Kaylx Days

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

True Story in rhyme, working for Kaylx, very good time.
seasonal work harvesting crop trials in West Australian wheat belt.
I use words that are more local to the story. Its a farmers story.


day 1

On the first day we're at the shed sorting out our load,

by 12 o'clock we're loaded and rumbling down the road.

wouldn't of even been 5 k's out of town,

there are the misfit trio, it seems they've broken down.

One broken clutch, we leave them there,

oh bugger, forgot to load the beer

6 o'clock, its just our luck,

Its Kojonup were there.

day 2

On the second day we make some noise,  diesil powered toys,

800 plots, it feels like lots, thats us the Haldrup boys.

race back into town , try and catch the bar,

eat, talk shit, then soberly stumble to the car.

One trial left, we could've done,

if we brought along some beer.

7 o'clock its just our luck,

blame Kojonup if you care.

day 3

The third day is upon us, morning is fresh in the air

kick the Kenworth in the guts, its time to move on from here.

A different scene but still the same,

eat a fly for smoko, and work the day away.

Tonight is Simons birthday,

an exscuse to drink some beer.

now its after 9 o'clock,

we better get out of here.

day 4

The fourth is the same, no surprises here,

oh how I wish I'ld washed brekfast down with a beer.

one more move, load it up, kick it in the guts,

time to get out of this stubble, its giving us all cuts.

One trail to many, we shouldn't have done here,

got back into town to late and missed out on our beer.

10 o'clock, oh what the f#*k,

its time to go to bed.

day 5

fifth day we slack off, spend most of it on the road,

It takes forever to get somewhere with a completly sober load.

one more stop and thats the lot, its to late to head on home,

we'll stay the night at the pub and get lost in the foam.

tomorrow I will go home,  sometime late at night.

drink until its early, beer looks good in day light.

7 o'clock I forget everything,

As I hit the road again.

Rolling down the road

A quiet beer in my hand

Doing what it takes

To write our names across this land

Submitted: May 17, 2011

© Copyright 2021 KillerInStink. All rights reserved.

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You're truly a HARD-WORKER!!!People like me know only to eat.lol.But , people like you know to reap your own food and eat!!!That's truly GREAT!!!It's really hard toiling hard day and night and sad to hear it!!!Standing in the sun for just a few minutes , I can;t bear it -You're really great!!!It's coz of people like you that the world is still not destructed : D EXCELLENT work and this comes from my heart, honestly : D

Thu, May 19th, 2011 11:50am


you make it sound like hard work, its only 12hrs a day. lol yes the days can pass the 40 celius mark but that's why they invented beer, I think.
flys landing on your tonsils is the bit I never liked
rural australiens are great aliens. positive times.
thanks for taking the time and commenting

Thu, May 19th, 2011 5:02am


AWWWWWWW!!!12 hours is not just fun and that too in the SCORCHING SUN!!!Only BRAVE and STRONG people can endure things like that!!!HATS OFF!!!

Thu, May 19th, 2011 12:20pm


can't take my hat off, get sun burnt.lol.
It is the sort of job you CAN wake up to.
each day an adventure.
good days.
thanks for commenting

Thu, May 19th, 2011 5:58am

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