The Noise (an "Outsiders" Fanfic)

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I was hangin' out with my buddies, Dally and Jess, at the vacant lot (two out of three of us were pretty drunk), when a noise from my past came to haunt me...

Submitted: February 06, 2010

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Submitted: February 06, 2010



Me, Jess, and Dally were hanging out at the vacant lot. She was scribbling away in her notebook on a new story, while me and Dally were having a nonsense conversation, something about what would happen if Darry married a duck.

"Hah, hey Dally, may I introduce you to Mrs. Duck Curtis?" I said, and we both went into hysterics again. It wasn't that funny, but we were both reeeally drunk, and it was one of those you had to be there things. Then we stopped laughing, 'cause we heard this creepy noise. It was the kind of sound the monster under your bed when you were little would make.

"Do you hear that?" He asked me.

"Yup," I answered.

We were both looking around frantically trying to find what was making the sound, rrreeeeeaaaaarrawrrrrrrr. Jess didn't seem to notice anything that was going on around her, she didn't even notice when I almost tripped over her.

Then I realized I'd heard that sound before...

It was summer camp, me and Jess were both there, I was eight, she just turned nine. We were in our tent, and it was lights out. She kept talking to me 'cause she couldn't sleep, but I wasn't listening 'cause I was trying to sleep. Then we heard the noise, rrrreeewaaarrweeeeeeeeear, and I started screaming 'cause it was a really scary noise if you were eight years old and in a tent in the woods. She just sat there, really still. Then the grown-ups came in to see what I was screaming about, and I told them about the noise, and it was still going, so they looked around and when they went by Jess...

"Shut the hell up, pal, or I'm gonna smack you," I yelled at her. She started laughing and looked up. And of course, the noise stopped.

"Oh, that was funny when you were eight, but now that's frickin' hilarious!" She exclaimed. Dally was just standing there, looking ever so slightly confused.

"She was making the noise, Dally." I explained. He glared at her. I did, too. Then we both started laughing, we could take a joke.

When we all calmed down, I realized it was getting late, and I had school the next day. Well, we all did, but one thing I hate is going to school tired. I just hated being tired in general, actually.

"'Night, guys. I'm going home, gonna sleeeeep. See y'all tomorrow," I said. They waved goodbye at me.

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