My Fobidden Love

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A love thats so strong that it hurts to breath but heart ache as it will never be

Submitted: February 27, 2012

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Submitted: February 27, 2012






His brown eyes was as warm as the sun on my face, and his smile could be seen from a thousand miles but none of this mattered because he was not of my race. Our love was real but to my parents none of this mattered because they had already arranged my marriage and my future, ours was a forbidden love.

Our heart ache made our love stronger, and I struggle to see which has more importance, my sadness or my parents happiness. Each day that passes another draws near but we continently strive to find moments for our forbidden kisses ,hugs, warmth and above all love

Men envied him and secretly wish they was him and woman dreamed that they was in his life. They all wanted to know what was going on in his head. His body so perfect like it was carved by The Master, he was my love but my heart aches as i am only his PA thats all my family allow

Woman wanted his number or to bed him! for him to be there baby fathers, he could never see the point or handle the heart ache other stars cause by doing this. But yet he never forgot where he came from, or whom his friends were.

some models and famous people bed themselves to the top or pay to get there, but My Fobidden Love got there by pure talent straight from the heart all the way to the top. His charm lovely personality his charisma his voice made people weak at the knees, many fantasized about him the more he got famous the more of a sex object he seemed to be come

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