Ares Vs Edward Cullen

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Ares, one of my most fave demi god villains and he kills Edward Cullen.

Submitted: May 22, 2010

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Submitted: May 22, 2010



Ares Vs Edward Cullen

The scent of the swampy water prevailed in the air, Ares walked casually to the water front where Edward Cullen looked up in fear, “Where am I? I need your help stranger... I opened and door and found myself here.”

Cracking his neck Ares aimed his hand at a tree; door materializing as it opened, showing the inside of the parlour he had just left, “You mean that door, try it Edward Cullen, run.” Running at a blinding speed Ares laughed in a bemused manner, slamming the door shut as he was a mere inch away.

Turning to face Ares he winced as the sun began to rise; sun rays hitting his skin as he began to sparkle like the purest of diamonds. Frowning at the sight of him Ares pondered the irregular sight, “Wow, you really do look more gay and pathetic in person than I pictured.”

Breathing frantically Edward began to run the opposite way; stopping abruptly as a giant wall of black stone grew out of the ground. Rising 60 feet high it surrounded him completely; leaving him in a large arena with no escape.

Materialising within the circle Ares angled his head, drawing his swords as he tossed one at Edward’s feet, “I know you haven’t had sex in 107 years... so clearly you must be a proficient swordsman, fight me Cullen.”

Picking the sword up awkwardly he wasn’t certain what to do with the falcata; albeit light in his hand he did not know where to hold it on the hilt. Swinging the sword in rapid circle motions Ares began to circle around, “The trick is to be one with the sword... do not think I have forgotten about your skin; these blades belonged to the god of the forests that I vanquished, they can kill you.”

Approaching him in a mocking dance he swung his sword weakly; smashing the blade out of his hand as he flicked his wrist upward, nicking Edward on the forearm. Grabbing at his name brand shirt he looked at his hand; seeing his own blood, “Pick it up, this time have a firmer grasp on the hilt.”

Not giving him time he charged at him, flipping over him as he kicked him in mid-air; sending him sprawling against the wall. Darting out of the way swiftly the sword dug into the wall where Edward had just been, “Fast on your feet, good, I guess I’ll just have to be faster.”

Rolling forward Edward caught the sword; bringing it up just in time to block a deadly blow from the sword... yet no one was at the end of the sword holding it. Ares smiled, tapping him on the back of the shoulder as he kneed him hard in the tail bone; shattering it upon impact.

Falling to the ground in tears and screams of pure agony Ares lifted him by the collar; pulling a dagger from his belt as he cut at his shirt, “107 years and no muscles to show for it, maybe you should have trained instead of stalking teenage girls.”

Tossing his useless black shirt aside Edward rolled over on his back; grimacing in pain as he cried out in mercy, “Please don’t... have mercy on me, I have done nothing against you stranger!” Cracking his neck Ares grinned, “You were born, that was your first offence then you were reborn, second offence... enough reason to kill you.”

Walking to stand right above from him he took the sword out of his weak grasp, spitting in his face, “I grow tired of your sight... I hope you die painfully.” Materialising out of the circle Edward painfully rose to his feet, healing slowly as he frantically searched for a way out.

The ground began to shake as the walls closed in; circled becoming smaller and smaller as he realized his impending doom was growing nearer. He felt his body squish as the walls compressed more and more; his bones shattered as his screams of agony filled the air. Crushed to death Edward was dead forever... or is he?”


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