The Slaves

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic
Slavery and child abuse are against the law, right? So why are Karen and several other orphans unpaid servants at a school? They also get punished for doing anything wrong. Will freedom ever come to these girls?

Submitted: November 23, 2014

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Submitted: November 23, 2014



Chapter 1


"Get to work!" one of the kitchen ladies yelled at me.

I knew better then to talk back even though I was working. But when am I ever treated fairly?

"Is everything done?" someone asked. "The students are going to be here in a minute."

"Everything's ready," I said, taking the last of the vegetables off the stove.

"Everyone get ready to start serving," someone else said.

We all lined up to serve. I was serving the vegetables. My best friend Kari was serving the fruit.

"Everyone has been served," one of the ladies said after the last student went through the line. "Now the slaves can eat."

Kari and I pulled off our gloves and aprons and joined the rest of the slaves outside the kitchen. We went up to the serving window where the kitchen staff handed us our lunch. Then we walked to our special table to eat.

"What exactly is this?" Anna asked me, pointing to her lunch, which was a very nasty color.

"It is mixed vegetables, the grease off the meat, and rotten peaches," Kari said.

"Why do they have to mix everything in the blender?" Chelsea asked.

"So that we don't try to eat anything that might be remotely edible," I replied.

"Gross," replied Kelsey. "How come we can't ever get any normal food?"

"When have they ever been nice to us?" Rae asked.

This is probably a good time to explain what is going on. My name is Karen and I am part of a group known as "The Slaves." You might think that is a bit of an exaggeration but it isn't.

We work at a school for kids who are extremely talented in ballet, gymnastics, or music. They also have to be extremely smart. The students (which are all girls by the way) have to audition and take a test before they can start kindergarten. The school only accepts ten kids per grade though.

The reason "The Slaves" go to this school is because the school decided to take in orphan babies for a time. They wanted a chance to give us a wonderful education. The only problem is that we never got that education. We have been mistreated ever since we can remember. We are forced to work at the school. We get treated awful. We can't even do anything about it.

Just then the bell rang to signal that lunch was over. All the girls rushed out and the rest of the slaves rushed back to work. Kari and I went back to the kitchen to wash the dishes.

"I'm so hungry," Kari complained as we were washing the dishes. "Lunch was so nasty."

"Not any more gross than usual," I replied.

"Yeah, but today it was also a nasty color," she said.

"Why are you girls talking?" one of the lunch ladies asked.

"I'm sorry," I said. "We will stop," I said as I accidentally dropped a plate and it broke.

"You will be paying for this," the lady said.

"I'm so sorry," I said, picking up the plate and then I immediately went back to work.

"You girls are done," we were told later that afternoon after we had washed every dish by hand. "You can move on to your next chores."

Kari and I left the kitchen. We met Chelsea and Amy heading into the kitchen to start dinner (the school is a boarding school by the way).

"They are in a bad mood," I told them.

"Thanks for warning us," Amy said. "Hopefully we can avoid being punished."

"Good luck," I said.

"What is your next chore?" Kari asked me.

"I have to clean the classrooms."

"I get to clean the bathrooms," Kari said.

"I will see you at supper then," I replied.

"See you later."


Chapter 2


Usually the slaves get off work at about nine or ten each night. Then we are expected to use the old textbooks they gave us to study. We don't always study though. We are very tired after working all day and we don't ever see a point if we are going to be slaves for the rest of our lives.

That night I got done at about 9:45. When I went into the room we all share I found some girls studying and others talking.

"How's it going?" Amy asked.

"Pretty good. How about you?''

"All right. We are just going to wait for everyone to get in and then we will figure out sleeping arrangements and then go to bed."

"Who are we missing?" I asked.

"Allie and Sabrina."

I guess I should probably explain what Amy means when she talked about sleeping arrangements. See, the slaves don't get treated any better at night. All ten of the slaves are forced into a small room with a concrete floor. There is a toilet and a sink that only drips and that is it. They have given us old sleeping bags and very thin blankets to sleep on. So we always take turns using the sleeping bags since you sleep better with them.

Just then Sabrina and Allie came in. 

"Beware, Mrs. Rames is coming," they said. (Mrs. Rames is the headmistress of the school. She is the one that punishes the slaves for whatever they did wrong during the day).

Mrs. Rames came in a few seconds after Sabrina and Allie. "Why aren't you girls studying?" she asked.

"We just got done," Kari said. "We were just getting ready to go to bed."

"I know that you are lying to me, Kari," Mrs. Rames said. "For that you will be punished."

I looked over at Kari. She looked close to tears. There was nothing I could do to help her though.

"Since you girls aren't studying you will be punished," Mrs. Rames said. "Now who wants to go first?"

"I will," Kate said bravely.

Mrs. Rames got out the whip she uses to punish us. Kate got down on her hands and knees. I noticed that she really didn't seem all that scared though. I guess that is because we get punished every night.

"Kate, you are being punished for burning toast at breakfast and for not studying. You will get two whips for that." Mrs. Rames then hit Kate twice on her back. Kate cringed when the rope hit her (our backs are always sore and bleeding from being whipped so much). "Karen, why don't you go next?" Mrs. Rames suggested when she was done with Kate.

"All right," I agreed because I didn't want to have to get whipped anymore then was necessary so I got down on my hands and knees and waited.

"Karen, you will be whipped for breaking a plate at lunch, for not working at lunch, and for not studying." Mrs. Rames whipped me three times for that and then I left.

Mrs. Rames did that to all the girls. Nobody avoided being whipped. 

"Let's all try a little harder tomorrow girls," she said before leaving.

"I hate her," Kari said. "I wish there was a way for us to escape."

"Try to think of one," Allie said. "Then we can leave and live happily ever after."

"We'll report Mrs. Rames so that she would have to go to jail," I said.

We continued the discussion until we fell asleep. We had some pretty good dreams. Now if only they would come true.


Chapter 3


Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. The alarm clock was going off. I looked over at it. It was 5:00 in the morning. It was time for whoever was in charge of breakfast to get up.

"Time to cook breakfast," Allie yelled.

Two girls got up and reset the alarm for 6:00. The rest of us went back to sleep for another hour.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

"Time to get up," someone said.

"Is it that time already?" Kari asked sleepily.

"My back is really sore," Allie complained.

"We had better get to the cafeteria," Sabrina said. "We don't want to have to be punished even more."

It didn't take us long to get ready that morning because the slaves are not allowed to shower or wash. We are extremely dirty and gross but we can't do anything about it. We also only get this one dress to wear every day. It has never been washed and it is very dirty. We have been wearing it for years and it looks like an old torn rag.

"Is everyone ready to go?" I asked when everyone was ready.

"Let's go," Sabrina said.

We headed to the cafeteria to grab a quick bite to eat before we had to start work.

"What is this stuff?" Amy asked when we got to our table.

"It is burnt eggs, bacon grease, and water," Chelsea replied.

''Were you in charge of breakfast this morning?" Rae asked.

"Yes I was," Chelsea replied.

"What is everyone else having?" Anna asked.

''Everyone else is having fried eggs, bacon, and toast," Chelsea said.

"Why couldn't you have stolen some food for us?" Anna asked.

"Next time you work in the kitchen you can steal some food for us. If it works then maybe I will steal food too. But I personally don't enjoy being whipped," Chelsea replied.

"I think it is worth a shot," Anna said. "I'm not eating anything today. If I steal food I might get lucky and succeed. Then I would actually get to eat something and then I wouldn't be starving like you."

"Ok guys," I said. "Enough arguing. We need to get to work."

"Oh what fun," Kate said sarcastically. "I get to work in the garden. It is nearly November. I'm going to freeze out there."

"Then you can freeze with me," I said. "I work in the garden today too."

"Then let's go," Kate said, getting up from the table.

We went outside to the garden. As much as we wanted to, we couldn’t escape because there is a big fence that goes around the entire school.

"I can't believe we have to work in the garden in October," I said. "How much work is there to do?"

"We have to pull up all the dead plants so that new ones can come up next year," Kate replied.

Kate and I started pulling up dead plants. We were freezing the entire time. We have no coats or mittens or shoes. All we have to keep warm is our thin dresses.

"It is starting to snow," Kate said a couple of hours later.

"It is so cold," I said. "Let's talk about something to help pass the time."

"What would you do if you ever got out of here?" Kate asked.

"I know this one. I have thought about it so much. I would eat a big feast and then report Mrs. Reeves to the authorities. How about you?"

"I plan on doing the same thing. I would get cleaned up before I reported her though."

"I'm dreaming of a warm shower right now," I said.

"I'm dreaming of warmth," Kate said as it started snowing harder.

Just then the bell rang to signal lunch. 

"Your dream has come true," I said. "We get to go inside for a little while."

When we got inside we found a burnt toast and grease sandwich waiting for us. "I'm actually going to eat this," Rae replied.

"I am too," Anna said. "I don't know when was the last time I ate semi-real food."

"Guys," Amy said, "Mrs. Reeves is coming over. Be careful."

"Hello girls. I see you are enjoying your lunch," she said.

"Very much," Kari said.

"I just wanted to let you girls know that you won't have to work in the garden today. Instead you will have to do extra chores to make up for that. Those working in the garden will have to clean all the bathrooms, locker rooms, the cafeteria floor, and the classrooms." 

"I'm glad," I said as she walked away. "It is so cold out there. I can barely feel my fingers."

"That is probably the nicest thing that she has ever done for anyone," Kate said.

"They shouldn't be allowed to do this," Rae said. "They are going to end up killing us some day. Then what are they going to do?"


Chapter 4


A couple of days later it was my job to clean some of the bedrooms after lunch. I had to change the sheets, vacuum, and do any other necessary cleaning.

It was getting towards the middle of the afternoon and I was about half done. I took the key to unlock my tenth room. When I opened the door I saw someone inside. I was very surprised since normally everyone is at some type of practice at this time of day.  

"I'm sorry," I apologized to the girl and quickly shut the door.

"It's ok," the girl said, opening the door.

"I'm really sorry," I said again. "I was suppose to clean this room. I didn't think anyone would be in here."

"It's ok," the girl said again. "I'm really suppose to be at practice but I twisted my ankle a couple of days ago and the doctor told me to rest for a few days."

"Did the doctor come here?" I asked because I had often wondered what happened to girls when they got sick (when the slaves get sick we just have to live with it).

"The nurse here looked at it but then she made me go visit the doctor at the hospital."

"Was it scary seeing the doctor?" I asked.

"Of course not. Doctors are here to help you. Surely you know that."

"I have never been to the doctor before," I admitted.

"Why not?"

"The slaves never see doctors. We are suppose to just live with it when we are sick."

"That is really mean."

"That's the slave's life," I replied.

"Why don't you sit down and rest," the girl suggested. "I will clean the room for you."

"You don't have to do that. I'm the slave here. Besides, you have a hurt ankle," I protested.

"I insist," the girl said. "It isn't fair for you to be treated like a slave."

"But your ankle," I tried again.

"My ankle is almost better," she said.

"If you insist then," I said finally.

"I do insist," she replied. "My name is Nancy, by the way."

"I'm Karen," I said as she started pulling off the sheets.

"I feel really bad for you slaves. What did you ever do to deserve this?"

I was going to answer her but then my stomach let out a loud growl. "I'm sorry," I said.

"Don't be," Nancy said. "I've seen what you are given to eat. It is no wonder you are hungry."

"Lunch wasn't so bad today," I lied. (If Mrs. Reeves found out I talked bad about the food or that Nancy was doing my work then I would be in big trouble). "We had old bananas dipped in lemon juice."

"You can't tell me that you enjoyed that," Nancy said.

"It is edible," I replied.

"I just remembered something!" Nancy exclaimed. I have some crackers in here." Nancy went over to her closet and pulled out a box. "Help yourself."

"Nancy, I can't. If Mrs. Reeves found out I would be whipped many times."

"You don't need to worry. I'm not going to tell anyone."

"Thanks Nancy." I took a cracker. I decided to trust Nancy even though I just met her because I was so hungry. “I really appreciate this."

"Don't mention it."


Chapter 5


"Are you almost done?" Anna asked me shortly before dinner time. "I finished my rooms about a half an hour ago."

"I'm sorry," I said. "I met a really nice girl and we got to talking and I sort of lost track of time. I only have one room left."

"Let's hope that Mrs. Reeves doesn't hear that you were talking to someone," Anna said.

"Nancy promised she wouldn't say anything. She actually helped me clean her room because she doesn't think it is right that we are treated like slaves."

"I'm going to help you clean this room," Anna said. "I don't want you to be late for dinner."

"Thanks, Anna, but you really don't have to help me."

"It's ok. If I don't help you then you will be late to dinner and then Mrs. Reeves will punish you," Anna replied.

"I don't want you to be punished either," I replied. "I guess if you are going to help me we should clean quick." 

I started pulling the sheets off the bed as quickly as I could and Anna put on the clean ones.

"We're almost done," Anna replied.

"Yes. I will quickly run the vacuum and we will be done." I stepped back but I didn't see the vacuum behind me. I tripped over it and landed on my ankle. "Ow!" I cried.

"Are you all right?" Anna exclaimed.

"My ankle really hurts."

"Let me look at it." Anna leaned over me and tried to move my ankle.

"Ow! Please don't touch me. That really hurts"

"Karen, I hate to say this but I think your ankle is broken."

"It can't be," I said. "Mrs. Reeves will kill me."

"Try to get up," Anna told me.

I tried getting up on my good leg. Then I tried getting up on my hurt leg and I fell over. "It hurts too much to get up," I said.

"We need to go see Mrs. Reeves."

"We can't. We'll be severely punished."

"This can't be ignored, Karen. You are in a lot of pain." 

Anna helped me up and then helped me walk out of the room. By the time we got in the hallway I was in extreme pain.

"I can't go on," I said.

"Why don't you sit down here and I will go get her."

A few minutes later Anna returned with Mrs. Reeves. 

"So," she said, "you broke your ankle. What do you expect me to do for you? For bothering me you will go to bed now without supper. You will also be whipped many times. Now both of you go."

Anna helped me up and we walked away as quickly as we could.

"I'm sorry," Anna told me. "I really thought she would help."

"I'm sorry too," I said. "It is my fault that you are getting no supper."

"Don't worry about it," Anna said.

Later that night the rest of the girls came in. "We missed you at supper," they said.

"Karen broke her ankle," Anna said. "We told Mrs. Reeves about it and she got really mad at us."

"So she isn't going to do anything?" Amy asked.

"She is going to punish us," I replied.

Mrs. Reeves came into the room a few minutes later with her whip. 

"You are first, Karen," she said.

I attempted to get up and almost fell again. Anna came over and tried to help me.

"Leave her alone, Anna," Mrs. Reeves said. Then she waited as it took me forever to get up. "You will be whipped ten times for what you did today."

That night I went to bed crying. My ankle was throbbing and my back was bleeding from the whips.


Chapter 6


The next morning I had to get up early with Amy because we had to do breakfast. She helped me hobble down to the kitchen where I was put in charge of making the French toast and she was in charge of making fried eggs.

"How is your ankle this morning?" Amy asked once we had started working.

"Painful,'' I replied.

"Get back to work! This isn't social hour," one of cooks yelled. "Mrs. Reeves is going to hear about this."

When we finally were done we sat down to eat. We told the other girls about what had happened while we were working.

"It does no good to complain," Kari said. "We will never be treated fairly."

"For some reason I have a feeling that things might eventually change," Allie said.

"You have crazy dreams," Anna replied. "We are going to be slaves as long as Mrs. Reeves works here. She will probably have us be slaves even when she retires."

"I agree with Allie," Kate said. "I feel like something is going to happen today."

Just then Mrs. Reeves came over. "You girls don't have to do chores today," she said.

"What?" I looked over at everyone and they were just as shocked as I was.

This is the second nice thing she has done in her entire life.

"The state is here today to evaluate the school so you girls will need to remain hidden. If I see one of you girls out of your room then you will all be severely punished."

"Will you let us know when it is safe to come out?" Amy asked.

"Yes. Now go to your room immediately. They will be here soon."

"This is so boring," Kate said after we had been in our room for a couple of hours.

"Would you rather be doing chores?" I asked.

"At least that is better than sitting here doing nothing," Kate replied.

"Why don't you study now," Amy suggested. "That way you don't have to do it tonight."

"If we don't do it tonight then Mrs. Reeves will punish us," Kate complained.

"Quiet guys," Kari whispered. "I hear someone outside the door."

"I hope it isn't the state," I whispered.

"Why is this door locked?" we heard someone say from outside our door. 

"It is just a supply closet," we heard Mrs. Reeves reply. "We lock it because we don't want the students in it."

"Would you mind unlocking?" someone asked.

''I don't have the key with me. Why do you need to see what is in the supply closet anyway?" Mrs. Reeves asked.

"We're the state. We need to check over the whole building. Besides, you showed us the rest of your supply closets. They weren't even locked. What is in this closet that you need to keep locked up?"

"It is just stuff that we don't want the students into," Mrs. Reeves said nervously.

"Would you mind going to look for the key?"

"I will try looking for it," Mrs. Reeves said and then we heard her walk away.

"I think she is hiding something," someone said. "Remember that girl Nancy told us to check the room right next to the science room."

"But Nancy called this a room. Mrs. Reeves said it is a closet," someone protested.

"I'm going to break in and see," we heard someone say. 

All of the slaves looked at each other nervously. I held my breath as the person tried opening the door. Just then the door swung open and we stared at the four state officials. And they stared right back.


Chapter 7


"Oh my gosh!" one of the officers exclaimed. "Who are you girls?"

"Don't say anything," Kari whispered.

"I'm sick of this," Amy said out loud. "This is the chance we have been waiting for. We can finally be free! I'm going to talk."

Mrs. Reeves came back just as Amy was talking. She saw that the door was open and she attempted to turn around. An official grabbed her so she couldn't get away.

"I think you have some explaining to do," the official said to her. "We had better wait for the police to arrive though."

"I already called them," someone said.

"I can explain," Mrs. Reeves said. "They were practicing for a play. They are going to be abused orphans in a play that the drama club is performing. They use this room as their dressing room. Don't they look really good?"

"This isn't make up," Anna said. "We have dirt all over because we have never been allowed to shower."

Mrs. Reeves must have known that she was caught because she didn't say anything. Instead we waited quietly for the police. When they arrived a couple of minutes later they handcuffed Mrs. Reeves. Then we all went into our room so we could talk."

"Explain what is going on here, girls," one of the officers said.

We were all really scared but we started to explain how we were forced to work all day and how we barely got anything to eat or clean clothes. We also talked about how we didn't go to school except for at night and how we were whipped if we did anything wrong. Then we showed them our backs.

"You girls are going to need to go to the hospital to get checked out once we are done talking," one officer said to us.

"Can Karen go soon?" Anna asked "She broke her ankle yesterday."

"If you don't have anything more to add to the story then someone will take you to the hospital now," an officer said.

"Everything has been said," I replied.

"Do you have a wheelchair we could use to get Karen outside?" an officer asked Mrs. Reeves.

"In the main office," she said sourly.

"Is it ok if someone went with me?" I asked. "I am really scared."

"That would be all right," the officer said. "Who would you like to go with you?"

"Would you like to come with me, Anna?" I asked.

"Sure," she replied as the officer lifted me up into the wheelchair and started pushing me towards the main doors. All of the students watched as we left.

When we got outside the officer helped me get into another officer's car that had just arrived. The officer that had pushed me outside went back inside and Anna got in the car and we left.

When we got to the hospital there was someone outside waiting for us. I am guessing the person was probably a nurse or doctor. Whoever it was helped me get into another wheelchair and then all of us went inside.

''I have no idea what is going on," Anna whispered to me.

"I don't either," I replied. "I'm so scared.

We all went inside this small room with a couple of chairs and a big table. There was also a counter with a sink and a few cupboards. I wondered what kind of room this was. I also wondered what was going to happen to me and all of the rest of the slaves back at the school.


Chapter 8


"We need to go get X-rays of your ankle," the man I figured was a doctor said.

The officer and Anna went to sit down in the chairs while the doctor took me to get X-rays.

"What is your name?" I asked.

"Dr. Roberts."

"I'm Karen."

"I'm glad to meet you, Karen," the doctor replied.

"Don't take offense at this, but I'm not exactly happy to meet you."

"Why not?" he asked.

"I have never been to the doctor before. I am really scared."

"You shouldn't be. I am only going to help you. Just think about that. Also you and your friends are going to live much happier lives from now on."

"I guess that is a good thing," I said. 

A minute later I noticed that we had arrived in a room with a lot of equipment.

"This is where I will get X-rays of your ankle. Don't worry because it won't hurt at all." 

Then he helped me up on a table. Then once the X-rays were done he helped me off the table and we went back to the room where Anna and the officer were.

"I will be right back," Dr. Roberts said. 

"How was it?" Anna asked me.

"Not that bad," I replied. "He seems nice."

A few minutes later Dr. Roberts returned with two nurses. "This is Elizabeth and Violet. They are going to help you girls get cleaned up."

Anna and Violet left the room to use the shower. I was left alone with Elizabeth to get washed with a sponge because the officer had left.

"I need to get your ankle clean before the doctor puts a cast on it. It might hurt a little," Elizabeth said.

"Yeah it does," I said when she started. 

Elizabeth ignored me and continued washing my arms, legs, and face.

"How are things going?" Dr. Roberts asked, sticking his head in the door.

"I feel a lot cleaner," I replied.

"That's good," he said. "I need to put the cast on your ankle now." He lifted me up and put me on the table. As he was doing this he put one of his hands on my sore back.

"Ow!" I cried. ''Don't touch my back!"

"What's wrong with your back?" he asked. He was already unzipping the zipper on my dress as he asked me. "What happened here?"

"Mrs. Reeves whipped us if we ever did anything wrong," I replied.

"This is going to need stitches," Dr. Roberts said. "Elizabeth, would you start cleaning her back so that it will be ready when I get done with her cast."

Dr. Roberts started putting the cast on my leg and Elizabeth started scrubbing my back. 

"That really hurts," I told Elizabeth.

"I'm sorry," Elizabeth said. "This is going to hurt a lot more. I need to clean everything with alcohol."

Just then Anna came back. I didn't even recognize her. She looked like a new person.

"How is everything going?" Anna asked me.

"It is all extremely painful," I said as Elizabeth started cleaning with the alcohol.

Once Dr. Roberts finished with my ankle he started my stitches. 

"You are done for now," he finally said. "Elizabeth is going to help you get cleaned up and then you are going to come back so I can examine you."

"Here are your crutches," Elizabeth said.

"Anna, I need to take a look at you now," I heard Dr. Roberts say as I left the room.

Elizabeth covered up my cast with a plastic and then she covered my stitches with something so that they wouldn't get wet. Then I took a shower for the first time. Once I was all clean she handed me scrubs to wear.

"You look like a whole new person," she said.

"I feel like a whole new person," I said as we headed back.

Once we got back in the room we found that Dr. Roberts had just finished with Anna.

"How did it go?" I asked.

"Wow Karen, you look amazing," she said.

"Thank you. But you didn't answer my question."

"It wasn't that great," Anna said. "I had to get stitches too."

"I'm guessing that all the slaves will have to," Dr. Roberts said. "Now I need to finish examining you, Karen."

I got back on the table. I was really scared. I wasn't sure what he was all doing to me. Finally when he was done he helped me get down. Then he said something to the officer and we left.


Chapter 9


The officer took Anna and me back to the school. In the car Anna and I decided it was a good time to get some of the questions we had answered.

"What is going to happen to the school?" I asked.

"The school is going to close down. The state officials and the police are going to take over for now. All the students are contacting their parents to let them know they need to come home and find a new school."

"What is going to happen to us?" Anna asked.

"We are still discussing that,'' the officer replied.

When we got back to the school we noticed people everywhere. There was a lot of confusion.

"What is going on?" I asked a girl.

"Our parents are coming to pick us up,'' she replied. "Some of them have arrived already."

Anna and I decided that we should go find the other slaves. 

"Do you know where they are at?" I asked an officer.

"They are in the nurse's office being checked out by a doctor,'' he said.

"Thanks," Anna said and we started heading toward the nurse's office.

"You guys are back!" Amy exclaimed when she saw us.

"How is your leg?" Kari asked me.

"I have a broken ankle so now I have to be on crutches for awhile,'' I replied.

"So did you see a doctor?" Kelsie asked Anna.

"Yes. Karen and I both had to get stitches on our backs."

"We all have to," Allie replied.

"How many people have gone so far?" I asked.

"Only two," Kari said. "They have gone back to our room."

"Let's go down there," I said to Anna.




"That was really scary," Allie said that night. "I had no idea what was going to happen from the moment they found us to when the doctors came."

"Those stitches really hurt," Amy said.

"Look on the bright side," I said, "we are no longer slaves. We will be able to live normal lives."

"But what is normal?" Kari asked. ''And what is going to happen to us now?"

"I have no idea what is going to happen," I replied. "Everything has to be better than a slave, right?"
"You're right, Karen," Anna said. "We should be excited for the surprises life will bring us."


© Copyright 2020 Kimberly Adams. All rights reserved.

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