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The title explains it.

Submitted: March 24, 2013

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Submitted: March 24, 2013



My fingers tap against the table in a fast beat. Sometimes I’ll pause to chew on a fingernail. But I know I should stop with that. My nails are chewed down to the bottom, I can’t think straight. My eyes are bloodshot from the lack of sleep. 2 days. I stare at the knife on the counter across the room. I look away. My eyes dart around the room quickly, not focusing on something for more than 2 seconds. My hair’s a mess and I haven’t left the table for 2 days. I’m going crazy? Don’t tell me this! It’s not that! Anything but that! If anything, he’s going crazy. If anything, she’s going crazy. See, we’re all crazy in some way. Some worse than others. I smile and laugh for once. My fingers pick up the pace. I look back at the knife. I look away. I hear the clock ticking. Tick, Tock.. Tick, Tock.. Tick, Tock...

I scream. Scream as loud as a can. It wouldn’t matter! No one’s here to listen to me! See, I’m all alone in my little world. No one knows it. I look back at the knife. The knife that’s so tempting. I look away. My fingers tap. I don’t know what I’m doing. The word “crazy” echoes through my mind. The door flings open. The men walk in. I smile widely at them. “Welcome,” I say, in a small but dark voice. My eyes dart to the knife.. I never got the chance to feel death. I frown and realize.. The rest of my life will be torture. I would rather die. I sigh and sit still as they do what I’ve been through before. They jab that nasty needle in me to put me to sleep. They put me in that awful suit that frustrates me when I try to move around. They have to feed you themselves, and I hate it. I hate it all. Maybe that’s what has gotten me in this mess in the first place. Maybe I’m not even crazy! What if.. What if you’re all crazy, and I’m the only one that’s normal! Ha! What a thought!

They drag me from my kitchen and I look at the knife. I whisper, “Goodbye.”

That was my only friend I’ve had in a long time.

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