My declaration of independence.

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This is a collection of my beliefs.

Submitted: June 15, 2013

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Submitted: June 15, 2013



1. Freedom of belief is a right.

2. Healthcare is a right.

3. Contraception is a right.

4. Abortion is a right if the mother's life is in danger and the baby is too young to survive, or the baby will die anyway.

5. A flat income tax is ideal.

6. Workers' rights should be protected.

7. Minimum wage laws.

8. Voter indentitification laws.

9. No political parties, just vote based on political scale (liberal, centrist, conservative, libertarian, or authoritarian).

10. We are all on human race.

11. Men and women are equal.

12. The right to bear arms should be protected...for mentally competent people.

13. Freedom opf speech is a two way street.

14. It is only okay to kill if life or liberty are at stake.

15. Prisoners have the right to be safe.

16. Torture is wrong. 

17. Access to legal counsel is a right for everyone.

18. Both Bush and Obama suck.

19. The ideal government is a democratic socialist republic.

20. All political parties are corrupt.

21. Political parties are a way for the government to control people.

22. Globalism is unacceptable under any situation whatsever because that concentration of power leads to a totalitarian dictatorship.

23. Marriage is about love, not biological sex or gender.

24. Weed should be legal by prescription.

25. The only good tax is a flat income tax.

26. Prostiution should not be legal.

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