in love with a letter

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A very sweet poem,deep meaning and lovely

Submitted: July 05, 2013

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Submitted: July 05, 2013



A letter written of love

Love a salvation prayer for the heart Why is love Written in songs Felt in the soul and beyond

I can lay an explanation Like an artist in the gallery Painting realization of dreams Of a vision only you can see

A race in time And I your journey Lost in a maze Stuck at a cross road Were only our path meets

When night falls The immortal star shines Cast your spell of midnight romance And I shall once again be mortal in ur arms

When day breaks And you see the ray of my heart From the blosoom of my very soul Revealed by the light in my eyes Know then,its only you that I see

Dancing to the druming beats of your heart Drinking from the fountain of your soul Drunk of the sweet wine of your feelings So filled with emotions,my heart is spilling

My heart naked to yours My mind nude to hunger thoughts of you

I do not know what may Or Why it rains in june Droplets or showers,Whatever it may be Only I can forge What I feel Its like the rainbow effect Colours that make life vibrant And love invincible

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