Journey from a corner

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A boy has a strong interest in writing and people dont exactly except it. so he isolates himself. Then a girl comes along and invites him on an adventure with her. they fall in love and he find exception in her. The live happily ever after. for it exists. i know it does :)

Submitted: December 20, 2011

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Submitted: December 20, 2011



Solomnly a person will write. He sits in the corner. He looks into the eyes of the unwilling. He knows. and Yet there smiles are always the same. The days pass and he still sits in his corner. Together though he and them, he and her. He and she. They will travel. From the corner she takes him by night. Winged and feathered. She tells him to do as he wishes. So he does, and he follows. He write about her on their journey. Together they were and still are undefeated. Their love, discovered, reinforced the battles. Together they could conquer. He writes of it. They, mainly she, fights for it. He fights for she, and she only. a story acted out, a story recorded. He finds words without thinking. She admires and say "thats the best type of a writing i have seen. One without thought." He smiles a rare smile she only brings out of him. "I write for myself... and you." She, is who smiles then. Share one of many kisses. and they live.

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