Hey Jingle! this's my contest entry!!

The sewer smelled of day old meatballs. Zander winced as a rat crawled up his arm. But he held his silence, waiting for the 3 amigos to come along. 

Seling was arguing with Lykon about where to eat.

" I call pizza!"

" No! I want spagettit!"

Eric stepped between them, brushing the hair out of his eyes. 

" Cool it. I say we get pasta."

They turned on him.

  " Hey, hey! I was just wondering why we're thinking of foods all with pizza sauce.."

Zander chuckled in enjoyment. It was a pity that he needed to capture them soon...but...a picture of Collin flashed through his mind; Yes...he was doing this for him. He took a deep breath, and transformed into a ebony-black cat.

The trio had decided to go get pizza, much to the joy of Selina. they were to absorbed in the godliness that none of them noticed the cat glaring at them. Selina was licking her fingers for pizza sauce, when she saw the cat.

Its blue eyes stared sorrowfully at her, as though it was her fault that he was sad. Which it sorta was...

Selina jumped off the bench. Lykon and Eric were too busy "calmy disscussing" what pokemon cards could sell on ebay. Just when she reached for the cat, it scampered away, yowling. She followed hiim into the forsest, when she lost of him. She cooed, " It's okay, com'on, it's alright. I'm not gonna hurt you-"

She heard a soft voice behind her. " Obvious much?"

She knew that voice. She turned slowly around, reaching for  her yo yo.  

Zander was laughing in the shade of a pine tree, a smirk on hhis face. She unleased her yo-yo, the blades flying straight and true, when a wind veered it off its course, and snatched it from her hand. He dangled it from its string.

"My my...should a girl really be allowed to carry around this..thing?"

Selins exploded. She lunged for it, and then thrown back, again, by a shard of invisable wind, which knocked the breath out of her. She was crushed against a pine, but was lifted up again in a tornado. She dimly saw Zander twisting his fingers, and the wind changed with it, She was thrown like a rag doll, powerless without her weapon. 

Zander cupped his hands into a circle, and the wind calmed down to form a sphere, where the uncounsious Selina was drifing inside. He took a deep breath and went into the forest,  the yo-yo swinging from his fist.

hey Jingle! I hope you like this! For you, I had to dely Magi, chapter 5. Oh well. I'll jus type more. I did my best! Though I think that I'm better at writing olden stuff than modern things...

drakel: PASTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caden: Err.....



Submitted: December 31, 2011

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Jingle Q

You got that from that top anime of yours that begins with H doesn't it? WHY ARE YOU OBSESSED PASTA YOU WEIRDO?!?!?!?! Anyway, this is good... But Zander can't transform into anything else... But still, this is good. An interesting idea luring Selina away, but I think that this is quite interesting. I like the pokemon cards thing! XD Ebay, lol. Funny! KMU!

Sat, December 31st, 2011 5:36pm


thanks..I hope I did well.

Sat, December 31st, 2011 6:31pm

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