God works in mysterous ways


i was out for a stroll on a path well worn
i seen a solider man wet through not warm
i asked the solider man "can i help, you look torn"
he replied in desperation "i have killed the oath i've sworn
soon i will die but please do not morn"
"how will you die your flesh is not torn
come to my house i have drink and corn
my son will slaughter us a tasty and tender fawn"
solider man looked with anger "do not haste to be warm
you do not know of the oath i have sworn"
i convinced him home and we stood on my lawn
while my son left to find the most tender fawn
while we wait i ask "whats that you have sworn"
he turned and sighed "to kill a mans first born
god spared my life when i caught a bullet this dawn
in return i must do what it is i have sworn"
"but i cant fore-full and i will die next dawn
my life is worth less than any mans first born"
and he fell to his knees and cried on my lawn
"you are noble solider man i see why your torn
tonight drink and be merry so you smile come dawn"
i woke with a headache it is a cold dawn
i call to my son so we can comfort solider man this morn
my son cannot be found only solider man, no first born
i pull my gun as we stood on my lawn
and he caught a bullet like he said on this dawn
then i seen my son carrying firewood he'd sawn
the solider man was also some mans first born
i may be sad i wont be torn
it was gods will on that fateful dawn

Submitted: April 13, 2011

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