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Just a quick note to all the beautiful people who've read and enjoyed my fanfiction!

Submitted: December 30, 2011

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Submitted: December 30, 2011



Hey, guys. Anny here and I just wanna drop you guys a line about my fan-fiction.
When I first started writing fanfiction, it was predominantly Band-fic. Which is great, but at the same time, it’s very difficult to stay true to character when you don’t actually know anything about the guys/gals you’re writing about, which obviously is very stressful for a dedicated ‘canon’ writer like myself. (Canon meansa fan-fic which sticks to the nature of the person, the opposite being ‘Fanon’ which is completely made up and generally just uses the names ect.) So, over the past few months I’ve started writing more and more book/film fiction! Which, admittedly, I’m not quite as into as Band-fic, but writing the characters I know and love is phenomenally easier than making hesitant guesses based on what I may or may not know about celebrities (Attractive celebrities, however, can be just about anything you want them to be. Ha. /perv.)
So, anywho, the point I’m trying to make here guys is that; while I love fanfic, I love doing it, I love reading it and boy-oh-boy do I love coming up with storylines for it (/pervingagain) I’m just sorta testing the waters with it, and, in the name of science and attractive boys; You guys can either expect lots and lots and lots more, or…You can expect lots and lots and lots more, and run away now. Hah. Not that I don’t value you guys or anything, because I doooo… but, y’know. Love me or leave me, as they say.
So yes, I will get around to writing it, if you guys wanna read it, it’s totes up to you. I have a few couples (malexmale, sorry guys, it’s an addiction ><) that I want to try out. I shall not name, because that will spoil the fun. (though I’m totally digging HarryxDraco right now, seriously. /drool) Though, my favourite little darling on this earth, FizzingWhizbee (ßCheck it out! It’s a link!) wrote the. Most. Adorable. Brendon Urie/Harry Potter fanfiction and…sigh…It gets my heart a’thumpin’. Go read it! Even if you don’t know who Brendon Urie is! (I’ll give you a hint, it’s my display picture. Also, if you click ‘hint’ you’ll see him in action.)

So, my wonderful little cherubs. Who are your favourite couple(s)? It can be malexmale or femxfem or heterosexual or personxalien or anything! Actually, can we avoid personxalien?
Anyone you’d like to request a fanfiction of, maybe? I’d have to vaguely know either the person or the book character, though If I can blag it and it still work then I might just do it. Depends greatly on my mood.

Alternatively, got a good fanfic that you wrote/read and want me to check out? Even if it’s not romantic!

Well that’s all from me, guys!
Yar Har Har!

Anny :3

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