A Darkened Love.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
A dark poem about an obssesion of death.

Submitted: February 25, 2012

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Submitted: February 25, 2012



The Darkness

The darkness, it haunts my dreams, it won't set me free.

I am captivated by its cold embrace, I am lost without it.

I used to drea, of the moon, of her swollen beauty,

but now I only dream of pain, I see pain in colors,

alas, they do not last long, they're merely brief visions.

He calls my name, as if we have been long lost lovers.


He speaks to me, and tells me things will soon be over,

and that I won't feel the sharp fingers of dread gripping my soul anymore.

He promises to free me from this foul life.

"All in time, caria mia, all in time." Then he would fade in with the black.

and there I lie, on the thin brink of life and death,

slowly drowning in my own sorrow. My sweet release has not yet come.


The darkness, it is still here. There are no more moons, no more stars.

This, is fine with me; I embrace the darkness as if it were my lover

and i its sacrafice. We are one. I can hear him! Calling me,


I take the last bit of energy to whisper

"Please allow him to take me, For I am ready to meet my ending!"

He reaches for me, this is the first time i have been touched by him. I am surprised to find

that he is warm, a almost scorching heat, burns inside my veins; they melt and become

a part of my blood. "You shall not need your body, this is your ending, child."


Finally, I feel nothing but a cold surrender, my tears have frozen.

"It is time." He whispers to me. He picks me up and we share his cloak,I ask him what his name is.

His head turns towards mine, my breath quickens uncontrollably.

Our journey must have been long, for I awoke to the refreshing sent of rain.

Sensing I'm awake, he grabs my jaw and lies me down on a bed of leaves.

I ask him again what his name is, and he answers, "Death."

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