When Stars Align

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Kim Kyu Ri and Song Tae Rin are just two normal girls that live in America. They were both Korean-born and then brought to the US, somehow ending up in the same school. The two girls became best friends when they first met in their early years of High School, and have been like sisters ever since. Now, they're moving to South Korea to start a new life together as 'sisters'; supporting each other through anything and everything. They also hope to find love soon in their lives, as they are both already 20 years old. But what happens when they find love in the way they never expected to? Will they be able to handle the drama, the hate, and the overwhelming feelings? We shall find out soon, but I must warn you..Love can do some crazy things When Stars Align with destiny.

Submitted: September 14, 2012

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Submitted: September 14, 2012



{Kyu Ri's POV}

"Yah! Tae Rin, hurry up! Our flight leaves in half an hour!" I yelled to my friend as I dragged my suitcase and bags down the stairs and into the living room.

"Would you hold on? I'm still trying to do my hair.." I heard her voice faintly, since she was still in the bathroom.

"My god! You started doing your hair an hour ago!" I scoffed "And you call me the diva?" I heard her chuckle from the bathroom and I smiled. This was just one of our normal conversations..

Song Tae Rin is my best friend..we've been there for each other since our very first year of high school. We were both different from everyone else..we were Korean. We got teased a lot because of how we looked, but we didn't care; we had each other. During high school, we made a plan to move to Seoul, South Korea as soon as we graduated. We planned to find a house ahead of time, buy tickets to fly there, and find jobs to help each other pay the costs. We had even helped each other out with learning Korean. Now, we were fluent in the language, had the money, found a house, and were ready to go!

But of course, Tiara -- the nickname that she gave herself -- has to always take forever with her clothes, hair, and face. And she has the guts to call me a diva? Ha!

"Tiara, if you don't come down this instant, I will hide your Jonghyun posters from you!" I joked with a smirk. That always got her to do what I wanted.

Me and my friend are both very big fans of SHINee. My bias being Key and her's being Jonghyun, obviously.

"No! Not my precious yeobo!" I heard her shout. And in less than five seconds, she was dashing towards me with her bags in her hands.

Once she got to me, she was panting like a dog. "You..don't..touch my..babies!" she panted between words and shot me a look. I just shrugged my shoulders innocently and gave her a questioning look. She shook her head at me and smiled to herself.

"So, are we ready to go now?" I asked.

"Guess so.. I'm really going to miss this place though.." Tiara replied, taking a last look around the house.

I bet you're wondering; what about their parents? Well, our families were perfectly fine with us moving away together. Since we had been through so much together, they all figured that we could handle being on our own. On one condition; we send them lots of pictures of the beautiful city of Seoul. And of course, we agreed to their terms and conditions.

We took a final look at the house before we headed out to my car. I flipped off all the lights on the way and closing the door behind me. The both of us rushed to the car because of the coldness. We threw our bags into the car and jumped into the front seats.

I squealed quietly as I started the car, earning a look from Tiara. "What's your problem?"

"Aren't you excited? We finally get to do what we've been waiting to do for a long time!" I exclaimed, driving through our neighborhood and onto the highway. Luckily, we didn't live too far from the airport.

"Yeah, I'm excited. But at least I'm not screaming like a fangirl." I could just hear the smirk in her voice...

"Ha! Then you haven't seen yourself squeal at fancams of Jonghyun on YouTube. I swear.. you'd probably do the craziest things to him if you two ever met."

"Yah! We will meet each other!" she shouted, causing me to cringe. "Then he'll fall in love with me, we'll kiss, have se-"

"Uh-uh! None of that in here!" I slapped her arm playfully. She laughed as a response. "Besides, he's an idol. What are the chances that you'd even get within ten feet of him?" I said as I pulled into the airport's parking lot.

"It could happen.." she said softly, climbing out of the car as soon as I had parked. "C'mon. We'll miss our flight!" She was right. We had ten minutes until it deported!

"Coming!" I stepped out and headed to the back of the car to help with the bags. After retrieving them, we ran to the entrance doors.


"I can't believe we're actually leaving.." I started tearing up as we took our seats on the plane. I looked out of the window beside me and I felt a tear slip from the corner of my eye. It was time for a change...and this was the change that we decided to make.

I felt arms wrap around me. "Don't cry now, Rinnie. We'll be okay! Cheer up!" she said while hugging me tightly. I nodded and wiped my tears.

"I just... I feel like we might regret going to South Korea.." I said almost rethinking us getting on the plane. I received a slap on the arm. I turned to Tiara and saw a frown on her face.

"Don't say that after all this time. We are not going back. Remember what you always told me?" she asked seriously.

" 'We will do things that we'll never regret' " we said in unison. I smiled at her then. "Thanks for reminding me.."

She smiled back and me and laid her head on my shoulder. "Yah.. your head is heavy.." I complained. "Deal with it.." she responded. I just sighed and leaned my head back against the headrest of my seat. A whole thirteen hours with this girl laying on my shoulder...my arms is going to break off!

"Attention passengers. Please fasten your seatbelts and listen for instructions from the flight attendants. We will be departing in thirty seconds." the intercom sounded around the plane. Tae Rin sat up and snapped hers into place and gave me time to put mine on before lying on me again.

I settled in my seat, getting a short complaining sound from Tae Rin. I just ignored it and closed my eyes. It was a long ride to Seoul, so I might as well sleep. I wonder what Seoul looks like...

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