Siva is a demon off 29, a story on booksie and he's my creation and he's going to kill Edward Cullen.

Siva Vs Edward Cullen

He smiled as he stretched out his hand, pressing Edward Cullen hard against the wall as he cracked his neck, “If it isn’t Edward Sparkly Cullen, as pitiful as I ever pictured you in my head I realize I was wrong; not even my demon enriched mind could have predicted how measly you really are.”

Edward struggled against the invisible hand fruitlessly, “I don’t know what I did to piss you off... but if you would just stop and listen for a second...” Chuckling at the pathetic tone of fear in his voice Siva looked at the curtain on the opposing window, “You know what my problem is with you Edward...”

Aiming his hand at the curtain he pulled on it, light beaming in as it came into contact with his diamond skin; sparkling intensely, “Real vampires don’t sparkle; I’ve had a duel with Lucifer, fought off a horde of angels, I’ve even seen hell and yet you are the worse abomination to ever walk this planet.”

Releasing his hold on him Siva watched with amusement as he pushed himself to his feet, looking confused, “Demons are waiting outside, if you run they’ll kill you instantly... unless you fight me. If you win you cut off my head and show it to them, they’ll let you go, so go ahead Cullen, show me what you got!”

Throwing off his jacket he smiled as Edward didn’t move; trying to figure out if it was a bluff as Siva jumped the distance between them. Swinging hard he punched him across the jaw, sending him sprawling to the ground as he shook his own fist in pain, “Tough skin, should be fun”

Grinning he watched as his knuckles were already healed, wiping the blood off his face Siva winked at him mockingly, “After I’m done with you I’ll enjoy scaling every diamond particle off your dear little wife... ode the screams of shear agony will be as joyous as the chorus of the angels.”

Getting the expected results Edward charged at him, tackling him in the gut as they both crashed into the wall. Erupting in laughter Siva kneed him in the chest, “You kick like a kitten boy, put some spirit into it... like this!”

Kneeing him hard in the face he laughed as he reeled backward; crunching of his broken nose prevailing in the air. Not waiting he walked over casually, kicking him in the side; sending him spiralling sideways 20 feet across the room, crashing through the front church pew.

Stopping at the pew he frowned as amongst the debris was no sign of Edward; turning swiftly he swore under his breath as Edward got off a punch. Backing off in surprise Siva grabbed at his nose, already healing as Edward barred his teeth, “You want spirit... I’ll show you.”



Rolling his eyes Siva outstretched his hand, firing a triple detonation; three balls of black flame launching into his chest in a triad formation, sending him crashing into the opposing wall. Singed and badly injured Siva watched as Edward struggled to his feet, “Play time is over Edward Cullen, now watch as I kill you.”

Stretching out my arms I mutter the incantation, feeling the small flame tendrils writhe out of my fingers. Snake heads of blue flame hissing loudly Siva smiled as they slithered unto the vampire; climbing his injured body as the bit into him in multiple places, digging into his skin.

He screamed in agonizing pain as they delved in deeper and deeper; eating him from the inside out, eating his marrow and his useless organs. Falling to the ground as the bones of his legs were no more he looked up into Siva’s eyes for mercy; dying having found none, forever dead... or is he?

Submitted: May 21, 2010

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Mat. I love you.
I lveo SIva. I hate Edward.
It's great FYI

Fri, May 21st, 2010 6:40pm


Lol, thank you I'll send Siva your regards :P I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Sat, May 22nd, 2010 12:24am


Siva is a LEGEND! Say to him that Edward was always my least favorite...because it's true. He was always the FAG in the Cullen family...

Mon, June 14th, 2010 6:23pm


Lol I agree with you on all aspects of that comment, :D thank you for the comment :)

Thu, June 17th, 2010 6:04am

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