Remaining Rubble

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A story of a compelling adventure tuned into a disaster.

Submitted: May 21, 2013

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Submitted: May 21, 2013



Remaining Rubble

By: Kimberly Chan

It was the end of a peaceful day; the sky painted with a million stars, and the moon shining its brightest.  It was close to midnight when everything turned black...

Morning arrived in the blink of an eye.  In a moment, we were engulfed by the bustling city. The numerous cars gridlocked the streets, and the endless skyscrapers touched the bright, blue sky.  Signs of construction speckled the city with hundreds of people rushing to work or school.

It was obvious that we were there on vacation with our silly hats and relaxed attire and our frantic search for the nearest subway station. The subway station was an organized mess. There were people everywhere, all who seemed to know exactly where to go. We, on the other hand, fumbled around with maps not knowing the difference between the brown lines and the gray lines or between the subsequent letters of each line.  Eventually, we found the correct subway line, bought our tickets, and went upstairs to the platform. The train arrived within minutes, and we were off, gliding through the city above the streets as if we were flying.

Soon enough, we arrived at our destination: the amusement park. We went inside embracing our unlimited-ride wristbands, excited to go on the best rides as many times as possible.  As we walked around exploring, we encountered various carnival-like attractions: a Ferris wheel, arcade games, and the crazed assortment of spinning rides.

We found a suitable ride with ease; the only downside was the two hour long wait.  It was the most popular ride in the park: a futuristic indoor roller coaster with twists and turns reaching delightful speeds.  Friends and families stood together to experience the thrills of the ride.  We made it to the front of the line in what seemed to be an eternity.

Suddenly, the sound of a jet liner passed by, crashing into the tallest building.  First, there was confusion; then, panic caused everyone to erupt into chaos as planes flew from every direction possible.  People flocked to any available tunnels, while we were directed to get on the ride.Everyone piled in, and we rode slowly with the building collapsing behind us every now and again.

We were stopped when scraps of flaming metal hit the last car of our ride.  We ran into a lighted blue tunnel filled with turns every fifty feet.  At the end of the tunnel we reached the outside where the destruction was enormous.  The city was nearly flattened, the stench of gasoline filled the air, and fires erupted from explosions.  Dozens of people were jumping out of windows, hundreds were trying to run away, and thousands were suffering from major injuries.  There were taxis and cars overturned, subway tracks disintegrating, blocks of concrete and shards of glass scattered among the ground.  The once jovial park became the site of death and destruction, the Ferris wheel rolling off its stand, the rides spinning out of control, and the boardwalk missing in action.

Miraculously, a subway car seemed to run.  It stopped nearby, and we hurried into the eerily empty car.  We rode through the rubble to a seemingly peaceful horizon.  The train took a sudden turn.  The eyes of a Boeing 747 stared at us through the panoramic window...


...The floor was hard.  The morning sun was blinding.  My shoulder ached from the fall, and my heart was racing from the disaster, but relief was in my eyes when I realized it was just a nightmare.

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