What happens when you have to fight fate? What happens when you have to betray people who trust you? What happens...when you can never be with the one you love?

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Revenge of the Magi

What happens when you have to fight fate? What happens when you have to betray people who trust you? What happens...when you can never be with the one you love? Read Chapter

Smoke filled the room as Spiritwind tried to escape. She was frantically trying to wave smoke out of the air, when she heard Baskoed yell... Read Chapter

Spiritwind stared at the polished wood wall before her with half-closed eyes, fingers tracing patterns in the bark. Eve was mummering tha... Read Chapter

Spiritwind sat at a table in the libary, scribbling fursiouly with her quill. Being the new head mage, she wa required to oversee all the... Read Chapter

Spiritwind I slowly walked up the scorched steps of my house, ash swirling 'round my shoes. I never thought that I would come back he... Read Chapter

Spiritwind finished attatching feathery fabric to her wrists. " Finished!" Eve gave her a look-over, the smiled, pins in her mouth. a... Read Chapter

Spiritwind was calmly sitting with Lily and Eve, chatting aimlessly, when a brillant thunderbolt split the sky. People cried out, shieldi... Read Chapter

 Spiritwind  I'm spiraling,....lost in my tainted heart. I'm in the void...where....with no one to save me......the light's... Read Chapter

Evana swung joyfully from a vine, swinging to the ocean with a scream of happiness, as she landed into the clear ocean with a splash, she... Read Chapter

Caden crgined as a bolt of fire shot towards him, and he instincitivly cringed back, flailing his arms above his head. Lily sighed impati... Read Chapter

" Think of a funnel..." Evana groaned and stretched her arms out in front of her, willing the wind to come alive in her hands. A smal... Read Chapter

"......and we hope with our generous, lovely hearts, that you will come back soon to our world, lovely, safe, in one piece, and for once ... Read Chapter

Drakel helped Evana up the rickety steps of the palace. The door flew open, and they were mobbed be a screaming Dearka, Hazel behind him.... Read Chapter

In the wall of void...a tinny man creeped....crying out in pain and despair...but one day....he let out a manical laugh, and pounded hims... Read Chapter

Evana fingered the delicate silk draped over her hi. She gazed at the mirror, a slim smile on her face. A nymph blinked back at her. She ... Read Chapter

A twig poked Evana's leg, the sharp point pricking her skin. She bit her lip at the pain. Drakel whispered, "When I say go, we run, okay?... Read Chapter

Caden stared at the girl in front of him. Flowing brown hair, exquisite amyest eyes,she was the exact image of Spiritwind.It was her! He ... Read Chapter

An arrow flew up towards Evana. She wisked it away with a sweep of her crystal-silver staff. Suddenly, a hoard of speara came towards her... Read Chapter

Caden half dragged, half pulled Evana past the never-ending rows of dingy cells. She trudged along, staring, but not seeing. A clink of c... Read Chapter

The mages of Alteryia sat at a polished wood table at the palace. Normally, the king would protest, but now, he was at the bar, drinking ... Read Chapter

Heartbeats...Flashes of color...I remember...promises...why..why is it so...dark? The world...is a smear of pastels...no..no...no!!! ... Read Chapter

Just...one...more..Angus coughed and staggered. Drakel clutched his shoulder lighty. "You can do it." Evan, who was supporting him on... Read Chapter

Drakel stared mindessly at the brass clock on the wall until his vision blurred. He was sitting at one of the tables in the Alteryia town... Read Chapter

Dreams of Battle

Evana splashed water on her face, droplets of transparent liquid clinging to her face and eyes. She wiped her face with the back of her h... Read Chapter