So much for unconditional love...

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This is about people, a relationship with people who you should hold love for, yet they make you who you are today.
Today you are a disgrace, thank's to those people.

Submitted: November 16, 2012

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Submitted: November 16, 2012




She lied to me,

She said she wouldn’t give up on me,

But it wasn’t meant to be,

And now, I’m on my way

To the death bay.

I wish she was honest to me,

Now that she’s left us to see,

How sneaky she truly is,

She wants to be in showbiz.

She left me with them,

Only I’m not a shiny gem,

So you leave me like a bin bag,

Discarded, like a fag.

That reminds me, I smoke.

Oh and don’t forget coke,

My teeth rot,

Cause of all the damn pot.

It’s all because of her,

They all leave me,

Now I’m alone, isolated,

Sick in the damn head,

So thank you!

For making me into THIS.

A disgrace to human nature.

Thank you Gran,


Thank you  Dear Fucking Mother.

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