Wish for the Normal Life

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Noelle has been a famous movie star since she was young. She feels that she is missing out on something though and wishes she could be a normal person. That is how she finds herself walking into church on a Sunday morning. What is God wanting from her?

Submitted: October 04, 2014

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Submitted: October 04, 2014



Chapter 1


“All right, let’s stop for the day!” the director called out. “I will see you on the set bright and early tomorrow.”

I gave a sigh of relief and headed to my dressing room.

“Noelle, wait!” Emily called.

I slowed down and let Emily catch up to me.

“What a demanding day!” Emily said. “I thought he would never let us leave.”

“I do not know what you are complaining about,” I said with a laugh. “I was in every one of the scenes shot today. You were only in one.”

“It is still tiring to be on set all day long.”

“I guess every other job is the same way,” I agreed, “whether you spend your day at an office, hospital, or school.”

“See, we are normal people,” Emily said. “We just work in a different environment.”

I snorted. “Movie stars are normal people? Yeah right.”

Emily ignored my comment. “Anything special planned for tonight?” she asked.

“Just grocery shopping,” I said.

“Sounds fun,” she said sarcastically.

“If I ever want to eat, than it has to be done,” I said before I ducked into my dressing room and quickly changed out of my costume.

I ignored the paparazzi taking my picture as I walked out to my car and drove the short distance to the grocery store.

Everyone turned and stared as I walked into the store and grabbed a cart. Many people were whispering and pointing. I ignored them too and went to find my groceries.

“Can I have your autograph?” a voice asked behind me.

I turned around and saw a small girl holding out a pen and pad of paper.

I smiled and quickly signed my name on her paper. I was tired and really anxious to get home but I would do anything for a little kid.

“Can I have a picture?” another voice asked.

This time, it was a teenager.

“You do not want my picture,” I said and walked away.

“Yes, I do,” she called after me but I ignored her.

I considered myself off duty. Since I was no longer on the set or attending a red carpet event, I was no longer a movie star. I was just like everyone else.

I grabbed the rest of my groceries and went up to the checkout line.

“You can go ahead of me, Noelle,” a woman said.

“No, that is ok,” I insisted.

“No, I want you to go ahead of me.” She took her cart and immediately got behind me.

“This is really not necessary,” I said.

All of a sudden, another woman in front of me got out of line and went behind me.

“Really!” I said but no one was listening.

I found myself at the beginning of the line.

“You can go ahead,” the woman behind the checkout counter said. “Somebody already paid for your groceries.”

“But I want to pay!” I said.

“That is not necessary,” she said.

It was not necessary for someone to pay for my groceries. As a movie star, I make a ton of money.

“Here,” I said as I handed the cashier money. “This should pay for everyone’s groceries.” I knew the press would probably get a hold of that story and claim that I was doing a good deed but I was just trying to pay my fair share.

I walked out of the store and rushed home. Home was the only place where I could live a normal life.


Chapter 2


As soon as I got home, I put away my groceries and then sat down on the couch to go through my mail. I got the usual fan mail, which I just ignored. I do not have time to answer all of that mail.

After I sorted the fan mail from the important stuff, I noticed an envelope written in fancy script. I tore it open, wondering what fan would go to all that work to send me a letter.

You are formally invited to attend the wedding ceremony uniting Sarah Moore and Trevor Jenkins.


I barely knew Sarah! We had met at some red carpet event. Sarah and I had talked for maybe five minutes. I had probably only been invited because we were both famous celebrities. It had nothing to do with friends, but how many big names she could have attend.

I ripped up the invitation and only hoped my agent would not hear anything about the wedding. She always wants me to get publicity even though I do not need it.

If I ever get married, I would make sure to invite only my closest friends. That would be a lot of celebrities that I have worked with but also ordinary people that I actually care about.

Of course, me ever getting married is kind of doubtful. Being a celebrity, I have a hard time meeting people that actually want to get to know the real me. Most people are only interested in getting pictures and autographs.

I have been a celebrity ever since I was five years old. I started off playing a kid on the hit show Siblings, and then progressed to other hit shows and eventually movies. I have never known what it is like to be normal but I have ideas. And it has definitely crossed my mind that I am missing out on a big part of life because I am a celebrity.


Chapter 3


The next evening, there was a celebrity party to raise money for ALS. All around me, celebrities were dressed in fancy tuxes and dresses. Waiters walked around with trays of drinks and shrimp. A band played in the corner.

“You look great!” Emily exclaimed when she saw the pale green dress I was wearing. “Have the paparazzi gotten some shots of you?”

I shrugged. “Probably.” I tend to ignore the paparazzi when I can.

“Let’s go sit down and have something to eat. I am famished. We were at the studio way too long today and I hardly had a break.” Emily led me through the crowd to a small table.“Is this a good table for you?” she asked.

“Why would it not be?” I asked.

“Well, you need to make sure you are seen. I bet the celebrity magazines are going to cover this bash.”

“They have gotten my picture enough over the last few years. They can give attention to what really matters; like why we are having this party in the first place.”

“What is with you, Noelle?” Emily asked.

“Don’t you ever get tired of celebrity life?” I asked.

Emily snorted. “What is there to get tired of? You have glamour and money and fame. What are you missing?”

“I am just thinking that it might be nice to live a normal life and do normal things.”

“Like that?” Emily asked as she pointed to a person emptying the trash. “Or that?” she said as she pointed to one of the waiters. “Normal people want to be like us for a reason, Noelle. Everybody wants our life. You have to admit, we have it all.”

“I just feel like something is missing from my life,” I said.

“I doubt you are going to find it by living the life of a normal person. After a couple days, you will be begging to come back.”

“Do you miss the normal life?” I asked. After all, Emily was only a small time actor for the past few years. And she did not get started acting until she was a teenager. She would remember what it was like to be a normal person.

“Are you kidding?” she asked with a laugh. “I would not give up this life for anything. I love the special treatment and the fame.”

I have heard it said that people want what they cannot have. Maybe that is why I want to experience normal life so bad. Even Emily could not talk me out of it.


Chapter 4



“Let’s try it one more time and then we will break for lunch,” the director called.

I was famished. We had been on the set since 6:00 this morning and I was ready for a break.

“And action!” the director exclaimed.

In this scene, I was preparing dinner for my husband while my best friend, played by Emily, helped me.

I turned around with the bowl of salad to hand it to Emily. It was right as I was turning that I saw the knife in her hand! It was too late to stop and the knife ended up cutting my arm.

“Cut!” the director called and ran onto the set.

“I am so sorry, Noelle!” Emily cried. “I forgot that I did not need to use the knife to cut the fruit until a little later.”

One of the stage assistants handed me a towel to hold against the cut. It was really bleeding.

“I think you probably need to go to the hospital, Noelle,” the director said seriously.

This news only made Emily cry harder.

“It was an accident,” I told Emily. “It could happen to anyone. We all forget our parts once in awhile.”

“Yeah, but this time, it was dangerous.”

“I will be fine. Why don’t you go with me to the hospital?”


“Let us know what time you get done,” the director said. “We may continue filming if you get back early enough.”

“Since it is Noelle, she should be in and out in no time,” one of the props people said.

I did not like how that sounded. I did not want to get special treatment at the hospital because of who I am.

“Let’s tell the people at the hospital that it was one of the props people that accidently did this,” I suggested to Emily on the way to the hospital. “We do not have to name any names.”

“Thank you,” Emily said gratefully. “Can you imagine what it will be like if the paparazzi found out what I did?”

We arrived at the hospital and I was handed some forms. Emily offered to fill them out since I was still holding the towel tightly to my arm.

While she was writing, I took a look around the emergency room. There was a woman hunched over, grimacing in pain. There was a man that looked like maybe he had a broken arm. There were lots of people that looked like they were pretty badly off.

“Noelle,” a nurse called.

I stood up.

“No fair!” the woman hunched over in pain cried. “I was here first!”

The woman did look like she was worse off than me.

“Please treat me like you would any other patient,” I told the nurse. “These people here have been here longer and some of them are worse off than me.”

“Are you sure?” the nurse asked. “It could be a long wait.”

“I want to be treated like any other person,” I said and sat back down.

“Why would you turn down the opportunity to be treated right away, Noelle?” Emily asked. “Do you know how long people can wait in the ER?”

“I am going to be treated like a normal person,” I said. “I do not deserve special treatment just because I am a movie star.”

All of a sudden, the world started spinning and then everything went black.


Chapter 5


I opened my eyes and looked around. I was lying on the floor. Emily and a doctor were leaning over me.

“What happened?” I asked with a groan.

“Low blood sugar,” the doctor explained. “Has it been awhile since you have last eaten?”

“I guess,” I mumbled.

“Let’s get you into a treatment room and get you taken care of,” the doctor said.

A nurse brought over a wheelchair and helped me into it.

“We love you, Noelle!” a group of teenagers called as I was wheeled away.

“I hope nobody got a picture of that,” I said.

“It is better than if they learn what I did,” Emily said.

She did have a point.

The doctor stitched up the cut on my arm as well as gave me something to take care of my blood sugar problem.

“You should take it easy for the rest of the day,” he said.

“Don’t you know who you are talking to?” Emily asked incredulously. “Noelle is filming a big movie right now. We have wasted enough time coming here to get the stitches.”

“Cool it,” I ordered Emily. “The doctor knows what he is talking about. And maybe a little break would be good for me. It would be nice to get away from the studio for awhile.”

Emily shot me a look that told me we would talk about this later.

I signed my own release papers and then left the hospital; only to find that the paparazzi had learned of the incident.

“How are you feeling, Noelle?” one of them asked.

“Did you really pass out in the ER?” another asked.

We ignored them and got into the car. Emily was still fuming as we drove away.

“Are you sure you do not want to go back to the studio?” she wheedled.

“The doctor told me to take it easy. He knows what he is talking about. He has had lots of years of schooling as well as saving lives.”

“You are a movie star though!” Emily protested.

I laughed. “The rules of life still apply to me though. And doctors recommend rest after these kinds of incidents.”

“Are you still on that normal kick?” Emily asked.

“Getting sick or injured happens to everyone,” I said. “The paparazzi just don’t show up at the hospital for everyone.”

“Just another opportunity for the world to glorify you.”

“I do not want to be glorified. I do not deserve it. All I do is entertain. Doctors actually save people though. They are the ones that deserve the glory.”

“Maybe you should use this break this afternoon to reflect on your life,” Emily said seriously as she pulled up in front of my home.


Chapter 6


After a week of red carpet events, parties, and days of filming on the set, I was longing even more for a regular, normal life. That is how I found myself walking into church on Sunday.

I have rarely gone to church. My schedule is just so demanding that I rarely have any time to myself. Usually, Sunday is my only break from being a famous movie star. I usually use the day to catch up on sleep.

But I figured at church, I would have the opportunity to be normal. After all, Christians are supposed to be accepting. They are also supposed to glorify God, not movie stars. It would not be right for them to make a fuss over me.

Just in case though, I arrived at the small church right before it began and then took a seat near the back so nobody would notice me.

A couple teenage girls saw me and looked like they were going to get out of their seats but before they could, someone came up front and began speaking.

“Welcome to Faith Community Church,” he said. “Let us begin by going to the Lord in prayer.”

I awkwardly folded my hands and closed my eyes. I have never been one for prayer. I have never really had anything I have needed. As a movie star, I have it all.

“Father God,” the man prayed, “we thank You for this day of worship and ask that You will open our hearts to what we will hear today. Please let this service be all for You. Amen.”

“Amen,” several people repeated.

A worship band came forward and played a couple upbeat songs on guitars and drums. Someone in the band sang and lyrics appeared on the screen in front so that we could sing along.

The music was not at all what I expected church music to be like. I always thought church music was slow and played on an organ. I actually liked the music.

After a couple songs, we were told to greet the people around us. A bunch of teens ran up to me at once.

“Good morning, Noelle!” they exclaimed.

“Good morning,” I said. “Please excuse me.” I turned to some older people nearby that I hoped did not know me.

“Welcome,” one of them said.

“It is nice to have you worship with us.”

There. That is exactly how I wanted to be treated.

After a couple minutes of surrounding myself with older people, we took our seats so the pastor could begin his message.

“What is God trying to tell you?” he began. He told the story of Jonah, who was told by God to go to Nineveh and talk to the people but Jonah did not want to go. He ran away and eventually ended up being swallowed by a fish. That is when he decided he had better go to Nineveh.

“Are you running from God?” the pastor asked. “Has God asked you to do something but you are not ready to listen? You cannot outrun God forever.”

God was telling me to live a normal life, I think. But I was not running away from God. He was just asking something that was impossible for me.

I did not have much time to think about it though. Church was ending and I needed to rush out of there before being surrounded by fans.




Chapter 7


“You went to church?” Emily asked with a laugh as I finished telling her about my weekend. “Why did you not go to the church of Scientology? That is where all the celebrities go.”

“That is not where normal people go to church,” I replied.

“Noelle, I hate to say this, but even if you decide to drop out of the movie industry and get a regular job in an office, you will never be considered normal. People are always going to think of you as a movie star for the rest of your life.”

“But that is just it. At church, the pastor asked if God was telling us to do something.”

Emily looked amused. “And what exactly is God telling you to do?”

“I think He is telling me to live a normal life.”

“So then how are you supposed to do that? What did the pastor say next?”

“He told a story about Jonah. Jonah was told to go somewhere and talk to some people but he refused. He ran away from God and ended up getting swallowed by a giant fish. After three days, the fish spit him out and he decided he had better go talk to the people.”

Emily burst out laughing. “That is ridiculous, Noelle. You cannot possibly believe that a person survived for three days in a fish.”

“They could if God was involved,” I insisted.

“And then what did he say next?” Emily asked. I could tell she wanted to hear more amusing stories.”

“He said we needed to quit running from God and to do what He is telling us. But the thing is, I am not running from God. I just do not have the opportunity to be normal.”

“You know what I think, Noelle?” Emily asked seriously. “I think you are losing it. Why don’t you check into rehab for a few days, get some help, relax, and when you come back, you will be sane again.”

“I am not going insane! And I would appreciate your help with my dilemma.”

“I am not going to help you with your descent into madness.”

“Fine! I will just go back to church next week and hope I get an answer!”


Chapter 8


I went to church again on Sunday because I wanted some answers to my questions. I was really surprised when I pulled into the parking lot and saw it full of cars. Maybe there was something going on today.

“Over here, Noelle!” someone called.

I turned and found someone trying to get a picture of me. I ducked into the church because I figured it would be disrespectful towards God to be chasing a movie star like that inside a church.

“Good morning, Noelle,” someone said at the door.

“Good morning,” I mumbled. I was starting to think that maybe this was a big mistake. But I could not leave right now. I had things to learn.

Thankfully, the service was about to begin so I entered the sanctuary. I had trouble finding a seat because there were so many people but I did find one empty seat close to the back.

The service began the same as last time with music. But this time when it came time to greet our neighbors, I ducked into the restroom and returned when it was time for the sermon.

“Last week, we talked about Jonah and how he ran from God. God had big plans for Jonah, just like He had for Ester.”

The pastor then told about a girl who was made queen so that she could save her people.

“God has big plans for you,” the pastor concluded. “Sometimes, they are just so big that we do not understand them at the time. Stop running from God so that He can reveal His plans to you.”

I was not sure if this was the answer I was looking for. I just wanted to be normal. How could God work through that?

I was thinking so hard that I forgot that I needed to leave right away. A crowd of people approached me but I rushed to the door of the sanctuary before they could get to me.

“It is so nice to have you here, Noelle,” the pastor said to me on my way out. “All of these people are here because of you. Think of all the good God is doing through your fame. God clearly has big plans for you.”

I did not like that news one bit. Normal people are able to go to church without a crowd of fans following them.


Chapter 9


I told Emily all about my second time at church.

“I do not see why it bothers you so much,” Emily said. “So a bunch of people came because of you. So what? People come flocking to restaurants and other businesses when I am there because I am a movie star. That is just part of our life as celebrities.”

“I just thought people might show a little more respect at church,” I said.

“I cannot see why you are bothering with church anyway. Why would you want to be a Christian? They think they are better than everyone else. They also cannot have any fun because it is considered a sin.”

“You think you are better than everyone else,” I pointed out. “You are not a Christian.”

“Yeah, but I am a movie star. I am entitled to special treatment.”

I rolled my eyes. Emily may be a movie star but she only gets small roles. You would think she was the lead all the time based on the way she acts.

“I also do not think all Christians are perfect. I mean, everybody makes mistakes.”

“Yeah, but they are also telling people they are going to spend eternity with the devil. I mean, I know I am not perfect but I am a decent person. It is not very nice to tell people they are going to live with the devil.”

There just seemed so much wrong with what Emily was saying but I just could not figure it out. I knew I would need to go back to church so I could get some answers. Of course, Sunday was out of the question because fans would be expecting me and they would never give me the chance to ask the pastor my questions.



Chapter 10


We had the next two days off from filming because we were moving locations. So on the first day, I called the pastor of the church.

“Hello, this is Hope,” I lied. “I have attended the last couple Sundays and I have some questions I would like answered.”

“Would you like to come in at one thirty so that we can talk?” the pastor asked.

“Absolutely,” I replied.

I knew the pastor would be in for a big surprise at one thirty.

At one thirty, I knocked on the door of the office.

“Come on in,” the pastor called.

I slowly opened the door and entered. The pastor was sitting at his desk, writing.

“Come on in, Hop-“ he started to say. “You are not Hope!”

“Sorry,” I said. “I had to lie in order to hide my identity.”

“I would not have told anyone,” the pastor said.

“Still, as a celebrity, I have to take precautions.”

“Please come in and take a seat. My name is Pastor Roy.”

“Noelle Auburn,” I said as I shook his hand and then sat down in the chair across from his desk.

“So what can I do for you?” Pastor Roy asked.

“Lately, I have been wishing for a normal life,” I began, hoping that the pastor would not take this information to the tabloids. “When you spoke about Jonah, I felt like a normal life is what God wanted from me. Of course, I am not running like Jonah. I just do not have the opportunity to be normal.”

The pastor nodded but did not say anything so I continued.

“So then you talked about Ester and God’s plans for her, and I got even more confused.”

“Noelle, like I said when I talked about Ester, God sometimes has big plans for us that do not always make sense at first. Take the author, Reesa McAllister. I know you were in the movie made about one of her books. She suffered from severe depression for years, became a Christian, and realized that God was working through her depression. She is now a Christian author with a focus on mental illness. She did not understand why she was depressed at first and often told God that He could not use her when she was depressed. But God revealed His plans to her in time.”

“So are you saying that I need to be patient?” I asked.

The pastor chuckled. “God has big plans for you, Noelle. After all, you are a famous movie star. He can do big things through you. You just need to bring Him into your heart.”

The thing about being a famous movie star annoyed me. All I wanted was to be normal.

“Take this,” Pastor Roy said as he handed me a Bible. “It has all the answers. And of course, always feel free to come talk to me.”

“Thanks, I guess.” I stood up to leave. I felt even more clueless than before I came.



Chapter 11


When I got home, I opened up the Bible. Inside was a paper titled The Road to Salvation. That immediately got my attention. I thought that all good people went to Heaven. What more needed to be said?


The Road to Salvation


Romans 3:23 For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

We have all done things that are disappointing to God. There is no one that is perfect and innocent.

Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

The consequence of sin is eternal death (in other words, we are not going to Heaven; we are going to the devil).

Romans 5:8 But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

God loved us so much that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for all sins.

Romans 10:9 That is you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.

If you believe in Jesus and make Him Lord of your life, you will be saved.

Romans 10:13 For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.

Jesus died to forgive our sins and save us from eternal death. Anyone can have this forgiveness if they trust in Jesus Christ.

Romans 8:1 Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

Jesus died for us so we will never be condemned for our sins.

Romans 8:38-39 For I am convinced that neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

This information was kind of earth-shattering. I mean, according to this, if I did not give my life to Jesus, I was not going to Heaven! I had always thought I would spend eternity in Heaven because I tried to be a good person. I donated to charities and signed autographs for little kids. I was very confused. I had some more questions I needed answering. I immediately called Pastor Roy.

“This is Noelle,” I said when the pastor picked up.

“What can I help you with, Noelle?”

“Well, I was just reading The Road to Salvation,” I said. “Is it true that being a good person will not get me into Heaven?”

“That is a common misconception, Noelle, but true. Only people who have given their lives to Jesus will inherit the Kingdom of God.”

“What do you mean, give my life to Jesus?”

“Give Jesus your life. Give Him everything. Make your life all about Him. Also, realize that you are a sinner and know that the only way you can be forgiven is through Jesus’ death on the cross. Accept this forgiveness given for all sins.”

“That seems too easy,” I protested.

“It does, but not surrendering your life to Christ has serious consequences. If you are a Christian today, you are as close to hell as you will ever be. To a non-Christian though, you are as close to Heaven as you will ever be.”

“That is kind of scary,” I said.

“It is. Are you ready to bring Jesus into your life, Noelle?”

All of this seemed so sudden. I had just learned how to become a real Christian. I did not have all the answers I wanted yet though. I mean, where did God fit into my normal life desire?”

“I think I need some time to think about this,” I said.

“That is fine. Just do not wait too long.”

“I won’t,” I promised.


Chapter 12


“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11


“What plans?” I asked out loud after I read the verse. I was getting frustrated. I had been reading the Bible and I was still no closer to an answer than I was at the beginning.

Suddenly, the pastor’s words from a couple weeks ago came back to me.

“All of these people are here because of you. Think of all the good God is doing through your fame.”

It was beginning to make sense. God was the reason I was a famous celebrity. God had brought me to the position I am today. God had put me where I am for a reason. God clearly had big plans for me. He had things He wanted to do through me and I could only do them as a movie star.

Maybe my life was similar to Ester from the Bible in a way. God had plans that were so big for me that at first, they just did not make sense. That is why I got so confused about wanting to be normal.

If I had not had the desire to be normal, I never would have walked into a church in the first place. That is what got my interest in God from the beginning. But now, I was ready to continue being a movie star. Not for the fame or fortune, but for God.

“Lord, I am ready to be a Christian. I am ready to live my life for You. I am ready to accept the forgiveness You gave for all sins through the death of Your Son. And now, I am ready to be a movie star for You. Amen.”

I could not be happier! I wanted to share my happiness with someone but I knew Emily and my other friends would not understand. But there were people in the world that would understand.

I just became a Christian! I tweeted.


Chapter 13


I went to the studio the next day with a smile on my face. I was a whole new person. I wanted to share my faith with the world. I could not wait to run into the paparazzi.

“Good morning, Emily!” I said as I stuck my head into her dressing room.

“Someone is certainly in a good mood. Are you finally going to accept that you are a movie star and quit wishing you were normal?”

“Yes,” I said.

“I am glad that is over! It was an impossible dream.”

“It was,” I agreed.

“I mean, I think there are times when all movie stars want a little privacy. But that is just part of our career.”

“Yes,” I agreed. “But I think there was a reason I went through that period of wanting to be normal.”

“What do you mean? Has your church been teaching that everything happens for a reason?”

“Well, I do not know if they teach that since I am still very new to the faith, but I do know that if I had not wished to be normal, I never would have walked into the church that day. And that is what got me thinking and asking questions. I talked to a pastor on our days off and because of him, I have now started a relationship with Jesus. And because of my relationship, I will one day spend eternity in Heaven!”

“I thought you said you were done being normal?”

“I am done.”

“Then why are you still going on about Jesus? Are you one of those born-again Christians?”

“Not yet. But I will be. And I am going to talk about Jesus because God does not care whether a person is famous or not. God cares about a person’s heart. Even celebrities need Jesus.”

“I am very confused. I thought you said that you were going to accept the fact that you are a movie star. But you said earlier that God was telling you to be normal.”

“It turns out I was mistaken. That is what got me going to church though. I eventually came to realize that God has brought me into this position of fame for a reason. Think of all He can do through me as a movie star. Think of the impact I can have on people.”

Emily just groaned and walked out of her dressing room. I knew I would need to work with her in order to get her to see a need for Jesus. But in the meantime, I would pray for her and start telling my fans about my faith.


Chapter 14


The church parking lot was crowded when I arrived on Sunday and it was still early. I knew all these people were here because of me since I had tweeted that I was coming to this church.

Today was a big day for me. I was about to become an official member of God’s family through baptism. I was going to have all of my sins symbolically washed away.

I took a seat near the back again. It was not because I wanted to duck out fast. I was hoping that someone would come and I wanted to see when they arrived.

Since it was early, a lot of people had time to come and talk to me. I did not mind. I was eager to share my faith with others. I did refuse autographs and pictures though. We are in a church after all.

Right before the service began, I finally noticed a familiar but slightly confused face walk through the doors. I waved her over to me.

“You made it!” I said excitedly.

“Yeah, well, you did invite me,” Emily said. “And you are my best friend. I decided I should be there for you on your big day even though I do not understand it.”

I had lots of things that I wanted to say to Emily but then the service bean so I just squeezed her hand in appreciation for coming.

After the music and the pastor’s message on sharing our faith with others, Pastor Roy asked if anyone was ready to publicly share their faith by having their sins washed away through baptism. This was my chance. I smiled at Emily and then joined Pastor Roy at the front of the church.

“Noelle has decided she is ready to have her sins washed away through baptism,” Pastor Roy told the congregation. “Noelle, I just have one question for you but I already know the answer. Do you take Jesus as the Lord and Savior of your life?”

“I do,” I answered.

Pastor Roy and I went to change into shorts and t-shirts. The next thing I knew, he was dunking me in a pool of water. As I emerged, I saw lots of cameras flashing. For once, I did not care. I hoped the press got hold of this story. I had a lot of people to tell about Jesus.

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