Tribute to my best friend for life

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This is a short story about how Katy lost her best friend. It is not a true story!


Tribute to my best friend for life


Amber and I had been friends since year 4. We became best friends, told each other our secrets and shared everything. We were like sisters, the ones that get along. We knew each other like the back of our hands, and always could tell if something was wrong.

About six months ago, Amber would bank school. This wasn’t like her. Was someone pressurising her? I had no clue and tried to find out what was up. She started to not hang out with me and avoid me most of the times. It was so weird. Did I do or say something to hurt her?

After two months I could see Amber looking very unlike her usual self. There were dark circles under her dark blue eyes, she looked very pale and sometimes had a few bruisers on her limbs. I tried to ask her if there was something going on at home or if she was getting bullied or abused in any way. I never got a response, even if I asked one billion times.

The following month we had swimming in PE. While I was swimming in the advanced group I saw from the corner of my eye, my teacher waving her hands as if there was danger. I stopped and everyone was getting out, so I did the same. Miss Charles dived into the pool and caught Amber. I was shocked. Why was Amber drowning? We were told to go get changed and stay in the PE department till the bell went for lunch. After we were all changed we waited in the area of the PE department. I then saw my last year’s PE teacher that was standing by the stairs talking to the head of PE, Mrs Wilson. I asked her what happened with Amber. Mrs Wilson said that she would come and talk to us girls.

“Girls, well as you know, Amber fainted in the pool and was drowning.” She said very casual and calm.

“Is she all right?” I interrupted  

“She will be, she’s been taken to the hospital for a check-up.” The bell rang and we were excused.

When I got home that evening, I immediately called Amber’s home number, to leave a message to her and her parents. “Mr, Mrs Johnson and Amber… I phoned to tell you I am worried about Amber. As you know Amber fainted in the swimming pool in PE. How is she doing? Please contact me, by the way it’s Katy.”

 The next morning at school, Mr Pedrou (my house office head) asked to talk to me outside. He told me that Amber’s parents contacted the school to say that Amber had been taking hard drugs for 3 months in a row. Drugs? Honestly, this was Amber we were talking about. The best friend I’ve known since forever. I’d known her for almost a decade. That night I had the worst of nightmares I have ever had before. Amber looked worse than what Amy Winehouse looked like, when she was drugged. She started breaking down like a glass brakes in slow motion. Drugs were destroying my friend. Where did she get them from? Who influenced her and why? Questions filled my brain pan and thoughts ran through my brain cells. I was concerned.

After two weeks passed, Mrs Johnson contacted my mother and told her that if I wanted to I could visit Amber in the hospital. I defiantly wanted to see how she was. The following weekend, my parents drove me to the hospital. Mrs Johnson was glad to see us. Then she just broke down in tears. She glared at me and told me “In there!” she pointed to the curtains. I drew the curtain open and popped my head in. Amber was awake and just looked at me. Her eyes were empty. I then looked around and saw an oxygen mask, blood supply and other medical equipment to help her survive and get her better.

“Oh Amber!” I whispered “I’ve missed you. What did I do wrong?”

She slid off the oxygen mask “Nothing, it was the drugs doing it not me. I’m sorry and wish for forgiveness if you can.” She put the mask back on.

“I forgive you. But why on earth did you do such a thing?” I frowned

“I don’t know.” She breathed through the oxygen mask and a few tears rolled down her pale face. She told me that she started hanging around different groups of people. They influenced her on drugs and gave them to her for free. She thought they were cool and popular but as it turns out they aren’t. She told me she should have known better. Her parents will be going to court in a week to defend their daughter against the group that gave her the drugs.

I was glad that week, my best friend was getting better and that gang are going to be sent to prison for young adults and rehab.

Amber was getting better and after spending time in rehab she got released. We were all glad to see the old Amber and not the one that had been taking drugs. We were getting along better and it was all back to normal. Until…

I still ask why this has happened. The one day she is healthy and the next she is rushed to hospital. Her system could not cope with those drugs that were implanted in her body. The next thing you know is that she really was my best friend till death separated us.

Amber Johnson died at the age of 15 from drugs that caused her body to react. She passed away in hospital on Friday the 11th July 2011. Amber you will be missed. Rest In Peace my friend. Hope we meet again someday.

Submitted: November 04, 2011

© Copyright 2021 Kimberly Derrington. All rights reserved.

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God mate, that's sad. What on earth posessed you to write it? :) It had a good intro, although I just don't understand why you'd write such a depressing piece! Was it a tribute to Amy Winehouse?

Fri, November 4th, 2011 8:27pm


Well it's more to warn people about drugs i suppose.

Fri, November 4th, 2011 4:21pm

Delilah Judd

i like how you vary your style of writing, well done Kimberlyy :D x

Sat, November 5th, 2011 10:10am


thank you! :D x

Sat, November 5th, 2011 9:07am

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