum.

(ROSE sighs, switches her lamp off and pretends to go to sleep. Then when she is sure her Mum has gone to sleep she gets up and gets into her sexy, sleek,black dress. She sets of for the Valantine's party.)

Scene Two


"I sent the card man."

ADAM sits in his back garden staring up at the stars. His phone in his hand, he call his friend ALEX.

ADAM: Hi dude. What's up mate?

ALEX: Just chillin man, you kay?

ADAM: Yeah I'm fine man, I'm goin to the Valantine's party later,you?

ALEX: Yeah I'm good. Oh cool, so you think she'llbe there? Why'd you ring?

ADAM: I sure hope she's there.I sent the card man. She will have read it by now.

ALEX: I can't believe you actually sent it! Congrats mate, you did it. Now you have to make your move.

ADAM: (laughs) Move?

ALEX: Yeah you know, you have to tell her you fancy her at the party, that's if she is there of course.

ADAM: No way man. She hardly knows me.


ADAM: What'd you mean, so?

ALEX: Man, listen, what have you got to loose? Girls love romantic stuff. Just tell her you sent the card man. Trust me.

ADAM: No way.

ALEX: Okay man, but you'll regret it.

ADAM: (jokes) Since when did you know all about girls, eh?

ALEX: (laughs) I've learnt a couple of things.

(ADAM'S Mum calls him inside.)

ADAM: Thanks anyway, I gotta go man, bye.

ALEX: Bye, good luck with Rosy, sorry I mean Rose.

ADAM: Thanks man, cya

(ADAM hangs up and walks indoors.)

Scene Three


"I have to tell you something Becky."

The partys atmosphere is bursting with exitement. Lots of girls and boys are dancing and snogging with each other. Colourful lights flicker from corner to corner. Music pumps out of the stereo in beats getting faster and faster. BECKY enters the disco/party. She wonders over to her best friend, ROSE.

BECKY: Rose!

ROSE: Oh my god Becky, you made it! I thought you weren't gonna turn up.

(ROSE hugs BECKY tightly.)

BECKY:(jokes) Arghhh! You're strangling me!!!

(ROSE laughs.)

ROSE:Oh Becks, I've missed you so much!

BECKY: I've missed you so much too!

ROSE:(hushed voice) I have to tell you something Becky.

BECKY: Shoot hunny.

ROSE: (whispers)Well today I got a Valentine's card from a mystery boy today.

(BECKY gasps and cover her mouth with her hand in amazement.)

Scene Four


"Sorry I'm late."

JOSH gets ready to go to go out. He texts his girlfriend, BECKY to let her know he might not be going to the party. As he texts her his hand is shaking.

JOSH:(mutters, phone in his hand) Sorry I'm late hunny. I'm just sorting some stuff out. I don't know if I will come to the party.

(JOSH heads for the park. He waits for a while. Then his friend JACK appears, his body an outline in the pitch black.)

JACK: Hi Josh.

(He passes JOSH a bag. JOSH peers inside the bag.)

JOSH: Thanks mate, I needed this so bad.

JACK: I know, I get like that sometimes, just make sure noone sees you.

(JOSH nods.)

JACK: So you still haven't told your girlfriend you're a heroine addict then I take it.

(JOSH shakes his head and looks down, feeling guilty.)

JOSH: She would kill me if she ever found out.

JACK: (sniggeres) Don'tbg let her tell you what to do man.

JOSH: (angrilly) I don't. It's just she worries about me alot.

(JOSH looks at the floor.)

JACK: Right then Josh, I betta go man.

(JOSH nods.)

JOSH: Oh and thanks again man. I dunno what the hell I'd do without you.

JACK: Sure. Don't mention it man.

(JOSH turns away and walks home.)

Scene Five


"Where is Josh?"

BECKY and ROSE stand around the disco/party.

ROSE:Where is Josh?

(BECKY scrolls down the text JOSH has sent her.)

BECKY: (frowns)He says he can't make it.

ROSE:That's a shame, why not?

BECKY: I dunno, he will probably tell me when I see him tomorrow.

ROSE: Oh, well I hope he has a good excuse.

(BECKY sees that a boy is eyeing ROSE up and down.)

BECKY: Rose, that lad over there is eyeing you up.

ROSE: Where? Which one? Oh my god!

BECKY: Chill Rose, that one over there, he is kinda cute.

ROSE: No he would never fancy me, I'm too...

(The boy turns around at stares at ROSE.)

ROSE:You think he really fancies me?

BECKY:Yeah can't you tell, he's totally into you, go check him out.

ROSE: Nah, I couldn't I would make a right idiot of myself and he...

(The boy starts walking towards ROSE.)

ROSE: Oh my god! He's coming over.

(The boy walks up to ROSE and BECKY. He grins at ROSE.)

BOY: Hi eerrmm...may I have this dance?

ROSE: (turning bright red) Yes.

BOY: What is your name angel?

ROSE: (giggling) Rose, what's yours?

BOY: Wow that is the name of an angel. Adam.

ROSE: What a lovely name. I have always loved that name.

ADAM: Thanks Rose.

(ADAM sweeps ROSE off her feet, he dances with her for a while. Then after about half an hour, ROSE takes him upstairs. ROSE and ADAM make out for a bit. Then ADAM breaks off from the kiss.)

ROSE:What is it Adam?

ADAM: There's something I have to tell you Rose.

ROSE: Yeah what.

ADAM: (takes a deep breath) My dear Rose...I have never loved someone so much as you. You mean the world to me. I will never love another like you. Love Adam x x x

(ROSE gasps in awe as ADAM smiles with happiness.)

Episode Two

Scene Six


"Why weren't you at the party?"

The early morning sun rises into BECKY'S bedroom window, reflecting its light on the town below. BECKY puts her emomake up on and calls JOSH.


JOSH: (apologetic)Hey Becky, look ...I'm so sorry ab...

BECKY: (sternly) Why weren't you at the party Josh?

JOSH: Eeerrmmm...I didn't feel very well babe, I'm so sorry.

BECKY: (sympathetic) Oh, I'm so sorry, I should have been there for you babe. Are you okay now?

JOSH: Yeah I'm fine babe.

BECKY: Can you come over after schoolbabe?

JOSH: Yeah of couse babe.

BECKY: I love you babe.

JOSH: Yeah and me.

BECKY:Okay see you after school then babe.

JOSH: Yeah see you after school

(BECKY puts the phone down and bites her lip.)

Scene Seven


"You know I would never lie to you."

ADAM looks around the park, at the swings he had used once as a child. Time had gone so fast. ROSE had said she was going to meet him there. ADAM was nervous, what if he said the wrong thing or made a fool out of himself? Then suddenly she appeared. She took his breath away every time. He smiled at her as she walked towards him.)

ADAM: Hi Rose

ROSE: (shyly) Hi Adam

ADAM: How are you?

ROSE: Fine thankyou, you?

ADAM: Great now I'm with you.

ROSE: (smiles) That's good to know.

ADAM: You know I would never lie to you. I really believe I love you Rose

ROSE: (timidly) I trust you ADAM

ADAM: (combing hishand through his hair)That's really good to know Rose

ROSE: (goes red) I never want there to be any secrets between us Adam, I had a boyfriend once who lied to me all the time. It was horrid. He cheated on me.

ADAM: Oh I'm so sorry Rose.

ROSE: Nah, it doesn't matter

ADAM: Yes it does, of course it does. I love you Rose.

ROSE: I love you so much too

ADAM: Baby I will never love anyone as much as you.

ROSE: I will never love anyone else as much as you either baby.

(ROSEand ADAM kiss.)

Scene Eight


"I can't do this to youany more baby."

BECKY waits for JOSH in her room. She hears the door go and runs downstairs to open the door. JOSH stands at the door. He looks awful. BECKY gasps. JOSH looks like he has been dragged through a bush backwards.

BECKY: Oh my god, what the hell happened to you Josh?

JOSH:(rasps)Becky I only came here to say one thing and then I have to go.

BECKY: What? Why do you have to go so soon Josh?

JOSH: Becky, I'm so sorry to have to do this to you babe, but I can't do this to you anymore baby.

BECKY: Josh what are you talking about?

JOSH: It's over, us. I'm so sorry babe.

(JOSH runs out of BECKY'S room.)

BECKY: JOSH!!! Where thehellare you going? Please come back baby.

Scene Nine


"Do you think he might have been taking drugs?"

BECKY is at ROSE'S house. She is telling ROSE everything that happened.

ROSE: He dumped you!?

BECKY: (wipes a tear from her cheek) Yeah he just came over and didn't even explain why or where he was going.

ROSE: (pityfully) Awww Becky, that is awful. You two have been going out for ages too. I'm so sorry.

BECKY: He was so nice to me on the phone before I went to school. But when he came round he looked a right state, like he hadn't had a drop of food for ages and his eyes were so scary. They were all red and they kept rolling around, it was so horrible.

ROSE: Errmmm Becky are you serious about his eyes?


ROSE: Well, do you think he might have been taking drugs?

BECKY: Drugs???

ROSE: Yeah I mean he could be addicted to drugs.

BECKY: No. Josh wouldn't take drugs. That's absurd. No, definately not. That is out of the question.

ROSE: Okay but Josh could have been taking drugs you know.

BECKY: Nah Josh isn't like that.

ROSE: Fine suit yourself but I think there's a good chance you know.

Submitted: June 24, 2015

© Copyright 2021 KiiaX. All rights reserved.

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