where was I when I wrote this

*young sounds...*

I was laying
watching a sound
it was sitting silent
motionless in the corner

it  was laying
the sound was watching me
i was sitting quietly
motionless where i lay

how do i know
can sound hurt me
if i make a sound
will the sound run away

I speak some colours
offer it some orange and blue
have you ever seen a sound smile
i have

it laughed out some fluffys
they were pink and white
i gave that sound a smile
it received

now I know
this sound wont hurt me
i'll make a new sound
so the 2 sounds can play

the two of them hit it off
together they are music
the best things in life are free
together they could lift me

then the 2 faded off
all songs eventually end
time to let go, let ém be
what goes up must come down

Submitted: April 15, 2011

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