How you wish your life could be

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I really haven't thought about it this much yet. And I don't know enough to classify it.

It a multi-demensional sci-fi dramody.

Submitted: July 26, 2015

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Submitted: July 26, 2015



When the medical field finally got to the point that they could alter peoples minds, to say the least, things started to get interesting. There were modifications to make you think you look better, some that actually made you look better and some that killed. After they got all the bugs worked out and people stopped running around like badly programmed robots with shitty plastic surgery, the modifications coming out never ceased to amaze me. I had always flirted with the idea of getting a mod done, how cool would it be to become someone different with the flick of a switch? I've been this same bag of shit for 30 years, I can guess which way I'm going to go pretty well.


Flirting was all it ever was, hell I could barely afford the depression meds needed to keep my life going down the same shitty path. You had to have quite a bit of money to get a mod, either that or try to be the #1 or 2 in my favorite saying. “If you don't work here, or you're not fucking somebody here, get the fuck out!” Well, I wasn't and I didn't so flirt was it for me. All the same old drudge, up and down, up and down; this is my life. I'm a river boat captain driving a brain powered boat, going the same speed in a circle around in my own skull. I'll never make it out alive.


This was the existence I accepted until the day I heard about a wormhole mod. I knew the second I understood it, that this was my one chance to do something with my life. I waited until they had worked out the bugs; reports of people with the mod just fucking exploding were not a rare occurrence. I was waiting until the rate of success was common and no deaths had been reported in the last month or two. I had saved up quite a bit of money, ate half a sandwich for the day, walked to work, sat in the dark, and dumpster dived regularly for everything else, everyday for 4 years. Oh how time files when you are having fun! I was on my way, 15 or 16 more years and I would have enough. If I didn't die from who knows what first.


Opportunity seems to me to have this way of presenting itself like a warm buttered roll being thrown at your mouth. There was a Mod clinic across the street with a beautiful surgeon coming out of it, looking my way. Maybe I could be a #2, too bad of a record and too poor to ever be a 1. When that sweet, warm, soft buttered roll is about to hit your tongue, when time has stopped and it's you and the roll, together gotta bite! Somehow we don't hit it off :( Maybe it was the smell of a person that didn't bathe that often...or maybe it me!


The surgeon goes back to the mod clinic...Something fucky comes over me. I give in behind her like a fucking pyscho...(all the while, feeling as if my thoughts and actions were not my own) and profess to commit mass murder of said surgeon's entire bloodline if I didn't get this mod. I look down and for fucks sake, somehow I was carrying an automatic rifle and her family photos already. Had I been stalking her...I don't know how it got this far this fast. I was an daydream two minutes ago.


Surgery is preformed but we didn't make it to a second date. Before leaving the clinic the nice lady kidnly give me an instruction booklet on how use my mod. There have to be safeties installed into the mind so you aren't just accidentally doing this all the fucking time. The instructions read (after all the bullshit I skip):


Imagine a dark purple vase sitting on a waist high gold column and backsplash up the stairs in a dark slate room. There is a large painting behind it of you mother when she was younger, faintly visible by moon light coming in from an opening in the ceiling, reflecting off the gold. Walk up to the vase, notice it's shape and texture, medallion and smooth. The vase is coming apart into pieces, each one a three dimensional fractal, turning in a circle....”



This is the exact moment that my body exploded and my life ceased to exist in this realm. This is where my journey begins. And where the surgeon got her revenge.



I awake, but I can't really say that I just woke up, I don't feel groggy, my eyes and limbs aren't heavy and I am standing up. It was more like I was already awake and someone just flipped a switch to turn on my consciousness. I notice octagonal shapes all around me, all connected, nothing but. They look like they are made of plasma ( trust me, I'm a fucking scientist) , some green, purple, blue, and pink. All show a color fading from the outer rim of the octagon to the middle where it is the darkest black I have ever seen. If this were plasma, wouldn't I be burning up right now? I completely lose my shit! HOW DID I GET INTO THIS ROOM, HOW DO I GET OUT, WHERE AM I, WHY THE WEIRD SHAPE AND COLOR, WHAT DO I DO NOW AND WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?


Trying to calm myself I move toward the dull green glowing octagon below me. I peer into the black portion in the middle of the octagon, hoping that it's a window, it looks like solid black water, motionless. How can I be surrounded by 360º of water, did gravity take the day off? This only intensifies the panic I was currently trying to avoid. I feel my heart sink, there is no way out of this. I'm trapped in some fucking science experiment that some crazy bastard grad student dreamed up. Why me? I'm not special at all, I'm flat on all sides. In my sorrow I move toward the darkness. I touch it, the black water stuff ripples and every color on every octagon switches with each ripple hitting the edge. It's beautiful and calming at first and then as the hills and valleys of the waves flatten and the speed of the color shifting intensifies, I pray for an epileptic seizure.


The whole room is now one solid color, dull green. The water now seems motionless again on the surface. Again I touch the surface, only this time there are no ripples, I feel my body falling but I am falling up rather than down. I pass through the water, still falling up. I have that switch flipped feeling again, only this time I am running. I'm in a what appears to be a salt flat with distant surrounding mountains, no vegetation, pale yellow skies and it's cold.


Six legs, attached to a hard spotty-brown sectioned body, pounding the ground below me with such force it makes a sound barrier breaking noise with each connection. I look at the small dust storm I 'm creating in my own wake and realize why I am running in the first place. Behind me, massive teeth in the shape of a cone laying on it's side are floating without connection and rotating in layers, each layer spinning the opposite direction. I put my head down and run with all my might. I'm running faster than before now, I feel my body starting to take notice that my head made a decision without giving fair warning. Something inside me starts to clinch up in aggression against this decision, I ignore it, there is no time for that, this is predator versus prey.


Systems within start shutting down, my mind is not strong enough to overcome their failings. The middle leg on the right side of my body skips a step in rest, the other two compensate for the loss. This is it, I'm about to die forever. This is what the whole modification comes down to...a weird puzzle and 15 seconds as a fat dinosaur. NO WAY! Not this time. I remember the words, I can see them as clear as the Colorado skies in my mind. The sound of a buzzsaw echos off the atmosphere in front of me I think of the vase and column, the stairs and the slate, the opening and light reflecting...the spinning pieces...I can see it all. It grows closer And the picture of my mother, of course. Closer still Why is this not working? It's here What am I doing wrong?


These blades in the thing's mouth are what surgeons wish they had, each atom in serrated sequence like a long chain carbon. Each tooth, a blade so sharp your blood vessels didn't even know they were cut for a week. Like a plasma torch through butter near it's melting point. Which is precisely why I didn't know until I was back in the octagonal sphere. I'm still here...I don't know how or why...but I still exist somehow. And then I knew that I need not fear death again, for all intents and purposes, I am immortal. And maybe it's just a dream...but I haven't woken up yet.


There is a hole where the pale green octagon that I had fallen into is, I can see into it, another room which encompasses this one, a whole other octagon. I take a seat in the space in between the octagons...I need to think about a few things if I can. These Octagons are taking me into the mind of something else, the ones in the larger room may not have the same effect. I could be a piece of grass next time...waiting to die but stuck inside with no control...I could lose it even worse than I already have. Then again it could just be the same shit and what do I have to lose? I'm fairly certain that I am immortal in some sense of the word but do I want to test this theory further? What if I had just been lucky the first time?


I'm not bored enough yet to want to give this up on a whim so I slink back into the inner octagon, floating in the middle I survey the colors which have changed back from the pale green to what they were originally. Should I try another green shaded door? What significance does the color make? I should really be writing these things down or taking voice recordings or something...I'm fairly forgetful. I'll just go over it in my head a few times, hopefully that will green equals 6 legged creature in a desert being chased by an entire knife factory. Got it. So I don't want to do green again right this moment. So let's see about pink?


I slowly touch the water in a pinkish octagon near the pale green one that I first feel into. The water softly ripples, colors flash, I wish for death and then, here I am. I feel a slight warmth as the rays of light catch my flesh, I am relaxed, laying down, eating. How wonderfully peaceful this is, it reminds me of a childhood memory. Outside in the sun on a spring day, under a willow tree holding a swing being pushed by my mother. She is dressed in a white cotton dress, she is smiling and happy, I haven't had time to disappoint her yet.


This, actually, may be better than that. I look out nothing but green surrounding me, I'm laying on a leaf nibbling on the outside, it's sweet and a little tangy. I'm not sure what I am but I have a thumb so I think I'm okay with this for the time being. I see some other creatures, dark reddish skin with bumps, big raised ones, two legs...covered by tattered shorts and something like shoes and two arms skinny but defined. I look down at my own body...looks like much of the same, only I'm a lighter shade of red.


I yell “Hey, what's going on?” over to one of them closest to me, it comes out “yalle zambay tu vanna?”. It was a bit louder than I wanted it to be and suddenly I hear a noise coming from all of them “keck-ek keck-ik keek” I take this as “shut the fuck up and get back to work”. Work? I'm just laying here basking in the light eating...I love this job! I'm doing okay so far and I don't want to cause a riot so I continue eating and while doing so I'm going over the differences between the green octagon and the pink.


The light is nearly gone for the day and the creatures start to climb down the leaves and branches. I feel absolutely stuffed so I roll over and head down myself. At the bottom I see a city of sorts and we are all in line waiting for something. As day grows nearer to the end I approach the front of the line and I can finally see what the hell I am waiting for in the first place. Each one of those before me is puking into a hole in the ground...I'm fine with this, I could use a good puke right now anyway, so full. I take my turn puking into the hole, notice that I'm actually puking on to what appears to be the queen and she is loving it. I am thanked for my service and ushered away. I find my resting place, I have young there and a mate. At bed time I find out that I am female...this is different but still enjoyable. I fall asleep easily, tired from a long day.

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