Bigger On The Inside

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What's been forgotten?

Submitted: May 18, 2012

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Submitted: May 18, 2012



I woke up dizzy and confused, I slowly opened my eyes to see and another pair staring down at me. These eyes were young and old, I stared into them and then I heard a slight Scottish accent "Doctor, whats happened and whos that?". The eyes that stared down at me looked over to her than back at me, he must be the doctor I then thought. I slowly sat up and looked around he moved backwards and watched me "where am I?" I asked, he stared and me and replied slowly " You're on Poosh" he slowly helped me up and I looked around the island not remembering a thing. He spoke again after taking a deep breath "we found you lying out here after we landed and i had to see what happened" he looked around my eyes again like he was trying to figure me out. The girl appeared again, I could clearly see that she was very beautiful and had long ginger hair and was wearing a jumper and mini-skirt, she walked towards us and smiled "Doctor, I think we should get moving I don't like the look of the giant spaceship heading right towards us" she looked around again. The doctor looked and saw a blue and grey spaceship speeding closer and closer towards us "Yes, you're right there Pond, help me pick her up I don't think she can walk very well yet" I was held up under each arm and quickly carried towards a blue police box and taken inside. Amy smiled and sat me down "okay, yes it bigger on the inside and yes it travels in time and space" I stared at her "I know" she looked shocked and took a step back "doctor" she called "she said she knows all about the TARDIS" he walked towards her "are you sure?" he inquired. They both watched me intently "I don't know, but I recognize this place I've been here before ages ago" I answered quietly. We suddenly hit the ground with a thud and the doctor muttered something about distractions under his breath and the girl I only knew as Pond gave him a just-shut-up look and looked at me again "I'm Amy and this is The Doctor, we are going to help you" she said this to me while looking around the console room like she didn't want to look into my eyes. I stood up and started to cry scared of what was happening, I didn't even know who I was and I somehow recognized this strange place. Amy pulled me close and tried to calm my sobs and whispered in my ear "I know its scary, but he will help you he will always help you even if you don't know it he will be helping everyone. Be brave and we will help your remember". I choked back a sob and removed myself from her hug and smiled. The doctor ran to the doors and swung them open, "heres where it gets exciting" he shouted and ran out the doors.
Amy and I ran after him to see him surrounded by a gang of people obviously not human, I couldn't tell what they were! The doctor was standing in the middle of this crowd not phased by the guns at all, he acted like he was with friends and smiled "Hello, I'm the Doctor and I'm looking for the time agency" the crowd looked nervous as he said those last two words. One person was pushed forward by his "friends" and looked at the doctor with great fear in his eyes he pointed east and clearly said "That way" he paused "enjoy your death" his voice was gruff and unfriendly. I walked up to the doctor and the crowd backed away from me, "we are so sorry miss, we didn't know he was your friend we will leave right away" said the man with the gruff voice. "Bye then" Amy waved them off sarcastically "Okay, first point who are you and why did they back away from you? and second: Doctor time agency?" Amy's voice was high pitched and confused, she really had no clue. I went to speak but the doctor beat me to it "don't worry about the time agency, I'm more curious about you" he looked at me. I shifted from one foot to the over and started to talk " i don't remember a thing, I remember being on the boeshane peninsula with my friend Beth we were talking then i woke up on Poosh!" Then I remembered all about Beth! " Is Beth here as well" I started to panic " If shes here we have to find her" I stared at the doctor looking for answers. "This way" he replied, Amy and I trailed after him and saw the biggest city i had ever seen. I watched as shadowed figures walked passed us with glancing eyes, they looked scared as they stared at me. "who are you?" the doctor asked in a gruff voice, i stared back not knowing what to say or do "I don't know, but they all looked scared of me" i answered timidly. We reached an entrance to a great tower and the doctor simply knocked on the door, staring over his shoulder to keep and eye on me, the doors creaked open and 4 people were standing there with looks of disbelief on their face. They pulled me inside and coaxed me like I had been in some trouble, "Your majesty we have been looking all over for you, where have you been?" another one was comforting me "what did these people do to you...?" before she could finished her sentence the doctor barged in "we found her out in the desert of poosh she was hurt and couldn't remember anything, we only helped" he finished his sentence staring at these people. The people surrounding me stood upright and stared at The Doctor, shocked by his words, then one suddenly spoke "Put him to death!" i screamed out upset and scared but none of them seemed to listen. The Doctor turned around to make sure Amy was still safe and they caught sight of this, He spoke again "And the ginger one, she is with him!" I screamed out again but was held back by 3 guards as i tried to run and protect them. I stared up at these guards and asked "Who am I?" between choking sobs. They replied shocked "You're our princess, Princess Maria of Poosh".......
I had been in the palace for days now being dressed up and shown around like a doll, i hated it, every night i cried begging for The Doctor and Amy to be safe and unharmed. I heard their execution was today and demanded to see them before it all kicked off, and they allowed me to.
I entered the dungeons and ran towards the bars, where i saw Amy sat at the back crying about someone called Rory and The Doctor coaxing her. They both stared and smiled the moment they say me in fact Amy ran up to the bars and grabbed my hand, she was as scared as me, The Doctor stood and looked at me i admired the hope in his eyes he was going to need me help though! He approached the bars and grabbed me other hand and grinned adjusting his bowtie"Now,we are going to need your help to escape this one." Amy looked up at him then back at me, "Doctor, can she come with us? i mean when we are out of here?" I looked up at The Doctor just as Amy had done and he brushed back his floppy hair "Of course, that is if she wants to" I don't think i had ever smiled more in my life and i quickly let out "Yes, yes!" and squealed excitedly.
The Doctor formed a small circle between us and the bars and he discussed a plan that we put into action for the execution.
I sat up on this chair, pleading with myself that this would work. I couldn't watch Amy and The Doctor die not after all they had done; they saved my life for Gods sake, and i needed to repay them. The approached center stage, Amy's eyes glistened with tears and The Doctor just stood proud and strong, as he always did.
I held my breath as the excucutioner swung the massive blade around his head and grinned showing all of his teeth, i was disgusted by all of this, The Doctor bowed his head and just as he swung the axe i screamed "STOP THIS AT ONCE!" they all stared in stunned silence "RUN!" The Doctor and Amy sprung into action and ran out of the arena. Guards drew their swords and i ran after them two, and showed them the way to the TARDIS we quickly ran in and The Doctor started to fly her, smiling as he went, Amy hugged me tight and said "Thank you Maria" and that is when it started......The beat of drums.....

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