The Devil's Heart

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
Lucian had fled away from his country to London to save himself from the rogues who massacre his family and his alpha family. He vowed to himself to come back and take his revenge.

Brent was kicked out by his parents from their home when he came out to them. His parents believe he's an example of a living sin that against from their religious beliefs.

Fate had crossed their way in an unusual way. Together, they become nomad with no one to turn to when times get rough with each other.

Lucian and Brent, as they both struggling to fit in, in this world, and discover each other's secret, find themselves falling in love with other.

Will fates and love can bound them together? Are they destined to be with each other forever?

Or, they will be just another casualty of love?

Submitted: August 19, 2012

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Submitted: August 19, 2012




A Nomad


Lucian POV: 

I was walking through the outskirt town of Eastwood in the middle of the night, an old town from north of London. I've been walking and running for three weeks now looking for some kid name Brent.

My family wants me to find this kid. I don't know why. They won't tell me the reason. But I know it's kind of confidential because the council hasn’t had knowledge about it. Besides, my family was so adamant on advising me not to use my real identity and my credit card. I have to avoid using everything that will reveal my identity. This will only bring me in danger.

My family was a member of a blue moon pack, one of the most powerful wolf pack in northern Europe.

My father was an old member in the council. The council consists of thirteen members. They are the strongest in the pack. They serve as an advisor, judiciary, and security in the whole pack. They made laws for the pack. The alpha was considered the executor for everything the council decides. It was been compared to what the human called government.

My father came to me one night in secretive manners, because the council was not allowed to meet any member of the family or anyone without the permission of the whole council.

"Father, what are you doing here? Isn't the council was prohibited to see their family?" I ask my father. I was surprised to see him in the middle of the night.

I am not in favour of the laws that the council had been making most especially when we, their family, were deprived to see them. But, as time goes by, I've learned to accept that fact. Because my father was a member of the council, our family had been respected and admired by our pack.

"Father, is there something wrong?" I asked alarmed. He is a little nervous and fidgety. He was sweating. I never saw my father acting like this. He was always reserved and calm. Even in battle, he never gets nervous.

"I want to talk to you privately." he said. Even his voice was shaking.

I followed him to the study room. He searched something in the bookshelves. When he found what he was looking for, he flipped the book. There's a key hidden inside the book. It turns out a case,  a secret case. It was only shape and look like a real book.

I examined my father while he was rummaging something in the drawer. He was a little bit scared.

"Dad, what's really happening? Have you done something wrong in the council? Are you in trouble?" I was worried now. The way he's acting makes me nervous too. He makes me scared. My father looks like he was out of his mind.

He headed to the other corner of the room. He was standing in front of the large family portrait, the portrait with our whole family. He examined the edge of the portrait. He clicks something on it.

The portrait parted into two and revealed a passage through. It was not big. The passage was enough to allow one person to pass through.

I was dumbstruck. I've been living in this house since I've existed but I never know this. I know this house holds a lot of secret but it never really occurred to me until now. Now, I know. We are in great danger.

"Dad, what is really going on?"

He faces me. His face tells everything. He didn't need to tell me. I don't know what's really going on in the council but I know our family is in danger.

"Son, our community is not safe anymore. There's a traitor in our pack. The whole alpha family was murdered." he exclaimed, while trying to find something in the drawer.

"No, that's impossible. Dad, that's not true!" I can't believe it. The alpha's family was murdered, impossible. How come this thing is happening?

"Son, we don't have the time. You need to escape now." he said. He shoves me to the passage through,  with a small bags. The things he prepared for me.

"but dad, how about you? How about mom? How about my siblings?" I ask him. I can't be the only one escaping.

"Will take care of ourselves, son. But you need to escape. You're our only hope. Our pack's hope."

"But dad-!" I started to cry. I don't want to leave them. I know the possibility that they can be killed.

"You need to be strong, son. Okay? For of all of us." I nodded but my tears are falling rapidly.

"Now, at the end of this tunnel is a river. That will lead you to the other town. You won't be track for now because that's not part of our territory. Once, you'll get to the river. I want you to get out of here immediately. It won't be long for them to track you. So, I want you to leave and here. Understand?"

I nodded. I heard some commotion outside the house. My mother and my two sisters stormed into the study room looking horrified. And by the emotions I see on their faces. They have known about it already.

"Angus, they already here." my mother said. Then she look at me and smiled.

"Be careful, darling. We love you!" she hugged me and kissed me. I hugged her too tightly. I cried hard more. My sisters come and hugged me too.

We heard another loud crashed of a door that is forcefully taking down. I panic. I know now what would happen.

"Mom, dad, I can't leave. I can't do it." I cried hysterically. My sight was blurred by the tears that had cascading on my face in a rapid manner.

"Yes, you can son. We trust you. Just remember whatever happen, will always be there for you. We love you, son." my mom whispered to me giving me some encouragement. She was crying too yet her voice full of courage. Her voice never falter. She was a brave woman.  


My two sisters was crying hard too. They are twin. Identical twin and very beautiful. As I look the two of them, they mouthed to me the words "I love you!". This would be the last time I would hear them say those words. Just the thought of it makes my heart ache in pain.

The voices in the corridor was now so vivid that we can hear every words and curses they've said. I look at to my beloved family.

"I love you all!" I said. My voice still shaky.

My whole family nodded at me. My father had click the button that was created to look like a stone that was cemented to a wall. Camouflaging the texture and coloured of a wall making it hard to notice without careful look at it.

I saw my twin sister and my mother shifted into their wolf form. And stand infront of the door in attack mode. They're anticipated the barging of wolves into the room in any second. I could even sense it in the air. It was so tense that I can actually touch it. I saw my father shifted into it's grey wolf form before the door of the passage shut together.

I cried my hearts out loud leaning into the thick brick that separated me to my family. I can't hear anything now. Everything had seemed muted. Only my hard sobbing can be heard inside the tunnel that riveted through it.

I don't know how long i stayed there moping myself. It's been hour, I guess. I don't have the strength to stand myself up. I was drained. The incident had somewhat limp me making me hard to move.

"Son, you have to be strong for all of us. For our pack!" I heard my father's voice inside my head. Giving me a new kind of strength. I composed myself and lift myself to stand. My family had died saving our pack. Protecting our pack for it's extinction. I don't know how many of my pack is still there.

And the traitor was out there. I can't die. I still have to revenge my family. I have to revenge for our pack, for our alpha. They must pay. Whatever it cots.

This is an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

I started to walk through an endless darkness. But, it's not a problem for me. I worked my way using my feral sense. I had inherited my father's trait as a warrior. I shifted into my wolf forms shredding my clothed into tiny pieces as my body changes into a bulge mass of a black wolf a streaked of white in my forehead. Blending me into the darkness of the tunnel.

My grandfather used to tell me story about a wolf with a white streaked in their forehead. The wolf who has this, is said to be special. There's not so many wolf who has this. My grandfather once told me he'd only heard only one wolf who has this looks. And that was happened thousand years ago, and still a legend.

My entire family doesn't know about my looks. When I had my first shift into a wolf I don't have this white streaked in my forehead. But as time goes by, and as I grow up the streaked became visible. I hide it from my family. I was afraid that they will disowned me because I was different. Until now my family doesn't know about it and they never will.

I feel a rush of cold wind passing through me. I smelt the scene of the river ahead. Im almost there so I sprint my legs more to run faster. To get a revenge for my family and for our pack. I must able to get out of here safe and breathing, in one piece.

I was back into my sense from my trance. I shake those painful memories away from my mind. There's only one thing to do now. Find this Brent.

My father had me this envelope that contain some personal information about this kid Brent. Some basic information that I needed to help me identify this kid. I'm not sure how far is Brighton to Eastwood town. I don't have a map and any gadget that would tell me the exact location of that place. So, I'm just relying on my instinct. Hope, I won't be lost.

As I trot my way inside the dense forest of the country side, I caught this kind of scent that had tickles my senses very unusually. I've never smelt this kind of scent before. It's very alluring. What surprises me my inner self had growled. A reaction that I never yet felt before. As if, telling me to search who owns this scene and possess. So, it became my own possession.

The scent was so strong that I don't have a choice but to follow the smell when my instinct had command me to. I was brought into the thickest part of the forest that the light of the moon above can't no longer penetrates through the thick leaves of trees that surrounded the forest. I don't know how safe is the forest. I heightened my feral senses and my hearing, to alert myself to possible attacks from another animals that would come my way. I can see every living things very vividly within the reach of my vision. It was very detailed that I can tell how the frog catches some insects that flies around the ornamental flower. I can see how the grasshopper eat the leaves of a plant. It was so detailed that I thought it was infront of me but the truth is it was located a meter away from me.

The scent became much strong when I reached a plain faire outside the dense forest. And not so far away, lies an old English house. It was a typical English house void of any modernity.

But, I alerted myself when I smelt another scent. It was different from the first. It has a dusty and eerie smell on it. And very dangerous. It didn't not belong to an ordinary human, not from this world.

My inner self reacted furiously to this scent. I slowly inch my way into the house carefully not to make any sound that would alert the the people inside the house. Especially, the one who smelt different. I used my feral senses to scan the entire place but it was block by some kind of aura. The aura was like a mass of water surrounded the house making everything blurry.

Then, my inner self whined when I smelt again the alluring scent. I can feel that he is a little bit sad. My inner self growled at this thought. It want to comfort the owner of this scent.



Emmet POV:


"Mom, Dad. I have something to tell you." I said so low that I don't know if they heard me, right.

I dreading this moment for three months now. I've been planning for this. I know it's a big gamble on my part. This will make or break my life.

I was even confused and afraid when I found this about myself. I don't know if I'm going to accept it or ignored it through the rest of my life. But, as the day passes by, the feeling got only worsen. It only became a feeling of despair that puts me into depression. And everyday, myself, became my own personal hell that tortured me to my very being. Any moment, like a volcano, would erupt without any warning and that will only cause so much pain to my part. That will damage me to the last fibber of myself.

I look at, both to my parents, from my mom to my dad and vice versa. We're on our dinner. This was one of the few chances we have to eat dinner together. My parents was always on a business trip abroad leaving me alone in this big house.

My mother smiled at me sweetly through his eye glass. She has eye problem when a chemical was accidentally spilt and poured into her face causing some damage to her left eye. Making her eyesight blurry.

She sipped her glass of water to cleared her mouth from anything and look up me. A proud look was always there in her eyes everytime she looks at me.

My father occasionally look at me while devouring his food in a graceful manners. His movement was always precise and sure.

"What is it, sweetie?" she said cheerfully, yet with autocracy.

"Is it about your school? I hope, your doing great with your study. We expect a good grades from you. One more thing, you should graduate as a top student in your batch." my father said. He places his utensils in a three o'clock positions signalling that his done eating. My parents was so keen about table etiquette. There was always some kind of a pattern to be followed while dining. This was always left me in wonder.

"No, dad. It's not about my study. I'm okay with my study dad. I'm doing great with it." I exclaim nervously but I tried so hard not to falter my voice. The most I needed now was my courage. So, that I can be able to tell my parents about my problems without crying. 

"It's about me, dad." I look at straight to my dad. His brows furrowed into confusion. "I don't know how to say it. But I hope, mom, dad. You won't get angry with me."

"Darling, we won't get angry with you. We never will. We love you and you know that." my mom interrupted me. She looks a little bit worried. My dad stays a calm persona. He waited me to continue.

"Mom, dad. I-I'm g-gay" I said more than a whisper. My hands was sweating while I fumbled my fingers together on my lap. I look down not having enough courage to meet their gazes. I was shaking vigorously.

"What is that again?" my father ask me with a trace of steel in his voice.

I look up and gathered my courage that is failing miserably. "I'm g-gay, dad."

I heard my mother gasped when she heard it the second time. Her hands was on her chest as if she was going to have a heart attack. Her expression was in shock. 


"You're a queer?"

I flinched at his words. I know those words was just an ordinary but it's stung to my heart. I know I'm not normal like any boy. But, shouldn't they be the one to understand me?

"I don't want you in this house. I want you to leave now. I don't want to have you here and be known to our neighbour, that you're an abomination. You will only disgrace my name." he said in a very sober and stern voice, and each words pierced into my heart like a thousand daggers tearing me into pieces.

I can't no longer hold the tears that was on the verge of falling. I cry in front of my parents.  

This was the consequence that I feared so much. I thought, they said they love me and they won't get angry with me?

"Mom-," I whispered to my mom. Asking for her sympathy and understanding but all I got was a look of disgust on her eyes.

"We expect so much from you. We can't keep you here. I don't want to be the centre of shameful talk in this town."

And that was my last thin thread of hope that I cling into. I can't believe my parents. They are willing to abandon me than to be the topic of gossips around. And I realise that my world had crumbled in front of me leaving me with no one to turn to.

I stand up and run into my room. To find some comfort there but, it seems my room became alien to me. I am really no longer belong here. I grab my things and put them in my luggage. Leaving those that I no longer needs.

Downstairs my parents was waiting for me at the open door. I walk my way to the and stop one step away from the door. I look at them one more time. Hoping one more time, pleading for their understanding. But my mother just look away diverting her gaze from me. And my dad just stared at me with no emotion. His eyes as cold as eyes.

I stepped out of the house and night cold wind meets me with a forlorn feeling. Embracing me, seeping the coldness into my very soul.

I am now a nomad. Homeless and alone.


I blink the tears away that ready to fall anytime soon. It's still hurt a lot when I remember the time my parents had kicked me out of the house when I came out to them. It was six months had passed but I can't throw those memories away. Even, how hard I try to block them in my mind but still they find a way into my brain. Hurting me more than the actual night after six months from now.

I look outside my window and peek into the plain faire. The place was so solemn and solitude as the moon beams it's light over the wilderness. Casting a magical glow over the wild flowers around. The quietness of the place always gives me comfort. Making me calm and relax.

I was thankful that I stumbled my way into Madame Ruth. She adopted me. Although, she was a very mysterious old woman that always wears a scowl on her face. I was still glad that I meet her. Because of her, I have a place to stay and a food to eat. I sighed as inhaled the cold air bringing some renewed hope in my soul.

I reached the old panel glass window to shut them when I catch something moving in the faire. I stared at it for a second. This time I was able to see it. It's look like-

My eyes widen as the realisation comes. I was rooted to my place. I cannot move as my gaze drawn into the eyes of the monster that was looking at me. My heart beats rapidly making me gasp for air. I immediately shut the window with so much force, I thought, it would break into pieces. I clasp my hands in my chest trying to calm myself. I felt like I was in delirious state. From fear of the monster, no doubt.


I was awaken by a continuous barking of dog right outside my window. I open my eyes slowly as the noise continue and started to irritate me.

It must be skylark. Madame Ruth's dog. I've only seen skylark thrice. Since, the moment I came into this house. That's also intrigue me a lot. The dog was also kind of mysterious. Just like Madame Ruth.

I open my window and look outside. I saw skylark was barking at something in the grass. I run out of my room and into the kitchen. I scan the entire place but I didn't see Madame Ruth. So, I run to where skylark was. He is still barking.

As I get nearer, I saw a pair of feet. I gasped when the object came into view. Sprawling into the faire unconscious was a naked blond boy. He has a long chiseled nose and prominent jawline. He has a red pair of lips that looks so soft to touch.

My sight wondered through the broad chest of the boy. He has a lean and muscular body, that he looks like a model from a magazine. I blushed entirely when my sight wondered a little bit more lower. 

I snapped from my stare when skylark bark again beside me.

He nudge the boy's face as if to wake him up. I squatted closer to the boy. I examined him and feel if his still breathing. I let out a sigh. A breath that I didn't know I've held. I was relieved to find him still breathing. I tried to steady my breathing. I got a little bit tense. Something was happening inside of me but I can't point it out myself.

"Skylark, let's bring him inside the house." I said as I try to lift the boy up. I was having hard time manoeuvring the boy into a bridal position. As i raised him up, i was trying to fight the feeling that was intensely creeping up inside me when our skin contact to each other. I was blushing as I tried to not look down on him to avoid seeing his "thing" that was fluffing between his thighs. I felt like a pervert while doing this.

This was a bit embarrassing.

I bring the boy upstairs and headed into my room. Skylark was already on my bed barking while jumping up and down. "I know skylark. I'm going to lay him to my bed. Please, give way skylark. He was so heavy." the dog inched away to the side of the bed giving me enough space to put down the boy. I was giving all my strength not to drop the boy. He was so heavy, really.

I covered him with my duvet to warm him up because he was starting to shiver from the cold. Skylark snuggled beside the boy curling up into a ball.

The weather in Eastwood was always below zero. The sun seldom shine in this part of the world. The town was always cold and gloomy. Giving an eerie feeling to the surrounding.

I lighted my candles that was on my bedside table. There is no electricity in the house. The small flicker of fire from the candles gives a little warm to the room. Although, the house itself very comfortably warm.

I examined the boy closely. He was so handsome, no doubt about that. But, the small visible detail on him tells that he didn't for a week now. He was a picture of tiredness and hunger. Yet, he look like an angel in a peaceful sleep.

I left the room when I heard a slamming of the door downstairs. Probably Madame Ruth was now back from her usual walk to the forest. She always do that everyday which is another thing that intrigue me about her.

Madame Ruth was an old mysterious woman. Though, she's old, she was still strong and can do anything in her convenience way more than a woman on her age. She always exudes this exuberant aura around her. She was firm and brave. She move like a royal queen with ease and grace.

"Madame Ruth, I saw a boy in the faire unconscious a while ago." I tell her when I see her in the kitchen.

"Don't mind him. He was only be a danger to us." she said without any emotion.


"Ahuh, so you brought him inside the house without my permission." she stated as a matter of fact, interrupting me as if she read my mind. "You're putting us both in danger because of that." her voice raise a bit higher making me flinch in horror. I've never seen her this mad. But why, I just help the boy? I can't leave him out there.

"Yes, you can!" she exclaimed loudly at me.

I was surprise by her outburst but what surprises me more is that she can read my mind.

"And now, let me take care of him by myself." she got a knife from the counter and stormed out in the kitchen and headed into my room upstairs. I was in daze for what happen but I hurriedly run after her when I realise what she was going to do.

"No, I won't allow it. This can't be right."

"Madame Ruth, you can't do that!" I scream while walking after her. "The boy had done nothing wrong."

"Yes, for now. But when his senses back he will going to kill us. He's not what you think he is!" she was in rage. I don't know what's gotten into her. But I won't allow her to kill the boy. I manage to block the door from her and firmly held on to the doorframe as if my life depended on it.

"Move!" she commanded me. But I held my ground.

"I don't want to do this to you but i won't tolerate anyone who defy me." she chanted a words that I cannot understand. I never heard of those words before. She close her eyes for a split second then she blows something in my face.

A small form of dark smoke appeared infront of and it engulf me until I inhaled all the smoke. I felt the gaseous smoke travelled to every part of my body through my veins. Draining all my strength in an instant. I scream out loud when the pain surge where the smoke have travelled. I slowly collapsing unto the floor.

"W-what's happening? Aahh!" I ask confused of a sudden surge of pain inside of me. This is like fire burning inside my body. I scream again when another pain shots within me. "What did you do t-me?!"

"I had injected you the smoke of death." she said.

"W-what a-are you t-talking about?"

"The smoke will slowly draw your force off in your body. And it will make you lose your consciousness. Leading you slowly and painfully into your death." she said staring at me while I groaned in pain. This thing was a torture.

"Aahh! Please make it go away!" my sight was started to get black. I can't take it anymore. I can feel my blood dripping in my nose and I'm coughing with blood too.

"Don't worry, darling. That's the sweetest death a human can endure. Enjoy, darling!" oh, god. Is this going be the end of me?

The pain that I've felt was so unbearable. It tore my flesh into pieces. My mind was going blank making me hard to think rationally. Bits of memories flashes through my very eyes, drifting each into the darkness.

"Aaaahh!" I scream when the most shot of pain surge inside my body breaking me into pieces. Memories came flashes into my eyes as I was slowly drifting into nothingness.


Lucian POV:


I woke up in unfamiliar place. I focus my vision so that I can clearly see my surrounding. The room was old but the ambiance was warm and cozy. And the bed I was in was comfortable. I've smelt the duvet that wrapped around my naked body. It makes my pulse beats erratically.

I felt a slight movement beside me. When I turn my gaze to the other side, I saw that it was a dog. It's staring at me while it's tail waggling playfully. It never bark at me. Instead, it snuggled into me comfortably. Giving off some of it's body heat to me.

Then, suddenly I heard a small commotion downstairs. I heard someone shout and it was the owner of an eerie smell. I can feel that she's angry. Another shout from different man. The one who owns the alluring scent.

I get up and I heightened my feral senses but like last night it was only block by an aura. Danger was lurking in every corner of this room. I search for a dress to cover up for myself. I found a washed boxer and a sleeveless shirt. It fits to me exactly.

The commotion now become intense. I can sense that both party was angry. I position myself in the middle of the room. The dog was standing now. Was Alert for whatever going to happen. But still it never bark.

They are now in front of the door of the room I'm in. The aura around the room become intense and strong. I can feel that something is happening. Then I heard a scream of a guy. My inner self growled angrily when I heard that scream. I want to rush outside the room and help him but the force around him was so powerful. It rooted me into my place. Just as I shift myself into my wolf form the door slammed open.

A middle aged woman was standing in front of me. She was surrounded with a different kind of light that radiates through her body. The wind become harsh and the whole place shakes. The dog was whimpering beside me. I have to brace myself from the strong blows of the wind. All the things was send flying to the air. The roof was rattling because of the wind's force.

I saw a body lying unconscious just outside the room. My pulse quicken when I saw who it was. My anger boiled inside me in a rapid manner that would make anyone run for their own life. I can feel my eyes getting dark blue. Because I could see everything in detailed. Everything around me moves in a slow motion.

"What did you do to him?" my mind said impulsively. I can't talk in my wolf form. That's something I've never yet learned. And will never be. Only a chosen member of our pack can talk in their wolf form. And my father was one of them. They are considered as the most powerful wolf in our pack, besides the alpha.

"I gave him his sweetest death that he can ask for. Wouldn't it be nice of me, huh?" she said in her irritable voice. Her laugh was so demonic. And the thunder roared above the foggy sky accompanying her laugh.

She can read my mind.

"Of course, loud and clear!"

"What are you?" I ask her. I never showed that I'm afraid of her. I maybe don't have the power like she has right now but I won't give her any satisfaction, either. I'll fight her to the very last breath of me.

The dog was barking at her now. It was growling at her furiously. I don't understand this dog.

"Oh, so, you take side of him, skylark? Your abandoning me now?" she's talking to the dog. Her eyes now is bulging from their socket in crimson red. She was really scary.

I launch at her surprisingly which taken her aback. I knock her hard to the wall. She screamed so loud. It was so painful to the ears. I immediately distance myself from her when she regain her senses.

"Oh, giving a good fight, huh! I think I like that." and she strike a ball of fire in my direction sending me flying through the window. I hit my side on a rock. I howled so loud because of the impact it had caused to my side.

My strength is slowly dwindling. I didn't yet regain all my strength because I hadn't eaten for three weeks now. And I can't use my feral senses fully now.

I heard her laughing purposely and in second I heard the whimper of a dog. She must have hurt skylark. That's stupid, dog.

I run as fast as I could to the broken branch near the window and I use it as my platform to jump back into the room. I caught her before she can strike another ball of fire to skylark. She stumble backward. I rushed to skylark. And nudged it slowly. The dog bark, as if to say, he was alright.

"You're quite strong, filthy dog of a shit!" she scream at me. The winds now was rustling through the place wildly. The house was shaking like there was a magnitude seven earthquake. I have to steady myself from feeling dizzy.

"And you ungrateful wrenched. You'll going to die." she's pointing at skylark who was trying to get up. He's barking at her words angrily. Wow, what a brave dog.

The old woman chanting something silently. Her hands was in front of her in a shape of cupping something invisible. Then, in second, there was a small light appeared between her hands. As her chanting getting louder the light ball was also getting bigger. The wind outside become strong knocking some trees to the ground. The earth shake vigorously more. The roof was dismantled from the house leaving us open.

I know that is not an ordinary light ball. It's dangerous and could blast the whole place into a split second. I must do something.

Then, as instinct told me, I closed my eyes and relaxed my body. I concentrated my mind on saving the last of my energy gathering them in one point of my body which in my forehead where my white steak fur located. I feel like my body rejuvenated and healing all the wounds that I've got from this fight. Renewing my lost strength. I felt like I was cleansed, as their was a light emitting fro my forehead.

The place became still as the white light engulf me and raise me from the ground. I felt some changes in my body form. My bulky mass became lean and my fur was no longer black but it was long and white with golden streak at the tip. Making me look like a blazing sun. My tail grown into a shiny flowing fur a combination of white and gold. My furs freely floated with the wind obeying it's course wherever direction it flows.

I stepped back down on the floor when the lights that surround slowly gone revealing a strong and authoritative wolf. I was amaze with my transformation. I never thought that wolf can transformed like this.

By the time my transformations was done, the light ball was now so big that it can engulf two airplanes together. It located above the old woman's head while her both hands were raise as if to keep the energy ball at place. It emits a lightning, like an electricity sparking inside the energy ball.

I position myself in attack stunts and growled at the old woman.

"What are you going to do now?" the old woman exclaimed. She's laughing crazily.

"Stop, you!" I shout at her. I was surprise. I was able to talk now with my wolf form.

She laugh more at my words. "Really? Then, stop thissss!" she motion her hands down. The energy ball moves down slowly. I position myself and gathering all my energy I have. My fur emblazoned as my energy getting higher at speed of a second.  


I run up under the energy ball and catch it using my back to keep it from touching the ground. It was so strong that it push me down to the ground but I never falter. I'll hold this thing as long as I can. Yeah.

"I won't let you winnnn!" I shout at the top of my lungs as I nudge the energy ball upward. Slowly, it's inching up until it zoom up away in a speed of light and burst into the atmosphere. The sound was loud that it shook the earth. The clouds was cleared out the sky leaving a glass like wall that shows what outsides the earth.

"Nooooooo!" the old woman scream, as she turns into a black smoke and vanish into thin air leaving no trace of her existence.

Then everything became still. The wind back to it's normal motions. The earth stops trembling. I shift into my human form and collapse on the floor. I don't have the strength to stand myself up. I was so drained. Then, everything became pitch black.



Chapter 2- The Impending doom




Angus POV:

The night was quiet and calm. The stars was shining brightly above the night sky. Like diamonds sparkling it's crystal for everyone to see. If those stones are only within reach, there would be chaos over the land. Like, power, human and wolves alike, will be fighting over it.

Power, the greatest possession any living creatures can have. It was like a badge to anyone's personality. It was like a crown to a king. A lighting rod for Zeus and sceptre for Hades. For human and wolves, it was power that could make them great. Great than anyone else. Rising supreme among the crowds. Making everyone bow their heads on you for submission.

I sighed. Those thoughts always bothering me now. I don't know why. I don't have the wants for this so called power. I don't want to be great. I am already happy to be a member in a council and protect my alpha and the pack. But, lately it was bothering me now. Making me restless every night.

I remember the days before I became the respected member of the council. I'm just an ordinary warrior wolf, taking and following orders. Living happily with my wife. My wife was my greatest possession. Greatest than power, itself. My prize possession.

Then my life changes when I save the alpha's son from the ambush. It was a bloody fight between the rogues and our pack. We are outnumbered but I give my best for the fight. My life's purpose is to save the alpha's son. It had happened eighteen years ago but I can still vividly recall that night. It was beyond imagination. So, brutal.

I brushed away those thoughts. It had still affect me in some ways. I thought the fighting like that would not happen again but I think I was wrong. It has starting again. Our pack was disturbed for random attack from the rogues that roaming around our territory. Doing ambush and raid to the unguarded members of the pack. Killing the weak that don't have the strength to fight back.

Hour earlier that day:

"There's another rogues ambushed in our territory west from Siberia. It had killed almost all our members living there." Marcus said. He was furious about the report.

"This can't go on like this forever. The rogues had threaten and violated our packs. We have to declare war for them and punish them for their doings." Arturius exclaimed. He was always the one who will suggest war whenever there was problem erupted.

"And kill them all." Dominicus seconded. Saxon was only listening in his seat with his colleagues outburst. He never move to make a comment.

"But, how did it happened? I thought we had already kill all the rogues that was roaming in our territory." Angus ask staring at Dominicus.

"Are you implying something to me, Angus?!" Dominicus snarled. He doesn't like to be suspected of anything. He was dedicating his whole life for the pack's safety to be only suspected of anything.

"I'm just curious. I didn't mean anything, Dominicus." Angus explained.

"Enough of that nonsense rattling with each other. It won't bring us to the solution of our problem." Telonius intervened the quarrel between his member. He was having an headache with this problem. His comrades was right. This problem can't go on like this forever. They must make an immediate plan to solve this problem. The alpha won't like it if he heard about it.

"So, what do we do now?" Alfred ask no one in particular. He was the one who easily pursued by anyone.

"Were going to investigate this case properly. Were not going to let this pass. It had to be stop no matter what." Telonius said. No one had voice their reaction. They had known Telonius very well. His decision cannot be altered. He was as firm as the pole.

Back to Angus present state of mind:

The problem now has gotten out of hands. It had comes into a worst scenario. Their had a lot of killings now from the rogues. And I'm still wondering of how the rogues comes in our territory without suspected in the first place. They must have been reported before the killing happen but it's not.

And now, the alpha has wish to see me. The alpha must have heard the report. But how? It was purely made confidential. No one had known about it. Those people involved had been vowed not to say anything about the incident.

I was making my way to the mansion where the royal family had reside. The mansion was a massive building. It has everything from new high technology installed to every corner of the building. All possible entrance was guarded and with laser beams for added security. The alpha's life was already threatened before. That's why we had take account of precaution to prevent it to happen again.

I reached the front gate. It was made of a special steel that can't be easily take down with force. It cannot easily be damage by high powered gun ammunition. And the lock can only be access inside the mansion. In the controlled room.

I place my thumb in the bio-metric machine that will scan my identity. Before the man in the controlled room will give me entrance. After five minutes of waiting, the steel door opened.

I park my car in a circular driveway. In the middle was a beautiful fountain, well lighted that it complimented well and only adds to the beauty of the fountain.

My brows wondered around to the ridiculousness of the surroundings. I feel something was wrong. There's a mistake in here, as i scan the area. I look around for the two guard that should had man here outside the main door even though there's a laser beam installed inside.

I heightened my feral senses. I scan the perimeter. And I even tried to smell the air around. My nose react for a certain scent. This was not familiar. It comes from....Rogue!

I shifted myself into my wolf form. As I sprint my legs into a speed. I turn around into a corner and soon enough I saw three rogues fighting over a remains of a dead body. I growled so loud to catch their attention.

They both startled of my sudden appearance and slowly back away. The rogues who was a more dominant between the two charged at me banging me into the wooden door that will lead into the hall where it also leads to some of the room in the mansion. I groaned hard because of the impact.

The other two rogues rushed to me but I got able to get out from the hold of the first rogues and run around to charge the other rogues in it's side. We banged to other wolf that was besides to the one I charged into. The rogues whimpered. I yelp when the first rogues got one of my hind leg. I dodge to it with my shoulder sending it to the wall. I nudged to it giving it no time to regain it's senses and snapped it's neck. It's gasped for air for it's last breath.

The two rogues rushed in my direction when they regain their senses. The brown rogues knocked me with so much force to the hard cement wall with it's shoulder. And the grayish rogues got my hind leg and banged me to a glass table. The table shattered into pieces. I scream so loud when a sharp broken glass stuck on the my flesh.

I take my stance and ready myself into an attack mode when I saw the brown rogues leapt into the air crossing the distance between us. I wait no time, I jump into the brown rogues, I somehow maneuvered myself to dodge beneath the brown rogues and bit it's throat. Snapping it's esophagus and larynx out of it's neck. The brown rogues whimpered when we landed the cement floor. Blood was all over the place.

The grayish rogues growled angrily at me. I run and charge at the grayish rogues. It got me in my shoulder in the process, I rolled ourselves together breaking me in his hold. When I did, I pinned the rogues down and grab it's neck with my strong jaw and break it's neck in no time. The rogues yelp and limped making the blood splattered all over the place.

I was panting and gasping for air. The fight had taken my strength. I was a bit tired and my sore. I shifted into my human form. My wound open up and draws blood out. This will give me hell.

I look around the house. The place was not what I'm expected. I thought the mansion was in total chaos because I find three rogues outside with a dead body. I thought they had ripped the place out. Breaking everything in total disorder. But it's not.

"The alpha family!" I rushed to the every room of the alpha member when I remember them. I hope they're safe.

God, Oh please be safe!

I rushed to the first door at the third floor. I was shocked at what I've found out.

Oh, Jesus! This can't be happening!

I was rooted to my place. I can't even move. My mind was in chaos. I can't think. This can't be happening. This is massacre.

"Noooooooooo!" I scream at the top of my lungs. "No, no, no! This is not happening!" I cried myself out when I regained myself from shock. I can't clearly see the room because my sight was blinded by my tears. They cascade like a rapid stream in the river. I can't contain myself with the pain I felt right at that moment. The whole thing seemed bizarre to me.

"No, this is just a joke. Can someone tell me that this is joke! A bloody joke!" I shout even though I was alone in the mansion.

I looked around the room. It was like hell. The place was a mess. Everything was ripped out of place. The blood was everywhere.

The family was brutally murdered. Their eyes was out in their sockets. Their mouths was dismantled. Their throats was ripped out. And their stomach... "Oh, my god."  

I can't even describe it. This is brutality. This is totally inhuman.

I heard a low, soft whimper in the wardrobe room. I run to it. The room was in total wrecked. I scan the area. I smell the alpha under the big wood closet that was torn into pieces. I rush to it and throw away the closet that blocks the the way. I gasped and want to throw up. The was horrible. My muscle shiver at the sight.

The alpha was covered with his blood. His stomach had been dissected and all his internal organ was out of it. He lost his left  

eye. His hands and arms was in indescribable state. It's look like his hands and arms was minced. His right leg was cut. And his throat was smacked into distorted state. Blood spurting from his broken larynx. And he was shaking and he's hardly breathing. And the blood spurts from the hole in his neck. Just like whales, a water spurts from the hole in their back when they breath. It was a very disgusting sight.

I slouch to his side when he tried to say something but it just came out as a murmur. His words was incoherent. And the more he tried to speak, the more the blood spurts from the hole in his throat. 

Then he shivered violently. I hold him still. 


"Alpha! Alpha!"

A second later, he stopped moving. I cried so hard. 

"No, this can't be happening. This can't be!" my hands was clenched in fist.

I must called the council. They must know about it. I grab a shirt and a pant and make myself decent. I saw a pair of sneakers. I grabbed it before I got out of the room. I was about to dialed the telephone when I remember something.

"How did the rogues got inside the mansion when it was heavily guarded? Every corner of this mansion have a high technology CCTV camera installed. And there's electronic and automatic trap scattered around the yard. Before the rogues can even reached the perimeter. They can be spotted immediately."

I run fast as I could to the study room. Where the alpha usually spend his idle time. The secret passage was located in there. He showed it to me one day while he summon me to meet him. It was one of a rare moment that a low rank wolf warrior got to see his respected alpha. That was the best day of my life. And I was truly grateful because I was the only one whom he had told about this secret. And I was not yet a member of the council.

When I got there. The room was in total wrecked. And passage door was open. It had already been discovered. With this, it had only mean one thing.

This was an inside job. There's a traitor in the pack. Everything fills in place instantly. It was like a puzzle that was been slowly solve. Every pieces fit together one after another. The ambush of future alpha eighteen years ago. The failed assassination of the alpha four years ago. The random raids of the rogues in the territory without been spotted. And now, the massacre of the royal family in their own home that cannot be penetrated easily without someone who knows his way out.

"My god! Someone was in our pack who's in a wolf skin."

I walked to the living room and dialed Telonius. I didn't know who's the traitor is. I might be calling the wrong person but, I'm sure Telonius won't be the traitor. He was the one closed to the alpha. And had been serving the alpha longer than all of us in the council. He was also the one whose adamant on killing all the rogues when the failed ambush of future alpha happened.

The telephone on the other line ring. One. Two. Three.

"Hello, McCormick residence. May I know whose on the line please?" a man from the other line answered. It was hoarse and sound a bit angry. It wasn't polite at all. I sensed that the man was edgy because of his voice sounded.

"This is Angus. I'm calling from the mansion. I ne-,"

"Angus your calling from where?!"

Telonius? I didn't noticed it was him on the phone. His voice was a bit different. He's a little bit jumpy when said I'm calling from the mansion. He was a bit alarmed.

"Telonius, is that you?" I asked to be sure.

"Yeah, it's me. Sorry bout that, Angus. I was only a bit pissed that someone called me at this time of the night. And a bit surprise when you said you're calling from the mansion. What are you doing there?" he explain to me in a bit rush.  

Yeah, I guess the council doesn't know about the alpha meeting me. Was supposed to meet me tonight.

"Telonius, the alpha had summon me to meet him in the mansion tonight but-," I stopped and let some tears fall from my eyes. The event was really hard to believe. I haven't yet regained myself from the shock that the royal family was murdered.

"But what, Angus. Tell me.!" he became tense maybe because he heard me crying over the phone. That must have triggered his curiosity. No member of the council will cry over the phone for petty things. It should be horrible.

"Telonius, when i got here. The royal family was brutality massacred!" I blurted out.

"W-what? No, that's not true, Angus. That must be a lie. It should be a lie." Telonius burst out crying over the phone. This news was the most painful one to accept. It was beyond acceptable.

"Let's meet, Angus." he said when he regained his composure.

"Okay," I replied and he hung up the phone. I was still sobbing myself out. After, what feels like an eternity. I composed myself, and dialed the telephone again. I must informed my wife about this.

The telephone was answered on the first ring.

"Hello, This is Liza. May I know whose in the line please?" her voice was a little bit raspy and groggy. I might have awaken her from her sleep. I smile, when I pictured her in my mind.

I cleared my throat before speaking out. " Hi, honey. Did I disturb you?" I said trying to sound happy.

"Of course not!" she said cheerfully. "You know, I miss you. It was cold here and I need warm." I smiled again. My wife was flirting with me.

"You know, honey. I need to tell you something. But promise me you will not freak out." I seriously said. She must have sensed the seriousness of my voice.

"Is there something wrong, Angus?" she ask alarm. I sighed a heavy sigh before I told her everything.

"My god! That's impossible!" she said after a few minutes of silent. I heard her crying on the other line.

"Lisa, listen to me. You have to lock the house and don't open the door if it's not me. And don't answer any call after this talk. I'll be calling you in our private mobile phone."

"Yes-" she said sobbing.

"I'll be there in an hour. Bye." I exclaimed.

"O-okay, Angus!"

I nodded and hung up the phone. I walk my way to the front door. I walk into my clothes that I had undress an hour ago. I grabbed my mobile phone and climb in my car. I'll be meeting Telonius at the council.

The council headquarter was located thirty miles from the mansion. It was in the southwest of Siberia. Surrounded with lush green forest that suited well enough for us.

The headquarter was modern structure made of steel and fiber glass. It has the latest high technology features for added security, although it wasn't necessary because all the seven of us can well protect ourselves.

The place was deserted. There's no guard manning on the front gate. We don't usually put a guard on the gate unless it was needed. I open the gate and headed inside the headquarter. The whole place was quite.

I scan the perimeter and I cam smell Telonius and Dominicus inside at meeting room.

I can hear their growling with each other. They're in a middle of a hot debate. I scan smell it.  

I wonder what Dominicus was doing here. It supposedly me and Telonius only.

"Telonius!" I shout so they'll know my presence and stop their banter to each other. I was ten yards away from the meeting room door when I heard Dominicus scream.

"I won't let you do this to me. I'm fucking kill you, Telonius!" and loud shot of gun echoed through the whole place. Three times.

I hurriedly open the door and found Telonius on the floor with a shot of gun on his right leg and on his left shoulder. I rush to his side.

"Dominicus, why did you do that?" I hissed at him.

"I'm so done with him bossing around. Who he think he is? Huh? And now, he's threatening me. Hell no! I'm gonna kill him first." Dominicus scream angrily. Telonius whimpers something to me. But his words was incoherent. I can't understand a thing. 


"What he's trying to say, Angus, is, I killed the royal family. It's ridiculous, isn't it?" he said with a smirk on his face. As if, he found it funny. With the gun still on his hand pointing at us.

"Well, you knew too? I think I must kill you, then." he raised the gun at point at me. I was sweating. I know I can fight Dominicus. But he was also strong and he's cunning. Before I can act what's on my mind. He already know it.

"It hurts me to do this to you, Angus. But I have to. I have to protect myself. Maybe you and Telonius had planned this for a long time now to put me in this situation. Huh? Too bad, I'm smarter than the two of you. You fell on your own trap." he said with so much conviction.

He was about to pull the trigger when five rogues crashed into the windows. Knocking Dominicus unto the floor. He lost the gun and its sprawling away under a table. The shattered glass was everywhere.

I look up and saw five rogues growling angrily at us. I involuntarily moves a fingers, and the grayish wolf dashed at me in no time. I close my eyes and anticipated the impact but it never came. Yet, I heard a loud thud and the crashing of furniture over the clashing force between two wolves. I heard the rogue whimpered.

When I look up, I saw Dominicus infront of me protecting me from the four roughed who's ready to leapt up at us.

"Angus, get yourself out of here. I can take care of them!" he shout at me without breaking eye contact with the four rogues. The brown rogue stepped to the side near the door sensing that I'm going to run away. I'm not running away from the fight. I'm running away to save us. I heard a more howling outside the headquarter coming from the forest.

"There's so many of them." I whispered.

"Good, then. That's would be challenging." I heard Dominicus smirk.

"Don't be stupid,"

"You! Don't be stupid, Angus. You need to get out of here to warn the others. Now, that the alpha was dead were vulnerable. And the rogues had sense that."

Yeah, Dominicus was right. He has a point. It's hard to accept but our pack was on it's way to impending doom. The blue moon pack. The strongest pack of northern Europe was falling apart now. We were doomed. Someone in our pack is a traitor.

I ran to my car and climb fast back in and put the gear in ignition with only seconds interval. It won't be long before the rogues can track me down. I reached for my mobile in my pants pocket and dialed our private mobile phone number.

Lisa answered the call on the first ring. "Hello, Angus. Where are you?" her voice full of concerned. She must had waited for this call.  


"I'm on my way, Lisa. Is the children at home?" I asked as I maneuvered the wheel taking turns to every corner. Taking over some cars ahead of head. I was driving my like a speed of light. Zooming my way out of the traffic. After seemed to be driving in eternity, I saw my house ahead. I stop my car and alighted from it in a dazed of a second. I barge inside and lock the door. 


"Angus!" Lisa exclaim meeting me halfway to the living room. My son, Lucian was there. He look confuse when he sees me coming through the house. It's very unlikely for him to see me in this kind if the night. Because, we council member, was not allowed to see our family unless it was badly necessary. And on chosen occasion only.

"Father, what are you doing here? Isn't the council was prohibited to see their family?"

I didn't, and couldn't answer him. There's so much I want to tell him. I know he's against the laws of the council but he understand me. He was the one who acted as the head of family. He protect his mother and take good care of his twin sisters. When I, was busy protecting the whole packs life.

I saw the nervousness in his eyes. I know he sense that there's something wrong. But I don't know how he will going to take the news of the murder of the alpha family. Anyone of our pack would devastated if they will learn about it.

"I want to talk you in private!" I said as I made my way to the study room. I thought, I won't going to do this. But here it is now. The fate had decided.

I broke into the room and headed directly into drawer. I found the small key that I was looking for. I inched my way to the bookshelves and pick a particular book.

"Father, have you done something wrong in the council?" he said. Still expecting my explanation but I didn't care to explain. There's no time to explain to him everything even though how I wish I can. It's only a matter of time. A pack of rogues will be here soon.

I open the book with the key. It's actually not a book. It's a secret safe that was made to look like a book. Inside of it was a key made of bronze. A key for my secret passage through. The bronze key was no ordinary. There's a certain pattern to follow you can open the passage. Even though you inserted the key without following the pattern it will not open.

I look at to my son. He was afraid now. I can see it in his eyes. And it doesn't take for genius to know that all our lives was at stake.

"Son, there's a traitor in our pack. They murdered the royal family."

"What? No, that's impossible, dad! That's just sound ridiculous!" he said having a hard time accepting it. It really hard to accept.

"But, son. You have to get away from here. And save yourself. Your only hope for our pack."

"No, dad. I can't leave all of you here. How about mom and my sisters?"

I walk to the large canvass in the other side of the room. It was a picture of our whole family. I switch something and on the brick wall reveals a small key hole. I inserted the bronze key. Twist it halfway and back before twisting it full way. I take it out and waited for three second. I inserted it again and this time twisting it full way in backward motion.

The canvass parted in half revealing a silver door. It was just enough for one person to get through.

I heard a loud crash outside the house. They're here. I hurriedly get the documents that Lucian needed for him to get out of here and out of the country. I hand him the small bag.

My wife barged in the room horrified. Behind here my twin daughters. They refused to fled with Lucian. They decided to stay with us.

"Angus, they already here!"

"Dad, I can't leave," Lucian said while crying.

My wife hug Lucian. " Son, yes you can. This is for our pack. Thus is for our future. Just always remember, we love you very much!"

My wife said. Her voice never falter. She always a brave woman.

We heard another loud crash inside the house. And they're approaching the room. My wife and my two daughter shifted into their wolf form and take a stance behind the door in attack mode. I then click the button to close the passage through. I took one last look to my son before the door shut together.

I shifted into my wolf form. I can smell a hundred of rogues right behind the doors. They're howling at the door. Yeah, come inside all of you bastard. We won't let you catch us. We won't give up!

In a sudden motion two rogues banged in the door knocking themselves in the process. My wife took no time. She got the brown rogues in it's neck and snap it out of it's join. It whimpered, before it died. My two daughters nudged at the second rogue killing it in second. More rogues crashing inside the room. Me, my wife and my two daughters fight to the best we got. As more rogues coming in.


Five minutes to go, before this whole place explode. I heard my daughter scream as she was banged to the wall. I dashed to the rogues and got him its hind leg and throw it's to the crowd of rogues.

My wife cried as she tried to protect our daughter from three rogue. Two rogues had attack her. Wounding her shoulder and her legs.

The time is ticking slowly as the fight grow intense and bloody. In a split of second the room turns into a pool of blood. Disgusting blood from the rogues.





And the whole place explodes. The earth shook with the loud blast. Wiping everything insight. I can see the light of fire enveloping us. I gather my family and hugged them so close to me. We'll all going to die. And we're to die together.  


"I love you," I whispered to my wife before everything turns into a blurry sight.  



Chapter 3- The Legion: Elixir




Lucian POV:


I was staring down at the battle below. It was the most intense and the most bloody battle I've ever seen in my entire life. 

Dead body was scattered in a pool if blood. Vampire and werewolves alike. The whole place was like hell. Howling, crying and screaming will be heard everywhere.  


The place was like inferno. And war was like Lucifer. Reaping everyone in sight. Women, children and old people, they become victims of their own doings.

I saw a vampire woman who's body was torn into pieces by a werewolf. S

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